Race Results 2013

Ultimate Trails Ultra 50km – Sunday 15th September

Designed for those wanting a shorter option (as opposed to the 100km alternative), and is a great stepping stone into the world of Ultra running, the organisers words not mine. With 6000ft feet off ascent this is some challenge, two crazy striders (not the normal suspects) decided to have a go. The rest of us use cars.

86th Paul Webster 10:25:38
87th Tracey Hepburn 10:25:45

Race Results 2013

Older news

Great North Run – Sunday 15th September
Several of you also managed to get up to the biggest race in the UK.

Chris Millet 1:16:39

Kulwant Singh Johal 1:51:44

Christine Purslow 1:56:21

Ian Barker 2:08:27

Dave Nunn 2:08:28

Amy Hall 2:10:58

Cath Pearch 2:19:52

Last but not least Sam Pearch 2:19:53, about 27000 places lower than 2 years ago.
Derby Triathlon – Sunday 15th September
Just a couple of you at this event. First in for Striders was Ludo Floch in 1:15:27 in 291st and Carolyn Dyall 1:22:19 in 392nd.
Ashbourne Half – Sunday 15th September
More than 40 Striders competed in two local runs this weekend. In Ashbourne, several Striders ran the tough Ashbourne half marathon 2013 – first in for striders and 13th overall was Shaun Cooper in 1.28.57, followed by Neil Hancock in 1.35.45, Wayne Stevenson in 1.42.49 (PB on that course), David Askew in 1.46.27 (PB by about 5 minutes), Neil Rigby in 1.52.48 and Julie Stevenson in 1.55.01.
Golden Gates Gallop – Sunday 15th September
At Elvaston Castle, there was the annual Golden Gates Gallop 5 mile run and 2 mile fun run, supporting Leukaemia Research.

Second overall in the 5 mile was Martin Kerr 29:14, followed by Gareth Brown 31:41, Luke Stevenson 32.25, Sam Amps 33.42, Richard Hill 34.05, Andy Bradley 35.40, Ciaran Guilfoyle 35.47, John Thornton 37.04, Pascale Holden 37.29, Chris Turley 37.59, Steve Wells 39.09, James Realey 39.15, Rachel Farrow 39.25, Dave Keegan 40.40, Silke Krieger-Ford, 41.55, Andrew Simons 42.45, Lindsey Buckley 52.45, Alison Nunn 53.20, Fiona Corden 53.38.

In the 2 mile run, there were lots of juniors, stars of the future, and many family groups. First Strider was Clodagh Holmes 14.22, followed by Harry Trickey 15.47, Jack Surgay 15.48, Adam Crompton 19.11, Ian Crompton 19.12, Luke Trickey 19.45, Ethan Buckley 20.03, Lucy Anna Boyd 21.27, Henry Surgay 22.08, Louise Surgay 22.09, Pirran Holden 22.23, Rose Buckley 22.51, Alex Buckley 22.52, Millie Trickey 22.34, Mark Trickey 23.35 and Nicola Trickey 23.35.
Stretton Skyline Fell Race – Sunday 8th September
The very in form Kenny Malton made this 19 mile 4500ft race look like a jog. The three of us really in enjoy this tough scenic over the Long Mynd. First back in 7th overall was Kenny Malton in 2hr 43, followed in 15th & 16th by Shaun Cooper & Marcel Darling in 2 hrs 56.
Lichfield 10K – Sunday 8th September
At the Lichfield 10K run, Shelton Striders’ ladies came a super second place in the team event. Also, Elaine Quince was first lady in the v45 category. In the fun run, Clodagh came second overall, and was first lady. Other places and times – Martin Kerr 8th in 36.18, Luke Stevenson 103rd bumbling in at 43.17, Elaine Quince 122nd (1st lady 45 cat) in 43.51, John Thornton 216th in 46.43, Pascale Holden 241st in 47.25 (still suffering poorly ankle), Neil Rigby 292nd in 49.06, Stephen Wells 293rd in 49.07, Julie Stevenson 339th in 50.17, Steve Baxter 350th in 50.34, Dave Keegan 450th in 52.49 and Silke Krieger-Ford 464th in 52.59.
Club Championship Standings Updated
Up to Lichfield 10k, go to the club championship page, I am still waiting for the fun run results to be released from the Lichfield 10K

James Walker
Totley Exterminator 1th September
Just the 3 of us for this 16 mile 4000ft fell race.

22nd Kenny Malton 2hr 28
36th Marcel Darling 2hr 32
42nd Shaun Cooper 2hr 42

Wilne 10K – Sunday 1st September
Runners from Shelton Striders took on top runners from all over the country in a high standard 10k at Wilne on Sun 1 Sept. The fast, flat course attracts runners looking for good times. Over 20 Striders completed the event.

