Track Rules – Important for ANYONE using the track

  1. Look at the direction to run, it is not always anti-clockwise. Follow the lead of other runners. It generally alternates weekly.
  2. Run in the correct lanes, as detailed by your coach(s).
  • Lane 1 is for the Fast Group – Group 1 only.
  • There may be children in outer lanes, be aware they move irrationally.
  • Sometimes there may be cones in other lanes, they are there for a reason, to protect & warn others. Do not cross.
  1. Pass on the outside, unless you are in lane 1 e.g. Fast Group – Group 1.
  2. No standing around on the track, it’s for running on.
  3. When you have finished your lap, run through the line step off track to the outside ideally. But look around you. Do not just stop in the lane.
  4. Listen to the coaches, there are here to guide you and keep everyone safe. So please respect which groups they place you in, it is for everyone’s benefit not just yours!
  5. Always look before crossing the track, it gets very busy.
  6. If someone is in the way whilst you are running the word ‘TRACK’ should be shouted. If you hear the word ‘TRACK’ have a look around, it could be aimed at YOU!!
  7. Please ensure your children are aware of these rules and remember that their behaviour is your responsibility. If they leave the session (e.g. for the toilet) they are still your responsibility. Misbehaviour will not be accepted.
  8. If there is a problem or see you a potential problem see one of the coaches. Please give feedback.
  9. Our Session finishes at 7pm, respect those that are on the track next.
  10. Have fun & train hard.