Race Results 2017

Totley Moor Fell Race – 23rd May 2017

Just one Strider went along to this event – the third in the series and Kenny Malton came home 14th in a time of 48:00. The race is  10.3km (6.3miles) with 415m  (1,361ft) of climbs. Good running Kenny, well done.

And while we are on the subject… I missed race one which happened on January 29th – a busy day in itself. Tigger Tor was  9.7 miles with 1,600ft of climbs. Nice going chaps and you managed to keep that one quiet! ;-) I suspect this was one of Paul’s first brave attempts at getting back after he grazed his knee… and NO we don’t need to see the photos again thank you!

Name Time Race Position
Robert Donald 01:18:50 10
Kenny Malton 01:23:21 28
James Walker 01:29:25 52
Richard Green 01:43:49 168
Paul Brunt 02:06:41 318