First back for Striders in 34th place was Sam Pearch in 34 min 32 sec. Overall, Strider’s men were 4th team, and ladies were 8th team. Luke Stevenson was 4th junior. Chris Turley completed his first 10K, beating both his Mum and Dad.

Other times – Martin Kerr 36:06, James Cunningham 38:42 (PB), Gareth Brown 38:59, Alex Buckley 39:21, Matt West 39:21, Sam Amps 40:27, Richard Hill 40:37, Ian Crompton 41:28, Luke Stevenson 42:19, Neil Hancock 42:16, Darren Sheppard 43:00, Andy Bradley 45:11, Andrew Sayers 46:23, Kevin Milwain 46:26, Pascale Holden 46:37, Chris Turley 46:39, Dave Turley 48:26, Kelly Craven 49:27, Steve Cartwright 51:02, Silke Kieger-Ford 52:05, Heather Turley 53:19, Dave Keegan 53:20, Lee Meakin 54:26, Margaret Cowling 58:31, Don Robey 59:15.
Bradbourne Fell Race – Sunday 24th August

4th Kenny Malton 35:19
7th Shaun Cooper 36:56
29th Gayle Gamble 43:31
84th Dave Keegan 56:41

Parwich Panoramic 5 – Tuesday 6th August
Bit late with results for this one. This is the 5th year of this cross country fell race that was won by Chris Patterson from Ashbourne RC with two Striders hot on his heels.


2nd Rob Donald 35:55
3rd Kenny Malton 36:15
6th Shaun Cooper 37:41
26th Gayle Gamble 43:52
48th Dave Keegan 50:59
49th Robin Hutchinson 51:24
64th Chris Purslow 55:01
74th Chris Donald 61:02

Ricky’s Race – Thursday 8th August
Another late result. Looks like some of you had a busy week and another excellent run from Rob and Kenny


4th Rob Donald 31:30
6th Kenny Malton 31:54
10th Marcel Darling 33:24
12th Steve Hawkins 34:09
38th Gayle Gamble 38:37
94th Chris Purslow 48:40
106th Chris Donald 54:39

Piggs Trophy 10K – Wednesday 14th August
An excellent turn out from the Striders with 23 out of 114 runners. The race organised by Rolls Royce Harriers starts just across the road from Mickleover Sports Football Ground and heads off down the local lanes before returning on the path of the old railway line finishing near the Great Northern pub

Some very good runs too with 3 of our runners in the top 10 with Sam Pearch top Strider in 2nd place


2nd Sam Pearch 35:19
4th Kenny Malton 36:48
8th Rob Donald 38:25
19th Luke Stevenson 40:30
20th Gareth Brown 40:37
22nd Matt West 41:14
23rd Marcel Darling 41:16
28th Ian Crompton 42:26
29th Ian Bell 42:45
30th Richard Hill 42:57
31st Paul Brunt 43:13
33rd Darren Sheppard 44:28
35th Roy Hobson 44:33
41st Andy Sayers 45:47
45th Kev Milwain 46:27
52nd Andy Bradley 47:10
63rd Neil Rigby 49:16
69th Julie Stevenson 51:10
75th Ian Barker 52:13
76th Dave Nunn 52:13
95th Christine Donald 58:02
110th Fiona Corden 1:07:10
111th Alison Nunn 1:08:33

Leek Half – Sunday 18th August
It was a weekend of tough races for the Striders with 11 of you tackling the challenging Leek half-marathon which features one big climb from Tittesworth Resevoir, and two more climbs near the finish.

First back for Striders was Martin Kerr, coming 11th overall in 1 hr 26 min followed by James Walker 1:31, Gareth Brown 1:31, Matt West 1:32, Sam Amps 1:38, Neil Hancock 1:39, Wayne Stevenson 1:46, Neil Rigby 1:56, Julie Stevenson 1:59, Dave Keegan 2:03 and Steve Wells 2:13.

Also, the men came 3rd in the team event, with the first four men scoring. This was a tremendous performance, considering that many top clubs from the area were competing.
Belper Rugby Rover – Sunday 18th August
An even larger group of Striders completed the 30km Rugby Rover, an extremely tough cross country race covering Alport Hill and Shining Cliff Woods near Belper, featuring stunning views across the Derwent Valley.

