Derby Runner – XC – Interim Age Report

I’ve had this come through ahead of race 5. Well done everyone. Let us know of any issues ASAP.

As this season has 6 races the individual category report will be based on the best 4 out of the first 5 races. Race 6 will only count towards the team scores.
I have attached an interim report based on the best 3 out 4 races, you will need to have completed 4 races in order to have a score. You may notice some runners have a combined score relating to more than one club, this is because they have formally moved clubs with EA during the season.
It would help if as many people as possible could view this and raise any issues, for example if they are in the wrong category. Please note that your category is based on your date of birth and what age you were on the first race of the season.
You can download a copy by clicking HERE