Race Results 2021

The Green Mile at Shepton Mallet Prison Marathon – 14th November 2021

78 laps of the prison
A lap is roughly 0.34 of a mile
65 steps up
65 steps down – I’ve seen 10,140 steps
Finished 7th in 5hrs 8mins
What an amazing and strange experience, see that Rhino in the pictures. Yep I got stuck behind him on a lap, on the stairs and corridors.
We paid our respects for Armistice day, wherever you were in the prison – you stopped and then waited for the shout to carry on.
This was certainly a one off, I do not want to see the inside of a prison ever again.
Massive thanks to Cath for sitting around for 5 hrs cheering me on.
What shall I do next 😂😂
Sam Pearch