First back was Shaun Cooper in 2 hrs 18 min, followed by Marcel Darling 2:19, Ian Crompton 2:38, Richard Gray 2:50, Cathy Clifford 3:31, Andy Bradley 3:33, Rachel Farrow 3:33, Rachel Smith 3:37, Jez Smith 3:38, Paul Webster 3:38, Tracey Hepburn 3:40, Jennifer Nix 3:41, Vicky Hutchinson 3:41, Claire Hirons 3:44.

Race Results 2013

Other News 2013

Ultimate Trail Ultra 50 km – Sunday 15th September

Designed for those wanting a shorter option (as opposed to the 100km alternative), and is a great stepping stone into the world of Ultra running, the organisers words not mine. With 6000ft feet off ascent this is some challenge, two crazy striders (not the normal suspects) decided to have a go. The rest of us use cars.

86th Paul Webster 10:25:38

87th Tracey Hepburn 10:25:45.


Great North Run – Sunday 15th September
Several of you also managed to get up to the biggest race in the uk.

Chris Millet 1:16:39

Kulwant Singh Johal 1:51:44

Christine Purslow 1:56:21

Ian Barker 2:08:27

Dave Nunn 2:08:28

Amy Hall 2:10:58

Cath Pearch 2:19:52

Last but not least Sam Pearch 2:19:53, about 27000 places lower than 2 years ago.

Derby Traiathlon – Sunday 15th September
Just a couple of you at this event. First in for striders was Ludo Floch in 1:15:27 in 291st and Carolyn Dyall 1:22:19 in 392nd.

Ashbourne Half – Sunday 15th September
More than 40 Striders competed in two local runs this weekend. In Ashbourne, several Striders ran the tough Ashbourne half marathon 2013 – first in for striders and 13th overall was Shaun Cooper in 1.28.57, followed by Neil Hancock in 1.35.45, Wayne Stevenson in 1.42.49 (PB on that course), David Askew in 1.46.27 (PB by about 5 minutes), Neil Rigby in 1.52.48 and Julie Stevenson in 1.55.01.
Golden Gates Gallop – Sunday 15th September
At Elvaston Castle, there was the annual Golden Gates Gallop 5 mile run and 2 mile fun run, supporting Leukaemia Research.

Second overall in the 5 mile was Martin Kerr 29:14, followed by Gareth Brown 31:41, Luke Stevenson 32.25, Sam Amps 33.42, Richard Hill 34.05, Andy Bradley 35.40, Ciaran Guilfoyle 35.47, John Thornton 37.04, Pascale Holden 37.29, Chris Turley 37.59, Steve Wells 39.09, James Realey 39.15, Rachel Farrow 39.25, Dave Keegan 40.40, Silke Krieger-Ford, 41.55, Andrew Simons 42.45, Lindsey Buckley 52.45, Alison Nunn 53.20, Fiona Corden 53.38.

In the 2 mile run, there were lots of juniors, stars of the future, and many family groups. First Strider was Clodagh Holmes 14.22, followed by Harry Trickey 15.47, Jack Surgay 15.48, Adam Crompton 19.11, Ian Crompton 19.12, Luke Trickey 19.45, Ethan Buckley 20.03, Lucy Anna Boyd 21.27, Henry Surgay 22.08, Louise Surgay 22.09, Pirran Holden 22.23, Rose Buckley 22.51, Alex Buckley 22.52, Millie Trickey 22.34, Mark Trickey 23.35 and Nicola Trickey 23.35.

Stretton Skyline Fell Race – Sunday 8th September
The very inform Kenny Malton made this 19 mile 4500ft race look like a jog. The three of us really in enjoy this tough scenic over the Long Mynd . First back in 7th overall was Kenny Malton in 2hr 43, followed in 15th & 16th by Shaun Cooper & Marcel Darling in 2 hrs 56.
Lichfield 10K – Sunday 8th September
At the Lichfield 10K run, Shelton Striders’ ladies came a super second place in the team event. Also, Elaine Quince was first lady in the v45 category. In the fun run, Clodagh came second overall, and was first lady. Other places and times – Martin Kerr 8th in 36.18, Luke Stevenson 103rd bumbling in at 43.17, Elaine Quince 122nd (1st lady 45 cat) in 43.51, John Thornton 216th in 46.43, Pascale Holden 241st in 47.25 (still suffering poorly ankle), Neil Rigby 292nd in 49.06, Stephen Wells 293rd in 49.07, Julie Stevenson 339th in 50.17, Steve Baxter 350th in 50.34, Dave Keegan 450th in 52.49 and Silke Krieger-Ford 464th in 52.59.
Totley Exterminator 1th September
Just the 3 of us for this 16 mile 4000ft fell race.

