Turkey Trot Half Marathon - 14th Dec 2014

With Steve Hawkins running disguised as Sarah for the day…

A good show of runners and some good times. Well done everyone!

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Bolsover 10k - 14th Dec 2014

Good runs by all but on Kelly’s return from back injury a most excellent showing.

Pos GunTime Cat Chip Pos Chip Time
48 01:24:21 Marcel Darling M 40 48 01:24:15
67 01:26:23 Steve Hawkins M 67 01:26:18
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Derby Runner XC2 - Results 7th Dec 2014

A muddy race that seemed to be enjoyed by all.

The full results can be found here

Pos GunTime Cat Chip Pos Chip Time
7 00:34:30 James Walker M S 7 00:34:29
53 00:39:41 Gareth Brown M S 52 00:39:36
328 00:50:04 David Turley M 45 325 00:49:39
Men’s Race
Pos Time First name Surname
5 35:08 James Walker
13 36:25 Kenneth Malton
17 36:37 Robert Donald
20 37:09 Dan Siddons
24 37:31 Martin Kerr
42 38:48 Marcel Darling
50 39:31 Shaun Cooper
57 39:57 Stephen Hawkins
102 42:33 Sam Amps
130 44:22 Ian Bell
150 45:19 Thomas Lucas
153 45:26 Neil Shipley
191 47:41 Jez Smith
195 47:46 Ciaran Guilfoyle
198 47:51 Chris Turley
212 49:20 Wayne Stevenson
223 49:58 Paul Brunt
233 50:42 Dave Turley
256 52:03 Stephen Wells
271 53:44 Lee Meakin
288 55:52 Robin Hutchinson
292 57:01 Paul Webster
307 60:03 Allan Barber
308 60:18 Brian Thomas
321 70:14 Steve Oliver
Women’s Race
Pos Time First name Surname
22 46:56 Pascale Holden
61 53:09 Julie Stevenson
62 53:15 Rachel Smith
64 53:29 Rebecca Emerton
77 54:57 Joanna Lucas
92 56:10 Samantha James
94 56:35 Carolyn Hopkinson
118 59:14 Christine Purslow
151 63:22 Christine Donald
154 65:14 Hayley-Dawn Ho
166 69:04 Sandra Butcher
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Conwy Half Marathon - 23rd Nov 2014

A strong team took part in this event which, like the Heanor Pud Run, wasn’t all flat. Excellent results all round. PBs from Paul Webster (clearly still in his prime then!), Vicki Hutchinson AND Chris Donald – congratulations to both! Full results of the Striders (including chip times) is Read More »

Heanor Pud Run - 23rd Nov 2014

A strong team of runners turned out for this despite many of the club runners opting for the Conwy Half Marathon on the same day. Some excellent times and results were achieved with the women’s team managing an honourable 4th, the men’s team managing a brilliant 1st and Margaret...Read More »

Derby Runner XC1 (Markfield) - 16th Nov 2014

Quite a turn out for this event which seems to have been universally enjoyed. The full results can be seen here

Pos Time
Men’s race
6 33:19 James Walker
14 34:02 Kenneth Malton
21 34:58 Sam Pearch
25 35:12 Martin Kerr
27 35:14 Robert Donald
43 36:26 Marcel Darling
59 37:25 Patrick Munro
63 37:41 Stephen Hawkins
87 38:44 Shaun Cooper
136 41:22 Thomas Lucas
141 41:44 Sam Amps
148 42:04 Ian Bell
183 43:44 Paul Brunt
186 43:50 Ciaran Guilfoyle
204 44:54 Neil Shipley
238 46:53 Wayne Stevenson
243 47:05 Andy Brooks
263 48:21 Dave Turley
306 51:04 Stephen Wells
307 51:18 James Realey
310 51:30 Paul Martin
313 51:41 Simon Bernard
314 51:46 Harry Sloan
315 51:55 Dave Thornton
324 52:38 Lee Meakin
333 53:20 Brian Thomas
335 53:29 Robin Hutchinson
357 55:40 Dave Nunn
360 56:11 Steve Cartwright
371 59:41 Steve Oliver
Women’s Race
13 42:50 Kate Wray
46 47:13 Julie Stevenson
65 48:57 Rachel Farrow
72 49:14 Stefanie Mayer
76 49:41 Rebecca Emerton
80 49:58 Joanna Lucas
101 51:40 Carolyn Hopkinson
125 53:56 Heather Turley
126 54:00 Carolyn Dyall
139 55:05 Christine Purslow
154 56:22 Louise Surgay
158 56:46 Vicki Hutchinson
163 57:30 Christine Donald
196 62:58 Fiona Corden
197 63:08 Dawn Tomlinson
200 65:29 Alison Nunn
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Stilton Stumble - 16th Nov 2014

