Email list – Policy

We have long encouraged people to share their email address with the club so that we can relay information that may be of relevance. Over time we have built up an incomplete list that is mostly used for sending information about forthcoming events.

What we are now trying to do is encourage everyone to share their email and give them the chance to opt in to up to 3 groups.

(1) The first group is the default group that everyone is encouraged to be in. It will be used for essential club messages. Notifications about the AGM, club closures, training cancellations or change of venues or annual fee renewals are typical examples of the planned use of this group. There would be as few of these emails as possible so as not to pester you with unnecessary email.

(2) Club event notifications. These would include championship, headbanger or handicap event cancellations, additions to the calendar etc. This group would also be used to call for volunteers at club or club supported events. No obligation is placed on anyone who is in this group to compete in any of the events or volunteer in any way.

(3) Off-calendar events. Events that you would like to share or see from others that do not constitute part of the current year’s calendar.

There MAY be one or two more situations that call for email that for now we would have to use one of these lists or possibly create a fourth.

This email list will not be held by any individual who could have their machine hacked  instead this list will be held and distributed by MailChimp, a highly respected newsletter production company who takes the security of all of this data very seriously as it is their life blood.

By NOT opting into this email list you take away the clubs ability to reliably inform you of your membership renewal, it’s costs and how to conduct that renewal so the onus moves to yourself to watch for it, put it in your diary and to get it done in a timely fashion.

This is not expected to be the final word on email and we would strongly encourage you to have your say if you feel you have something you would like heard.

Links will appear here shortly that will give you the ability to select which of these email groups you would like to be in and if you don’t think we hold your email and would be happy to submit yours then please contact Gerry (Shelton_Striders(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) with a simple email from the address you would like to use.

Thank you for your time