22nd Kenny Malton 2hr 28
36th Marcel Darling 2hr 32
42nd Shaun Cooper 2hr 42

Wilne 10K – Sunday 1st September
Runners from Shelton Striders took on top runners from all over the country in a high standard 10k at Wilne on Sun 1 Sept. The fast, flat course attracts runners looking for good times. Over 20 Striders completed the event.

First back for Striders in 34th place was Sam Pearch in 34 min 32 sec. Overall, Strider’s men were 4th team, and ladies were 8th team. Luke Stevenson was 4th junior. Chris Turley completed his first 10K, beating both his Mum and Dad.

Other times – Martin Kerr 36:06, James Cunningham 38:42 (PB), Gareth Brown 38:59, Alex Buckley 39:21, Matt West 39:21, Sam Amps 40:27, Richard Hill 40:37, Ian Crompton 41:28, Luke Stevenson 42:19, Neil Hancock 42:16, Darren Sheppard 43:00, Andy Bradley 45:11, Andrew Sayers 46:23, Kevin Milwain 46:26, Pascale Holden 46:37, Chris Turley 46:39, Dave Turley 48:26, Kelly Craven 49:27, Steve Cartwright 51:02, Silke Kieger-Ford 52:05, Heather Turley 53:19, Dave Keegan 53:20, Lee Meakin 54:26, Margaret Cowling 58:31, Don Robey 59:15.
Bradbourne Fell Race – Sunday 24th August

4th Kenny Malton 35:19
7th Shaun Cooper 36:56
29th Gayle Gamble 43:31
84th Dave Keegan 56:41

Parwich Panoramic 5 – Tuesday 6th August
Bit late with results for this one. This is the 5th year of this cross country fell race that was won by Chris Patterson from Ashbourne RC with two Striders hot on his heels.

2nd Rob Donald 35:55
3rd Kenny Malton 36:15
6th Shaun Cooper 37:41
26th Gayle Gamble 43:52
48th Dave Keegan 50:59
49th Robin Hutchinson 51:24
64th Chris Purslow 55:01
74th Chris Donald 61:02

Ricky’s Race – Thursday 8th August
Another late result. Looks like some of you had a busy week and another excellent run from Rob and Kenny

4th Rob Donald 31:30
6th Kenny Malton 31:54
10th Marcel Darling 33:24
12th Steve Hawkins 34:09
38th Gayle Gamble 38:37
94th Chris Purslow 48:40
106th Chris Donald 54:39

Piggs Trophy 10K – Wednesday 14th August
An excellent turn out from the Striders with 23 out of 114 runners. The race organised by Rolls Royce Harriers starts just across the road from Mickleover Sports Football Ground and heads off down the local lanes before returning on the path of the old railway line finishing near the Great Northern pub

Some very good runs too with 3 of our runners in the top 10 with Sam Pearch top Strider in 2nd place

2nd Sam Pearch 35:19
4th Kenny Malton 36:48
8th Rob Donald 38:25
19th Luke Stevenson 40:30
20th Gareth Brown 40:37
22nd Matt West 41:14
23rd Marcel Darling 41:16
28th Ian Crompton 42:26
29th Ian Bell 42:45
30th Richard Hill 42:57
31st Paul Brunt 43:13
33rd Darren Sheppard 44:28
35th Roy Hobson 44:33
41st Andy Sayers 45:47
45th Kev Milwain 46:27
52nd Andy Bradley 47:10
63rd Neil Rigby 49:16
69th Julie Stevenson 51:10
75th Ian Barker 52:13
76th Dave Nunn 52:13
95th Christine Donald 58:02
110th Fiona Corden 1:07:10
111th Alison Nunn 1:08:33

Leek Half – Sunday 18th August
It was a weekend of tough races for the Striders with 11 of you tackling the challenging Leek half-marathon which features one big climb from Tittesworth Resevoir, and two more climbs near the finish.

First back for Striders was Martin Kerr, coming 11th overall in 1 hr 26 min followed by James Walker 1:31, Gareth Brown 1:31, Matt West 1:32, Sam Amps 1:38, Neil Hancock 1:39, Wayne Stevenson 1:46, Neil Rigby 1:56, Julie Stevenson 1:59, Dave Keegan 2:03 and Steve Wells 2:13.

Also, the men came 3rd in the team event, with the first four men scoring. This was a tremendous performance, considering that many top clubs from the area were competing.
Belper Rugby Rover – Sunday 18th August
An even larger group of Striders completed the 30km Rugby Rover, an extremely tough cross country race covering Alport Hill and Shining Cliff Woods near Belper, featuring stunning views across the Derwent Valley.

