Gritstone Grind – 8th September 2019

“Run the entire Gritstone Trail in a day, or a ‘oner’ as some would say. The guidebook says “It’s a beautiful 3-day walk in the beautiful Peak District”. Yep, well you’ve got 12 hours, and we think that’s super-generous even for those new to ultra running. That’s less than 3mph, so you could walk more half of it, or stop and have a pub lunch, and still have time to spare. However, you’re not going to, you’re going to run the lot! The trail is 35 miles long, and fantastically picturesque. It is a linear route between Kidsgrove and Disley, near Stockport.”

Ian Patheyjohns took on this event and completed the distance in 7:26:52 and 51st place. 158 people completed it (some over 45 minutes over time so the cutoff wasn’t that closely adhered too) with 7 DNFs. 

Well done Ian, great run!