Wilmot Wander – 31st January 2016

The results for this tough 32 route around Derby are not out yet and I suspect there may yet be another Strider whose results aren’t here yet but well done to everyone who ran this on the not most pleasant day of the year.

UPDATE: There was at least 1 more runner… Ben Mitchell who said “My time was 9.07  this is a slow time as I  was speed walking and running 15min miles   for my training for the MDS  (I also got lost a couple of times)” Many thanks for your honesty Bill, but PLEASE don’t get lost on the MDS.

Darren Sheppard 06:09
Dean Ward 06:09
Harry Sloan 06:02
Dave Thornton 06:02
Sam Pearch 05:37
Shaun Cooper 05:37
Andy Brooks 04:56
Bill Mitchell 09:07