XC Comparative Tables – 2014

Tables after the first 2 races…. men’s – women’sjoint

Shelton XC League Tables up to XC4 – Bradgate Park.

In addition to the normal age related results that John Thornton compiles, here are the mens, womens & joint results based on position & time.

I have included separate time based results forXC3XC4 so people can see how they compare to the opposite sex. Some of us should be pleased and some ashamed.

A couple of observations/Stats, I would like to bring to your attention.

  • I think the most improved runner is Vikki Hutchinson, well done, keep going.
  • Kate Wray has done well being the 11th & 12th Strider in overall at Sinai & Bradgate respectively in the joint results.
  • Julie Stevenson is currently 12th place overall in the joint results, well done.
  • Again if they hadn’t missed one race Kate & Pascale would be in 8th & 9th Overall in joint table, which is pretty impressive but not good for the men, ho hum.
  • Can anyone get results for the Juniors, who have been in stunning form. A lesson for the adults to be learnt here……..turn up, please!
  • Time to get motivated Striders, two XC’s to go, lets keep the turn out high, there were 41 adults last weekend .

Thanks for all your support at XC everyone, great team effort.