Yesterday I did the Stilton Stumble. A 24km/15mile road race around the Vale of Belvoir and the Stilton cheese making villages.

Great course, lumpy in places but good scenery. Finished in a time of 1.27.57 in 1st place. The race is only in it’s second year so I also managed to...Read More »

Cornish Marathon - 16th Nov 2014

Just one strider took the start on this race and she didn’t just put up a good show in this her first marathon – she totally smashed it!

73rd in a field of 300 with a time of 3hr 40mins 2secs and 3rd in her age category…


Congratulations Pas!

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Dave Denton - 12th Nov 2014

Just two runners went along to this event with Ciaran running the mile in 6 minutes 2 seconds ending up 15th out of 46.

And Dave K doing the 5k in 24 minutes 57 seconds and 77th out of 89.

Well done to both of you.

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Roaches Fell Race - 9th Nov 2014

Of 167 runners 6 Striders competed in this 15miles with 3,700 feet of ascent race.

Position Bib Time
10 Kenny Malton 231 02:24:37
13 Marcel Darling 240 02:27:19
89 Kate Wray 355 03:00:40
90 Shaun Cooper 232 03:00:41
149 Andy Bradley 248 03:35:35
150 Rachel Farrow 243 03:35:37

Well done to everyone who competed.

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Shepshed 7 - 2nd Nov 2014

Two striders made the trip to Shepshed for this 7 miler with 458 finishers:

301st Dave Keegan 01:00:58
441st Don Robey    01:17:30

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Dovedale Dash - 2nd Nov 2014

Provisional results…

Name Number Time Place Points Comments
Kenny Malton 715 29.57 14 50
Steve Hawkins 542 31.53 27 49
Marcel Darling 1209 31.59 29 48
Steve Emerton 1115 33.32 56 47
Gareth Brown 1214 35.01 103 46
Paul Brunt 1136 37.46 181 45
Pascal Holden 207 37.54 184 50 1st Lady
Andy Bradley 942 37.53 186 44
Sam Amps 436 38.59 226 43
Kieran Guilfoyle 931 39.08 229 42
Ed Baxter 1201 39.29 247 41 1st Junior
Rachel Farrow 94 42.32 310 49 2nd lady
Nick Purslow 1528 43.29 329 40 2nd Junior
Lee Meakin 638 47.11 372 39
James Realy 1036 49.39 426 38
Rebecca Emerton 12 51.54 460 48 3rd lady
Stef Mayer 171 52.29 480 47
Steve Wells 1161 54.15 517 37
Robin Hutchinson 635 54.22 519 36
Carolyn Hopkinson 117 54.21 518 46
Steve Baxter 1104 1.04.00 612 35
Chris Donald 90 1.08.55 695 45
Simon Bernard 1048 1.09.17 703 34
Alison Pickering 257 752 44
Leah Thomas 1621 775 43 3rd Junior
Brian Thomas 836 776 33
Hayley Ho 62 794 42
Shaun Cooper 639 795 32 Finished twice, this result used
Bev Baxter 179 796 41
Kezia Emerton 1613 977 40 4th...Read More »

Worksop Half Marathon - 26th Oct 2014

Three runners took the start of the Worksop Half Marathon…

Race Name Pos Time
1848 Kevin Milwain 572 01:45:07
1846 Paul Webster 865 01:51:54
1953 Tracy Sexton  Hepburn 1200 02:02:50
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Leicester marathon/half - 26th Oct 2014

A few runners turned out at Leicester with one runner doing the half marathon

Race Name Pos Time Total runners
Half P Munro 83 01:31:01 2337

and a few more taking on the full marathon

Race Name Pos Time Total runners
Full S Pearch 6 02:49:26 586
Full R Farrow 112 03:34:40 586
Full A Simmons DNF
Full A Bradley DNS
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Undulator – Stuart Learmouth Memorial - 18th Oct 2014

Two striders did the Wirksworth Undulator – Stuart Learmouth Memorial, 8.4 miles with 1260ft of ascent over a mix of off-road, trail and lanes, on Saturday 18th October.

