Flanders Races

flandersDue to the Euros the bus carrying the Striders to Flanders for the weekend was delayed to the point where they started 67 minutes after the gun. The results for the 10k seem to be ok and the half marathon require a little massaging but the marathon results are in need of significantly more effort. The marathon runners all started together so the time difference is calculated on Sam’s watch as 1:07:18. If any runners have a time that is a lot different then let me know please. As the results are still provisional I haven’t attempted to work out places but Sam would have been about 6th, Pascale about 77th with Rachel 78th, Brian about 80th and David about 150th – but these are guesstimates.

I was going to ask someone to send a write up of how the running went but, at least for the marathon, you can’t get better than reading Andy’s blog.

Well done everyone, it sounds like it was fun.

449 Samantha James 00:51:57
Half Marathon
47  MALTON Kenneth 01:26:19
48  DARLING Marcel 01:26:20
85  WEST Matthew 01:31:26
130  BAILEY Matt 01:35:45
207  BAXTER Edward 01:42:46
291  MEAKIN Lee 01:50:35
303  REALEY James 01:51:00
352  F HUTCHINSON Vicki 01:54:19
353  MILWAIN Kevin 01:54:21
394  GEOGHEGAN Liam 01:57:56
428  RIGBY Neil 02:00:06
436  WEBSTER Paul 02:00:58
453  F ONGOMA Christine 02:02:44
509  F HOPKINSON Carolyn 02:10:14
552  F HEPBURN Tracy 02:31:31
553  F NUNN Alison 02:31:32
554  NUNN Dave 02:31:34
557  F CORDEN Fiona 02:35:35
558  F TOMLINSON Dawn 02:35:37
PEARCH Sam 02:56:52
HOLDEN Pascale 03:32:36
FARROW Rachel 03:32:43
 BRIAN Thomas 03:33:04
113  BROOKS Andy 03:46:39
 ASKEW David 03:56:13