Race Results 2017

Meltham Murder Maniac Mile – 5th August 2017

It wasn’t a big field for this race but in 2014 it was described as:- 

Those of you too young to have heard of it, no human has ever run a mile quicker than the record-holder for the Meltham Maniac Mile. In 1993 a 16-year-old schoolboy called Craig Wheeler won in 3 minutes 24 seconds, which was 19.61 seconds faster than the official world mile record Nourredine Morceli of Algeria set two months later in Italy!

Young Craig’s effort is not in any record books, of course, because the race was on a Pennine descent six miles outside Huddersfield. The one-mile stretch of the B6108 road started from a cattle grid on the moors above Meltham and dropped 400 feet. It was not for the faint-hearted, and as one survivor put it: “I was going that fast I might have killed myself if I’d fallen.”

Just Ciaran Guilfoyle from the Striders went along – along with just 7 other runners. His times were highly creditable against terrain and he came home 6th in a time of 10:32.8 going up and 7:25.4 coming down. Well done Ciaran!