I did it in 81.00 minutes dead (60th) and Kate Wray, up for the weekend from Oxfordshire, did it in 79.07 (3rd lady)...Read More »

Birmingham Half Marathon - 19th October 2014

A whole bunch of Striders went to this event as a bit of a social event and seemed (if Facebook is to be believed) to have a generally good time – so the results weren’t important… here they are anyway:

Name BIB Pos Finish Time
Matthew West 20008 320 01:28:39
Stefanie Mayer 3752 1244 01:38:38
Neil Rigby 1806 3468 01:50:16
Julie...Read More »

T’Owd Man 28th September 2014

With a very small turn out for this inaugural event, probably due to the Robin Hood 4 Striders made their way around a fantastic course requiring a small amount of navigation/local knowledge. The route causing some people problems no doubt effecting the results but not stopping Gareth Briggs with an...Read More »

Robin Hood Marathon/Half

It was a dry warm sort of day for this popular event with10 Striders opting to do the Marathon

hipPos RaceNo Name Gender Cat Club ChipTime
21 11545 Steve Hawkins M 40 SHELTON STRIDERS 02:56:13
327 11755 Rachel Farrow F SHELTON STRIDERS 03:43:15
398 11533 Darren Sheppard M 45 SHELTON STRIDERS 03:48:34
399 10348 Andy Bradley M 55 SHELTON STRIDERS 03:48:34
1023 11459 Neil Rigby M SHELTON STRIDERS 04:39:47
1281 10287 Dave Nunn M 45 SHELTON STRIDERS 05:08:32
1321 10960 Darren Bradley M SHELTON STRIDERS 05:19:42
1344 12069 Richard Bowe M 40 SHELTON STRIDERS 05:23:04

and a dozen opted for the half marathon

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Langdale Marathon/Half Marathon - 20th Sept 2014

Just 3 runners entered the Great Langdale, two to the half and one to the full marathon.

Pos Num M F Name Cat CatPos Club Pace per Km/Mile Time
49 73 39 Wayne Stevenson M45 (014/023) Shelton Striders 06.03/09.44 04:15:02

And the half

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Golden Gates Gallop - 2014

The results make it very hard for me to be sure I’ve found all the Striders so I won’t try. Here they are, in all their glory with race positions added and separated into 2 and 5 miles. Well done to everyone who entered.

2 Mile Race

Pos Num M F Name
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Lichfield 10k 14th September 2014

Just 1 Strider took the start for this event. Well done Neil!

GunPos Bib GunTime Forename Surname M/F Cat Read More »

Dave Denton's Midweek 5k and 1 mile - Wednesday Sept 10th

Only 1 Strider was there – Dave Keegan and he ran both coming 40th in the mile event with a time of 7:36 and 61st in the 5k with a time of 27:01.

Well done Dave!

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Great North Run -2014

There were just 4 runners in the races – 3 in the main event and 1 in the Junior race.

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Wilne 10k - 7th September 2014 Results

A field of 27 Striders turned out for this RunDerby event and the field was 858 runners in strength. Smiles seemed to be the order of the day and hopefully a few photos will.turn up soon. The results are: (still provisional)

Leah Thomas Race No: 8506
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Chevin Fell race 4.5km - 3rd Sept 2014

A field of 85 turned out on this Wednesday evening with just 5 Striders in attendance. Some good times once again – it was a fell race!

Gun Race
8 Kenny Malton 0:19:25
9 Rob Donald 00:19:43
74 Carolyn Hopkinson 00:30:21
78 Dave Keegan 00:31:09
83 Chris Donald 00:33:29
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Hatton Darts 10k - 31st August 2014

Just 4 Striders entered the race and good results were achieved by all.  There were 280 runners.

