Race Results 2017

King Offa’s Dyke Race – 15th-19th September 2017

This race is the Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail – all 185 miles of it! From Chepstow to Prestatyn.

Andy started the race at 20:00 hours on Friday the 15th September with a time limit of 90hours. 

The race operates in a non-stop format with some of the biggest challenges being sleep deprivation and body management. 

Here is Andy’s race strategy and how it went…

1) Get to 100 miles check point before sleep, re-plan from there based on state of body and mind. 

Arrived in 4th place, having succumbed to a 45 min power-nap at 82 miles.  Well behind top 3 but with a good lead on those behind. 

Revised Strategy 
1) Sleep for 2 hours
2) Get to 150-mile checkpoint on Sunday
3) Sleep for 4 hours
4) Finish before dark on Monday
5) Maintain 4th position if possible

How did it go?
4th place in 69h 23mins 

The full and detailed results can be seen HERE