First back was Shaun Cooper in 2 hrs 18 min, followed by Marcel Darling 2:19, Ian Crompton 2:38, Richard Gray 2:50, Cathy Clifford 3:31, Andy Bradley 3:33, Rachel Farrow 3:33, Rachel Smith 3:37, Jez Smith 3:38, Paul Webster 3:38, Tracey Hepburn 3:40, Jennifer Nix 3:41, Vicky Hutchinson 3:41, Claire Hirons 3:44.
Snowdon Race Saturday 21st July
4 striders made the 3 hour journey over to Llanberis for the 38th Snowdon International (fell) Race at a mere 10 miles (5 up, 5 down) and 3300ft of ascent this was meant to be a bit of fun. But with the scorching heat it proved quite tuff but a really good day out. With 600 entrants and international runners representing all of the UK, I think we all made a good effort in representing the Striders, so 1st in for us in 85th position in 1hr:32 was Steve Hawkins (he also would have been 9th in V40 class if he wasn’t called James Walker), 109th 1hr:35 Rob Donald, 156th 1hr:39 Marcel Darling and 224th 1hr:45 Shaun Cooper.  Followed by a paddling in the lake after, some of us even made it on TV too.
The Dave Nunn 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K – Thursday 19th July
Good to see so many of you supporting the clubs event again and a big thanks to Dave for organising yet again.

5K Results (8 runners)
1st in was Clodagh Holmes 22:18, Roy Hobson 23:12, Samantha James 24:19, Kelly Craven 25:07, Lee Meakin 25:21, Sam Barker 29:05, Fergus Holmes 29:19, Joy Holmes 29:26.

10K Results (12 Runners)
Neal Realy 38:55, Alec Care 40:00, Darren Sheppard 43:42, Ian Crompton 47:38, James Really 48:49, Dave Keegan 54:34, Rachel Farrow 54:59, Silke Krieger-Ford 58:10, Margaret Cowling 58:21, Steve Ainsley 70:55, Alison Nunn74;02, Fiona Corden 74:02.

15K Results (2 Runners)
Neil Rigby 1:23:29 & Andrew Powell 1:23:42.

20K Results (6 Runners)
Kenny Malton 1:30:54, James Cunningham 1:34:15, Matt West 1:35:34, Andrew Simons 1:37:34, John Thornton 1:48:15, Christine Purslow 2:09:48.
Holme Moss – Sunday 14th July
One Strider made it up to the toughest race in the headbanger calendar this year, without letting anyone else know, sneaky.  This is a very hard 17 mile, 4500ft championship course which is a seriously tough run. So coming in an astonishing 3hr:23 in 13th overall was the very in form Kenny Malton, awesome effort. The things you guys do for points.

Also well done to Kenny & Andrew Powell for their results in the Saunders Mountain Marathon the previous week.
Black Rocks – Wednesday 10th July

3rd overall 39:40 Rob Donald

4th overall 40:22 Kenny Malton

15th 44:49 Andrew Powell

40th 49:32 Paul Brunt

1st female back for the Striders in 50th and 2nd woman overall in 50:40 was Gayle Gamble

53rd 51:44 James Realey

75th 59:32 Robin Hutchinson

77th 59:56 Christine Purslow

82nd 1:08:05 Christine Donald
Masters Relays at Moorways – 10th July
The Striders had a couple of teams the womens 35 team compridsing of Pascale, Elaine & Julie Stevenson were 3rd and the mens team Dave Thornton, Roger Booth & John Thornton were 2nd in their relay.
Cotswolds 100 mile Ultra Marathon – 28th June
Well the same two lunatics were at it again, believe this was a birthday present. Shaun Cooper & Alex Buckley completed the 100 miles in 25 hours and finished in 24th Position. Awesome effort guys, just a warm up for the Thunder Run on Sat  27th July in Catton Park near Burton on Trent.
Wirksworth Trails & Tunnels 10k – 5th June
In 44th position Dave Keegan got round in 50:55.
Derbyshire Schools Athletics Meeting
Clodagh Holmes was 3rd in the Junior 1500m, well done.
Colin Potter 10k
In the Colin Potter 10km run at Darley Park on Fri 5 July, Martin Kerr from Shelton Striders won the race, coming first in a super time of 35 mins 52 sec.  Pascale Holden was 3rd lady home in 45.35.

Other times were Steve Emerton 38.20, Steve Pezutti 38.57, Jan Pudlowski 43.22, Ludovich Floch 44.54, Ciaran Guilfoyle 45.13, Neil Hancock 45.21, Dave Askew 50.16, Neil Rigby 52.38, Cath Rowe 55.30, Lucy Marriot 56.38, Lee Meakin 58.10, Alison Pickering 58.31, Angie Ljubojevic 59.21, and finally, and in very last place, was Shaun Cooper in 1 hour 20 minutes 31 seconds.