162 Brian Thomas 0:51:18
172 Dave Keegan 00:52:00
252 Don Robey 01:01:38
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Dave Nunn's 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k - 3rd September 2014

It was a good night for it and an excellent attendance of 54 runners raising over £150 for charity. Thanks must go to Dave for organising and Brian and Pam once again for their timekeeping skills. Some great times were achieved and when Sam came home after 20k, looking like...Read More »

Bradbourne Fell Race - 24th August 2014

There seemed to be just 5 club runners at this 8.9km race and I’m assuming that Wayne Stevenson is OUR Wayne Stevenson as he was listed as “unattached”. Some good times though, well done guys.

1st Strider home, Rob Donald

The Belper Rugby Rover is a race over 30k and a contingent of 15 Striders turned out for this event. Judging by the smiles it appears everyone enjoyed themselves. Marcel managed to find time to pose for...Read More »

RICKYS RACE - Thursday 14th August 2014

126 runners took part in this tough little 7.3km race, 8 of which were blue and white stripes! In order of finishing

5th       Rob Donald           31.04

7th       Kenny Malton        31.44

53rd     Andy Bradley        ...Read More »

Piggs 10k Race - 6th August 2014

Strider Island

The Piggs 10k (Organised by Rolls Royce Harrier) was well attended with 29 Striders present. Good results were obtained and smiles generally seemed to abound, Although Marcel did seem to have stepped in something. The full results can be...Read More »

Handicap Round 6 - Results

On an EXTREMELY warm evening at Weston-on-Trent the 5th round of the series had to be shortened by a quarter mile because of traffic on the approach to The Coopers Arms. Everyone gave it their all and some good times were recorded but they have been adjusted (once again) to...Read More »

Tara Kinder 10k - Friday 18th July 2014

A large contingent of Striders went to run this race at Elvaston Castle on probably the warmest evening of 2014 so far. Despite the heat there was some excellent racing.

Whose ice cream is Marcel eyeing up?
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Handicap Round 5 - Results

With only 9 competitors taking the start then there were easy points to be had but it looked to me like no-one was taking it easy and with so many improvements on the handicaps it reaffirms the impression I got as a spectator/marshal. Well done to EVERYONE.

2014...Read More »

Brooksie Bash - 13th July 2014

Brooksie Bash Long.

Rob Donald 1:39:43, new record
Shaun Cooper 1:41:07
Patrick Munro 1:48:43
Steve Hawkins 1:448:53
Matt West 2:11:22
Dave Askew 2:14:32
Lee Meakin, Richard Bowe, Darren Bradley, Carolyn Hopkinson 2:38:20.

Bash Brooksie Short.

Marcel Darling 58:09
Paul Brunt 1:15:00
Stephen Wells 1:37:50
Tracy Hepburn 1:37:51
Hayley Dawn Ho 1:37:52
Chris Donald...Read More »

Hathersage Gala Fell Race - 7th July 2014

The race is 4.5 miles with a total of 1050ft of climbing. Two hardy Striders took on the challenge
David Askew (M) 169th with a time of 00:45:08
Gayle Gamble (L) 193rd with a time of 00:46:46

Well done to both!

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Colin Potter 10k - Friday 4th July 2014

The wet weather on the event proved a challenge both for the competitors and the organisers as they explained:-

“there was a fault with a number of the timing chips which have caused a delay in processing the results.  We apologise for this inconvenience and are actively working with our...Read More »

Black Rocks 9k Fell Race - Wednesday 9th July

13 striders made their way to Cromford to take part in this tough little race where 137 runners gathered. First back in

38.21 was Kenny Malton in 6th place overall

42.23   Shaun Cooper

43.14   Rob Donald

49.32   Paul Brunt

49.41   Wayne Stevenson

49.46   James Reilly

50.20   Dave Askew

51.39   Rachel Farrow

53.01...Read More »

Masters Relay - 9th July 2014

A great result for the Striders at the Annual Derby Masters Relays on 9th July!  In good conditions the 2.5K course made up of 2 laps of the grounds round Moorways was nicely varied between track, tarmac, grass and woodland.  We only managed to enter 2...Read More »

Chesterfield Spires Results (Including Fun Run) - 6th July 2014

Prize winners at the Chesterfield Spires 10 mile race

Striders were dominant in the Chesterfield Spire 10mile race this year.
James Walker 1st place, Sam Pearch 2nd, Martin Kerr 8th, Marcel 10th

1st male team back
1st female team (Julie Stevenson, Rebecca Emerton,...Read More »

Wales Trail Marathon (and half) - 21st June 2014

Last weekend saw a mass exodus of Striders to the sunny climbs of the Snowdonia National Park for a bit of a run. There seems to be little talk of anything else since they arrived back so it seems they enjoyed themselves.

