Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon – 6th/7th July 2019

Emma Roe and Richard Green took on the Carrock Fell course of this event. The course is for the experienced and approximates to 50km over 2 days with about 2,800 metres of ascents. They actually cover about 56km with 3,100metres so couldn’t have been far off the optimum route. Well done guys! Tough one?

Saunders Mountain marathon…. you were a bit of a contoury little beggar (non-sic) weren’t you? Oooh… let’s climb massive tussocky lumps and then contour around the circumference of the Lake district why don’t we? 😂
Ooh and then let’s leave half the skin off my feet up there too 🤮
Great event, really tough this year with the endless terrain. Even had a ‘sprint’ finish with a couple of guys we camped next to who also were broken… that was funny 😂
35 miles and 11000 feet over 2 days.
Wasn’t last (just) and over 20 DNFs just in our class. Excellent 2 days just really broken now! Howgills… you are big, steep lumpy winkers (non-sic)!

Emma Roe

53rd in a total time of 17:26:32