The race is a two lap run from Derby Rugby Club.
Brooksie Bash Long and Short 30th June.
Short event
Pascal Holden was the first  home on 1:14:03, followed by Martin Kerr 1:14:09, Gayle Gamble 1:14:15, Robin Hutchinson 1:20:13, Tracy Hepburn 1:20:37, Lindsey Buckley  in 1:50:10 choosing this race to increase her distance.

Long Event
Kenny Malton was first back in 1:42:54, followed in by Rob Donald in 1:43:38, and Steve Hawkins 1:44:38, Gareth Brown 2:01:09, Matt West 2:03:20, Sam Amps 2:03:27, first lady home Cathy Clifford with Richard Bowe in 2:43:20, the Chris’s Donald and Purslow 2:45:47, and Paul Webster, Kelly Craven and Sean Cooper in 2:45:50.

But a special mention needs to be made to Alex Buckley and Sean Cooper as they had just completed a 100 mile race the previous day with support by Lindsey B, Alex started the Short race and thought better of it, but Sean completed the Long event.
Riber Run 25th June.
Just 5 Striders completed the 5 Mile fell race, 1st home in 4th place overall Rob Donald in 33:27, with Kenny Malton 7th in 35:10, Andy Powell was 37:29,  Sam Amps 41:47 and Paul Brunt 43:10.
Long Eaton 5 miler & Fun Run – Sunday 23rd June
Luke Stevenson was first back in the 5 mile road race in 33 min 29 sec.  Followed by Andrew Sayers 38:51, Steve Baxter 41:36, Lucy Marriot 43:11, Alison Pickering 44:21, Alyson Woodcock 46:29, Beverley Baxter 49:23, Julie Stevenson 49:23.
Long Eaton Fun Run – Sunday 23rd June
Two new people to the club and their 1st race were Sasha Moor and Gemma Robison who entered the Long Eaton fun run. Gemma came 17th and Sasha came 18th. They both did it in 15 minutes. Well done and welcome aboard.
Shrewsbury Half Marathon – Sunday 23rd June
Looks like you all had a good day out, lots of feedback on Facebook. Sam Amps was first back in a PB of 1 hr 33 min, followed by Paul Brunt 1:39, Cathy Clifford, 1:49, Richard Bowe 1:50, Neil Rigby 1:51 (PB), Steve Cartwright 1:55, Steve Wells 1:55 (PB), Claire Hirons 1:56 (PB), Dave Nunn 2:01, Victoria Searby 2:21, Harriet Nunn 2:36.
Kinder Trog  – Sunday 23rd June
With some really tough condition up in the peaks made a interesting race on the top of Kinder. Robert Donald was first Strider back in 2 hrs 12 mins in the Kinder Trog, a 16 mile fell race.  Followed by Marcel Darling 2:17, Kenny Malton 2:20, Steve Hawkins 2:27, Sandra Butcher 3:25, Christine Donald 3:46 and Christine Purslow 3:46.
Hairy Helmet – Friday 14th June
Both men and women’s veterans claimed stunning victories in the “Hairy Helmet” relay in Darley Park on Fri 14 June. In the veteran category, average age needs to be at least 40. The women’s team was Tracey Hepburn, Claire Hirons, Anjie Ljubojevic and Pasale Holden. The men’s team was Marcel Darling, Matt West, Sam Pearch and Steve “The Hawk” Hawkins. Also, Striders’ mixed teams came second and third in the super veteran category (average age at least 50). Teams were Paul Brunt, Cathy Clifford, Elaine Quince, John Thornton; and Christine Purslow, Christine Donald, Graham Donald, Louise Surgay.

In total we had nine teams so well done on turning out and showing the club colours.