Marathon Results

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Handicap Round 4 - Results

A nice little hill on round 4 gave everyone who ran (13 in all) something to smile at and with Mr Amps having forgotten his shoes we witnessed him try 4 miles barefoot.

Leah Thomas 21.24 20.27 -0.57 50
Heather Turley 17.55 18.00 0.05 49
Alison Read 22.34 22.54 0.20 48
Graham Pickering 25.18 26.04 0.46 47
Steve Aynsley 22.35 24.09 1.34 46
Sam Amps 14.14 21.40 7.26 45
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DERBY RAMATHON - SUNDAY 8TH JUNE (Championship race)

Wow what a hot day for the Ramathon and what a turn out! 54 Shelton Striders ran the half marathon on a scorching hot day! A fantastic day with fantastic results all round. In chip time order:-

Sam Pearch         7th          1.16.10

James Walker  ...Read More »

Helvellyn & the Dodds Fell Race - 25th May 2014

Six striders made their way up to Cumbria in the horrendous traffic and rain to run the next headbanger Helvellyn & the Dodds fell race, just 15 miles and 4500ft of ascent (nearly half of this in the first 2 miles) over some leg numbing terrain. Certainly not for the...Read More »

Handicap Round 3 - Results

19 runners took the start and all 19 made it back with no-one actually getting lost – which is nice. Great to see people enjoying themselves and thanks for supporting it.

Leah Thomas 23.53 19.27 -4.26 50
Graham Pickering 26.29 23.00 -3.29 49
Alison Read 23.15 20.31 -2.44 48
Rose Buckley 24.15 22.22 -1.53 47
Margaret Cowling 21.40 19.49 -1.51 46
Steve Aynsley 20.46 20.32 -0.14 45
Ann Adams 20.12 20.04 -0.08 44
Heather Turley 15.53 16.17 0.24 43
Ethan...Read More »

Masson Hill Fell Race - 29th April 2014

Masson Hill Fell Race (6.5 Km & 340 metres)

It was quite a hot sticky night in Matlock Bath, just right for a brutally hilly but enjoyable race. The tussle by the two in form Striders continues with Rob Donald coming in first by several seconds this time. Not to be...Read More »

Handicap Round 2 - Results

Despite a couple of people going slightly off course the event was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Well almost everyone.

2014 Handicap Round 2 – 2 Miles
Rob Donald 24.34 23.5 -0.44 50
Rose Buckley 24.34 24.15 -0.19 49
Alison Read 23.16 23.15 -0.01 48
Margaret Cowling 21.4 22 0.2 47
Sally Winterton 21 21.4 0.4 46
Richard Hill 13.11 14.39 1.28 45
Leah Thomas 18.09 20.14 2.05 44
Allan Barber 18.21 20.27 2.06 43
Harry Trickey 14.53 17.1 2.17 42
Ethan Buckley 18.15 20.41 2.26 41
Alex Buckley 18.16 20.43 2.27 40
Ann Adams 20.12 22.39 2.27 39
Graham Barrett 18.12 20.42 2.3 38
Dawn Tomlinson 18.47 21.56 3.09 37
Steve Aynsley 20.46 24.3 3.44 36
Lindsey Buckley 19.35 24.15 4.4 35
Steve...Read More »


We had six shelton striders take part in this tough 5 mile off road race with a total of 107 finishing the race.

First in and 3rd overall was Kenny Malton in 32.40 followed by Rob Donald in 4th in a time of 32.50. Alex Buckley was 27th in 38.14, 41st...Read More »


A number of runners went to the midweek 1 mile and 5k Dave Denton on Raynesway on Wednesday. In the 1 mile and 19th overall was Ciaran Guilfoyle in 6.06, 22nd was Neil Hancock in 6.14 and 30th in a time of 6.53 PB was Dave Keegan.


