What are Stumbles?

A ‘Stumble’ is a cross between an off-road training run, a leisurely walk, headbanging, a handicap, a social event, going down the pub and is hopefully enjoyable.

Essentially, the idea of a ‘Stumble’ is to start from one pub and go on a walk, jog or run to a number of other pubs on a more or less circular route and if you like, partaking of a beverage at each stop, and finally arriving back at the original pub for a bite to eat.

Stumbles began in April 1999. The first was from the John Thompson at Ingleby and went around the South Derbyshire hills through Melbourne, Calke Park, Ticknall and Milton.

From there the ‘Stumbles’ grew into a yearly series in 2002 and we ventured into the Derwent Valley around Whatstandwell. From here we began to spread our wings to places like Tuscany, Jersey, Wales, North Yorkshire, the Lake District as well as the Peak District all in the quest of a good run, good company and good ale.

A ‘Stumble’ can be as tough or as easy as you want. The walkers’ routes range from 5-10 miles, the joggers is between 8-12 miles and the runners 12-16 exhausting miles. They always involve hills and what goes up must come down, and they are scenic, sometimes wonderfully scenic. They can be run all the way or done at a leisurely pace with stopping off at the pubs on route (this is the tradition).

‘Stumbles’ are held on Saturdays because of pub opening times. There may be some practice runs/walks on Sundays. Everyone and anyone is welcome, club members and friends and family (and dogs).

For further information please contact David Gristock on 01332 792203 or via e-mail