The teams & Overall positions of 148 were: Shelton Striders 5th, Don’t give the hawk beer 6th, Shelton Strikers 26th, Shelton Stragglers 29th, Shelton Super Vets 45, Shelton Strifers 73rd, Old guys rule 106th, Shelton Streakers 110th, 7 Shelton az beenz 119th. Fantastic effort girls & boys. lots of photos on facebook, beware the pink shorts.
Loughborough Half Sunday 9th June
At the Loughborough half marathon, Matt West finished in 1hr 27m and Darren Shepherd in 1 hr 35 a new PB too, I believe.
Potters Half – Sunday 9th June
In Stoke-on-Trent, there was the Potters Arf, a half marathon finishing at the statue of Sir Stanley Matthews. Shaun Cooper was first Strider in 1 hr 26, followed by Cathy Clifford 1:52, Steve Cartwright 1:53, Dave Keegan 2:00, Neil Rigby 2:00 and Dave Nunn 2:06.
Carsington – 7 Sunday 9th June
The Carsington 7.7 mile was a circuit of the resevoir, with Steve Pezutti coming 7th overall in 51:13. Followed by Heather Turley 68:10, Vicki Hutchinson 69:40, Jennifer Nix 70:30, Louise Hart 71:37, Lorraine Shenton 80:38.
Baslow Boot Bash – Saturday 9th June
In the Peak District, Chris Donald, Sandra Butcher, Chris Purslow and Paul Webster completed the Baslow Boot Bash, an extremely tough 26 mile cross-country, in 7 hrs 7 min.
Castleton Fell Race – Friday 7th June
5 of us arrived in the nick of time on the very warm evening for this local classic fell race up over lose hill and mam tor. With the usual suspects there and a new face (Alec Care) having a go at his first fell race and quite a toughy. In a very strong field of 300 runners was Rob Donald in 22nd in 49:00 followed in by the every improving Kenny Malton in 46th in 53:17, Marcel Darling not quite able to catch him in 47th 53:32 and Alec Care 48th in 51:59 hot on his heels. Shaun Cooper jogged round with the Potters Half in mind. Overall, a very good result for the Striders. No hyperthermia this year.
Canix Cross Country Cannock Chase – Sunday 9th June
On Cannock Chase, Silke Kreiger-Ford completed the Canix Cross-Country, with dog, Cara and came second in her class just behind the leader.
Peats Wood – Sunday 2 June
10 Striders made they way over the this regular event by David Denton, It was pretty warm and the 1000ft of ascent seemed alot tougher than normal with a fantastic run and first back in for the club and 6th overall was Rob Donald in 33:51, following in 10th Kenny Malton in 35:13, 13th Marcel Darling 35:40, 27th Paul Brunt 41:48, First female Strider back in 29th was Gayle Gamble 42:10, 30th Ciarran Guiolfoyle 42:42 (first fell race I think), 56th Robin Hutchinson in 51:41 and the dynamic duo Christine Purslow & Christine Donald in 58th & 59th 52;30 & 53:35. I must also say well done to Ciarans son Tristan who did the 1.6 km race in 8:11 and is just starting running. As with most fell running refuelling of vital resources took the form of beer in the Bear again & Christine’s flap jack. Brill mornings work to all that took part.
Buxton Half Marathon – Sunday 27 May
Six Shelton Striders set out to the beautiful High Peaks of Buxton to partake in the Buxton Half Marathon. James Cunningham, Cathy Clifford, Pascal Holden and Team Stevenson (Luke, Wayne & Julie) all took part on a really hot Sunday morning. The course was extremely tough consisting in the start being a 2.7 mile climb. The course continued to be very up and down and the scenery was stunning. The ascent was 1550ft in total (it felt like it!).

First in for Striders in an impressive time of 1.33 was James Cunningham, followed by Pascal Holden 1.44, Luke Stevenson 1.47, Cathy Clifford 2.01 and Wayne & Julie Stevenson finishing together in 2.03. The T-shirts said it all – “Its a killer”! Hats off to everyone who took part, it wasn’t easy in that heat….not sure I’ll be doing that one again in a hurry!!

Report from Julie Stevenson, thanks need more of this from you guys & gals.
Windermere Marathon – Sunday 19 May
You guys are getting about a bit, Neil Hancock made the journey north for this tough marathon. He got round in an impressive 3:52:12 in 187th place overall out of 700+ and was 30th in his age class.  Great scenery I hear, well done Neil

Eyam Half Marathon – Sunday 19 May

7 Striders decided to brave the hills for some not so easy championship points, some didn’t know how hilly. First back in 12th was Marcel Darling 1:29:33, followed in 26th Matt West 1:33:32, First female strider back in 128th was Pascale Holden 1:47:44, 271st Steve Cartwight 2:01:44, 320th Christine Donald 2:11:11, 322nd Christine Purslow 2:11:19 and 371st Fiona Corden 2:39:43. Must also say hi the Adrian Jacobs & Rachel Farrow who train with us, managed 74th 1:14:03 & 332nd 2:14:30 respectively. Well this was a really good day out, with a fantastically scenic run (including watching the gliders take off and land), community atmosphere and the finishing line funnel was right outside the pub which also had a BBQ. To top it off it was sunny and 20C what more could you want? No blisters !!