In the 5k, Neil...Read More »


12 Striders ran the London Marathon on a hot Sunday morning. Amongst the 37,000 runners the strider stripes made themselves known. Fantastic results (and blisters!) all round and first in for Shelton in a PB of 2.38.36 was Sam Pearch. Well done Sam as he was 158th overall. Second in...Read More »

Handicap Round 1 - Results

Congratulations to all those runners who took part in round one of this years handicap, but remember that not all results count, only your best so there’s still time to join in if you couldn’t run this round.

The 2 mile results are here:-

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The Derbyshire - Fun run - 6th April 2014

The results from the fun run are:-

Position Name
4 Edward Baxter
8 Clodagh Holmes
15 Jack Surgay
28 Gemma Robison
29 Fergus Holmes
30 John Holmes
39 Sasha Moor
67 Leah Thomas
117 Denise Randle
145 Ethan Buckley
146 Alex Buckley
152 Thomas Cunningham
154 James Cunninghm
186 Rose Buckley
218 Henry Surgay
219 Louise...Read More »

Manchester Marathon 6th April 2014

Martin Kerr, Dan Siddons and Shaun Cooper winged their way to Manchester to take part in this full marathon. Weather conditions were not the best but despite this, the results were fantastic.


Dan Siddons finished in a time of 2.44.56

Martin Kerr in 2.58.39

Shaun Cooper in 3.07.??


Well done guys…..wow…amazing times! Made it...Read More »

4 INNES 40 Mile ultra - Saturday 5th April 2014

Wayne Stevenson, Luke Stevenson & Sam Amps (team Banana Splits) made their way to the peaks to take part in this gruelling 40 mile ultra going over to the Isle of Skye, Blackhill, Crowdon, Torside, Bleaklow, Snake Pass, Kinder, Edale, Chapel en le Frith, Whitehall, Goyt Valley, Cat & Fiddle...Read More »

DERBY 10K - SUNDAY 6th April 2014

Wow! 40 Striders turned up for the Derby 10k today on a miserable morning. Didnt stop the blue and white stripes performing at their best with quite a few PB’s I believe! Results are as follows: Sam Pearch 7th overall in 34.23, James Walker 34.38, Kenny Malton 35.36, Rob Donald 37.25,...Read More »

Newcastle Staffordshire 10k - 30th March 2014

Dave (I run everywhere) Keegan made his way to Newcastle to run the 10K. The first mile was uphill followed by some flat and downhill and to finish along the old railway line. Dave finished 3 minutes faster than last year (says it was the wine he had the night...Read More »

Loughborough Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd March

Two striders winged their way over to Loughborough to take part in the Loughborough Half Marathon on Sunday. Darren Sheppard and Neil Rigby!

Darren Sheppard finished in 1.37.21 and Neil Rigby followed him, in 1.51.47. Well done!

...Read More »

Charnwood Marathon (Short Course 15 miles) - 22nd March 2014

A huge well done to Paul Brunt who completed the Charnwood Marathon 15 mile route (although he said he did 16.5! The Paul Brunt route!!) in a time of 2hrs 46minutes. Great time, well done!

...Read More »

Stanford Hall 10k - Sunday 23rd March 2014

A huge well done to Dan Siddons who entered the Stanford Hall 10k race on a windy morning. This course was quite challenging with a tough undulating route but he still managed to finish in a fantastic time of 35 mins 30 seconds finishing in 2nd place overall. Great time...Read More »

Wolfs Pit Fell Race

Sam Amps went it alone and entered this tough 6 mile fell race at Bamford, just near Ladybower. It involved 1500ft of descent, the first mile being up hill with a sharp steep kick towards the end. Sam completed the race in 56 minutes 30 seconds. Well done!

