Shelton Fun Run – 2nd October 2016

Times are not officially recorded for fun runs but as an event in the club fun run championship these were recorded for club runners. Jack also won the race so his first is a double while the rest are all the order that club members finished in. Some excellent and determined running by everyone as I stood and cheered the runners past my marshalling position. Very well done everyone!

Pos   Time
1st Jack Surgay 11:27
2nd Leah Thomas 12:25
3rd Megan Emerton 13:25
4th Ethan Buckley 14:20
5th Luke Bremmer 14:24
6th Molly Emerton 15:00
7th Adam Crompton 15:10
8th Ian Crompton 15:14
9th Henry Surgay 15:27
10th Jethro Holden 15:43
11th Lucy Cartwright 16:13
12th Hannah Cartwright 18:33
13th Rose Buckley 19:19
14th Lizzie Dodsley 19:44
15th Bethany Pearch 20:38