• British Fell relay championships – 17th October 15

    Gals & guys

    For those of you that like a bit of mud, rocks, grass, great countryside then read on.

    The British Fell Relay Championships are on Saturday 17 Oct 15. This is a team event and requires 6 (men or women but not mixed teams) mud/rock lovers to partake.

    It is serious event for the big fell running clubs but more of a fun event for the smaller ones. The Brownlee brothers did it last year, how bad can it be?

    There are 4 legs:

    • Leg 1 as solo approx. 7km & 450m of ascent.
    • Leg 2 as a pair. 15km & 630m of ascent.
    • Leg 3 as a pair (more navigation required) probably similar to Leg 2 in distance.
    • Leg 4 as solo approx. 8km & 400m of ascent.

    Qualification for event is:

    • You have completed 2 ‘A’ category races (in last 2 years), so Burnsall was one of them…….easy isn’t it.
    • You are a first claim member of Shelton Striders, even easier.

    Further details will be available here: http://www.britishfellrelay.org.uk/

    There are some details of summer issue of the fell runner, I have a copy if you want a look.

    If you are interested then please contact me or come and have a chat.


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