Race Results 2017

Grindleford Gallop – 11th March 2017

I have got this one wrong because… the club name is not listed on the results but this is what I THINK the results are. After Louise Surgay twisted her ankle two striders assisted her and are listed as “retired at finish” but they made it that far so deserve a mention. Well done EVERYONE! (Including errors which I would ask you to let me know about.

Pos   Time
15 Marcel Darling 02:42:21
32 Steve Emerton  02:57:31
82 Richard Green 03:16:26
162 Rachel Farrow 03:39:58
250 Rebecca Emerton  04:03:15
255 Gerrard Moss 04:04:48
347 Kevin Milwain 04:33:58
362 Rachel Smith 04:39:48
402 Paul Webster 05:05:15
rtd at Finish Jo Gregory  
rtd at Finish Christine Purslow  
rtd at Finish Louise Surgay