Race Results 2016

Horsley 4 Mile Race and Fun Run – 8th May 2016

A hot and sunny day didn’t see the best conditions for PBs on this course but smiles did seem to be there in plenty of numbers – despite the undulations that seemed to bring forth plenty of comment. Other challenges of note included stiles and kissing gates – particularly the latter it would appear.

I have had to, once again, try to recognise names so please let me know who I’ve missed.


Pos Time
2 Martin Kerr 23m 58s
9 Brian Thomas  27m 16s
11 Gareth Brown 27m 58s
12 Andy Brooks 28m 23s
34 Allan Barber 35m 50s
56 Dave Nunn  43m 26s


Pos Time
6  Rebecca Emerton 34m 24s
7 Samantha James 34m 24s
9 Liz Phillips 35m 29s
12  Emma Roe 36m 40s
15 Louise Hart 38m 03s
26 Louise Surgay 42m 23s
35 Sally Winterton 51m 54s

Fun Run

Pos Time
2 Jack Surgay 10m 54s
4 Leah Thomas  11m 14s
5 Steve Emerton 11m 48s
6 Megan Emerton 11m 48s
14 Luke Bremmer 13m 51s
15  Henry Surgay 13m 58s
16 Molly Emerton 13m 58s
17 Kezia Emerton 13m 58s
26 Ian Crompton 15m 05s
27 Adam Crompton 15m 05s