Race Results 2017

24hr Thunder Run – 22nd-23rd July 2017

The course is made up of a 10km cross-country circuit set in the picturesque Staffordshire countryside. The track twists and turns across varied terrain so you’ll find yourself running from woodlands and trails to steep hills and open fields. There’s always a change of scenery to keep you on your toes.

This is a relay event for teams of up to 8. Richard Millward and Amaris Nerys took part in a team of 8.

Amaris did two laps of 1:00:40 and 1:13:03 and Richard did three of 0:50:02, 0:58:48 and 0:57:32. In all, over the 24 hours their team completed 17 laps and came 133rd out of 226 team.

Shaun Cooper also took part (sorry for the delay) managing a massive 5 laps (50k) for a team of 5. !

Great running guys, well done!