...Read More »

Stafford Half Marathon - 16th March

Gareth Brown and Dave Nunn winged there way to Stafford on Sunday to compete in the Stafford Half. All part of Gareth’s London Marathon training, he ran a fantastic race finishing in a great time of 1.25.13 followed in by Dave Nunn, who also run a great race...Read More »

Newton Fraction Half- March 16th

Four shelton striders travelled to Grantham today to run the half marathon in the glorious sunshine. First in for team stevenson was Wayne in 1.39 followed by Luke in 1.42 & Julie in 1.52. Dave Keegan did a fantastic time of 1.56.59 having also completed a 9 mile stumble the...Read More »

Grindleford Gallop 8th March 2014

Several Striders went out to tackle this 21 mile off road event with 3000ft of ascent. This is a tough race travelling through Grindleford, Froggatt, Eyam, Great Longstone, Edensor and Baslow. First in for the club in 6th position overall was Kenny Malton in a time of 2.35.26. Marcel was...Read More »

Weston 5 - 9th March

45 striders (including juniors) turned out on a gloriously sunny day to compete yet again in the Weston 5 and fun run. Yet again the blue and white stripes dominated the field even though most were at the Ashby 20! The results for the 5 mile are as follows, first...Read More »

Ashby 20

29 striders winged their way to Ashby on a beautiful sunny morning to put everyone to shame, apparently equalling (with Derby Runner) the biggest turn out by a club on the day! Everyone put in 110% and the results were fabulous as you can see!!!! Results were as follows:-

13th  ...Read More »

Derby Runner Cross Country Race 6 - 2nd March 2014

A huge congratulations to everyone who turned out and competed in any of the races this season. You ALL contributed to the success of the club.

Race 6 Results

Tables After Race 6

...Read More »

Belvoir Challenge March 1st 2014

It turned out to be a wonderful spring day for the Belvoir 16 & 27 mile Challenge. 12 striders took part in the 16 miler and 2 brave runners took part in the 27! It was extremely muddy, wet and slippy under foot making this race extremely tough and hard...Read More »

Reading Half Marathon - 2nd March 2014

A massive well done to Tim Primmer who completed the Reading Half Marathon in a fantastic time of 1.56! Well done Tim!

...Read More »

Derby Runner Junior Cross Country Results

I have received an update on the results for the juniors in the Derby Runner Junior Cross Country. Well done to all the runners involved!!


LEADING Positions Derby Runner Cross...Read More »

National XC Championships 22nd February 2014

Eleven Striders made the short trip to Wollaton Park to take part in the National Cross Country Championships on Saturday.

In the U15 girls there was an excellent result for Clodagh Holmes who finished 188th in 18:34

In the U15 boys still recovering from a foot injury Edward Baxter also had a...Read More »

Charnwood Hills - Sunday 2 February

There were 382 finishers in this classic hill race also known as “The Bowline” which was won by Tim Hartley.

First in for the club in 24th place was James Walker followed closely by Rob Donald in 27th with Gayle Gamble the first lady Strider in 209th position (24th lady).

24...Read More »

Winster Stumble - Sat 25 Jan

There were four runners taking part in Dave Gristocks latest stumble. Dave Gristock, Dave Keegan, Jez and Rachel Smith completed the 9 mile route but not quite quickly enough. On the last mile the heavens opened and they were caught in a massive storm with nowhere to hide and they...Read More »

Wilmot Wander

Eight  Shelton Striders braved the wind, rain and mud to compete in a 32 mile ultra on Sunday 26th January. There were two teams of three….Sam Pearch, Kenny Malton & Shaun Cooper in one team and Wayne Stevenson, Luke Stevenson & Sam Amps in the other. The two solo striders...Read More »

New Years day Hollybush race

I have the following Striders at the race, but there are some gaps in the results, if your name is not here than can you contact me.

Shaun Cooper
Gareth Brown
Steve Hawkins
Janusz Pudlowski
Gayle Gamble
Harry Trickey
Steve Carter
James Realey
Luke Trickey
Harry Trickey (again)
Lindsey Buckley
Rose...Read More »

Derby Runner Cross Country – Race 4 Result (12th January 2014)


From the results team:-

BLU0-SMTP170910E9B00A78003D48C6DA0B80(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)phx.gbl">

Hi All,


Apologies in getting the results out; we had a few technical problems in getting them and then time problems in compiling due to the number of participants, which is fantastic.

There are a number of...Read More »

Dave Denton Midweek - 8 January

A very wet night saw 3 Striders take part in the latest of the Dave Denton midweek races.

First in for the club in the 1 mile race was Neil Hancock in 15th place in a time of 6.18, followed in by Dave Keegan in 22nd in 07.11 (29 runners)

The 5K...Read More »