Winter Sun (Race info) – 22nd Feb 2015

The event starts at Wood lane on Sunny Hill at Milford at 9.30 on the 22nd Feb, the route will not be marked, but there will be route maps and a description, and the route is available on GPS from the website. We have checked the route and it is wet and muddy in places but no route changes.

(To download a copy click Winter Sun Race route)

Out Route.
Start on Sunny Hill at WOOD LANE, follow path through woods, go to the Right of the wall still in the trees across the golf course. Keep the wall on your Left until you reach the wide gap, pass through the wall so the wall is now on your right, past the big tree and onto the track. Beware of golf balls! When the track starts to rise follow the footpath off to the Left by the buildings into the scrubby woods.
Follow the path to the Footpath Crossroads turn RIGHT up the hill, Do not go through the stile. Follow the path up the hill, over the track and golf path, past the Practice green on your right, to the stone stile at the Chevin Track, Turn LEFT up the hill.
Follow the track all the way over the Chevin, (about a mile) (don’t turn left at the fork at the tree) keep on the track and after the seat on the right, follow the track round to the Left
At the Road turn LEFT for 50m, and before the Bluebell Inn turn RIGHT onto the narrow footpath, (mind your knees if overgrown!).
Go across a drive and through a stile, diagonally right through a garden and through 2 stile’s and a new gate onto a drive, go RIGHT down the drive to a Stile on the left.
Turn LEFT over 2 stiles and run across the edge of a field to a Stone step stile hidden in a hedge.
Follow the obvious but overgrown path round to the right through the woods and down to a gate. Beware of trips and branches. Go diagonally down the field to a gate, carry on down in the same direction through a stone stile, cross the lane, go through a stile and down to a footbridge, cross the marshy patch and rise to a fence stile.
Go over stile and head up the field slightly to the right to the next stile, cross the next field diagonally to the right to a gap in a hedge.
DANGER, ROAD CROSSING, go down steps and cross the road to next stile.
Go down path and take gate to RIGHT, go down the field and across the footbridge, and up a jitty between houses to a stile at the lane.
Turn LEFT and follow the lane for 400m down the dip and up again till you see a single tree on the right by a gate, with a finger post to the right , go through the stile and follow the track diagonally LEFT from the gate across the field to the woods. Enter the woods via a stile. Follow the path into open fields but keep the stream to the left. Enter the woods via a stile by a gate, still following the stream on your left. Follow the path until the T junction and turn LEFT over the stream, follow the track to the next T junction, turn RIGHT and follow to a stile by a gate and go into open fields.
The following is not obviously marked across the fields.
Follow the contour round to the right through the 3 farm gate openings, and straight on through the 2 stone stiles, (the second is hard to find as it is a bramble thicket), in the next field, head across at 1 o’clock and then down towards the sound of water, and cross the broken wall under the tree, cross the stream, and go straight up the hill to the left of the tree with a hole in, through the posts to the farm buildings.
Go over the stile on the right and through the yard and out the gate, turn LEFT up the hill to the gate.
Return route.
Go through the gate and turn RIGHT through the next gate, into the field, keep the wall on your right through 3 stiles, then descend still following the wall, through a gate, and then a fence to a stile by buildings, cross the tracks and continue straight down through 3 gates/stiles over open fields to a wooden stile at the houses.
At Lane turn LEFT, follow to end,. Cross the main road, Take Care, and follow the road to next junction signed to Farnah Green. Turn RIGHT, cross the road, and then LEFT onto Chevin Road, Take Care, No Pavement, take next turn LEFT onto Tarmac farm track, go through buildings and go over Cattle Grid, turn diagonally RIGHT over fields and follow the riverside path keeping the river to the Left over the fields for 1000m. Go past the sewage works on the right (do not go up onto the bridge) and when you get to the road, turn LEFT over the wooden stile into the corner of the field still following the river. Go under the railway bridge go right up the bank, and keep to the high ground across 2 fields, and take the obvious path up to the gate at the houses.
Turn LEFT onto Chevin Road. Follow to the school to finish.
Emergency Contact No. 07739037890.