Keswick to Barrow 40 miles – Sunday 12 May
One Strider, Alec Care made the long journey up to Cumbria for this annual event, only having completed his first marathon late last year, Alec looks to be improving rapidly. So with an astonishing run of 6:28:26 and achieving 39th place of over 2000 finishers, think this is an awesome result, so well done.
Aston 10k & Fun Run – Sunday 12 May
Well not sure what is was like but hope you all had fun. It is good to see nearly 50 Striders at this local event that is always well support by us. So here are the results, which are pretty impressive so well done all. These are based on the official results therefore if they have not detailed you as a Strider then you will not appear, let James Walker know that you were there to get championship points.

Fun Run





Edward Baxter



Chris Turley



Jack Surgay



Fergus Holmes



Sam Rouse



Amy Rouse



Thomas Boyd



Lucy Anna Boyd



Adam Crompton



Ian Crompton



Ethan Buckley



Henry Surgay



Louise Surgay



Luke Pickering



Ken Adams



John Holmes







James Walker



Martin Kerr



James Cunningham



Kenny Malton



Matt West



Gareth Brown



Shaun Cooper



John Thornton



Kevin Milwain



Roy Hobson



Adam Boyd



Andrew Sayers



Dave Keegan



James Realey



Dave Turley



Steve Wells



Kelly Craven



Carolyn Dyall



Silke Krieger-Ford



Heather Turley



Andrew Simons



Alison Pickering



Lorraine Shenton



Don Robey



Catherine Pearch



Margaret Cowling



Ann Adams



Steve Baxter



Beverley Baxter



Lyndsey Buckley



Steve Aynsley



Gail Thompson


Rat Race 20 mile Obstacle Race- Sunday 12 May
Well not content with some easier championship points at Aston, Sam Pearch went for a Dirty weekend at Burghley for the “World Biggest Assault Course”. Comprising of 20 miles (easy for a 2:40 marathon runner) and 200 obstacles, maybe not for the faint hearted. Sam managed to get round in 5 hours ish, you’ll be a fell/ultra runner yet!! Cracking effort, guess you be ready for Eyam half next weekend then, no mud just hills.
Southwell 5K – Monday 6 May
He’s at it again. Not content with running the Uttoxeter Half on the Sunday, Dave (I run everywhere) Keegan completed this 5K race in 20th position out of 52 finishers in a time of 24:50.
Thunder Run 10k Canicross – Sunday 5 May
Silke Krieger-Ford was over at the Thunder Run at Catton Park near Burton for this 10k cross country event with her dog (name unknown, club vest on?) and managed to finish as 3rd female overall.
Derby 10K Winner
Many congratulations to Gloria Jervis, who has just been informed that she was the first Female V60 in the Derby 10K.
Woodhouse Eaves May Day Challenge – Sunday 5 May
On bank holiday Monday, a number of Striders braved the heat to run in this 13.6 mile cross country race in Leicestershire.

Rob Donald came 11th overall in 1:34. Followed by Luke Stevenson 1:45, Wayne Stevenson 1:46, Gayle Gamble, 1:51, Julie Stevenson 2:07, Christine Purslow 2:12, Vicki Hutchinson 2:16, Paul Webster 2:22, Christine Donald 2:22, Fiona Corden 2:47, Lee Meakin (again) 2:47.
Uttoxeter Half – Sunday 5 May
Cathy Clifford finished in 1:50, 2nd in her category. Dave Keegan finished in 1:56.
Lichfield Half – Sunday 5 May
Shaun Cooper came 12th overall in 1:24, followed by Darren Sheppard 1:35, Pascale Holden 1:44, Ciaran Guifoyle 1:47, Ian Barker 1:52, Steve Cartwright 1:53, Lee Meakin 2:18, Dave Nunn 2:18.


Manchester Marathon – Sunday 28 April
Matt West was the only Strider to take part in this event, he rewarded himself with a new PB of 3:05:04 which is 3.5 minutes faster than his previous time and qualifies him for a good for age entries. Half marathon PB next then?

Melbourne 12k Rabbit Race – Sunday 21 April
Results just in for this race:


6th Man Ian Crompton 51:29
14th Man Dave Keegan 58:41
21st Man Don Robey 70:17
4th Lady Julie Stevenson 60:49

Calendar Update
The Leek half marathon will be the Club Championship race on the 18th August, sorry its another hilly one, but has great views, and will be the last one, with the last 5 races being flat.
Race Information

Note that the Long Eaton 5 miler is on the 23rd June.
Derby 10K – Sunday 28 April
The Striders were out in force at the Derby 10k, as runners and marshalls. First back for the club was James Walker, 34th in 36:11. Followed by Martin Kerr 36:32, Chris Millet 37:58, Sean Cooper 38:12, James Cunningham 39:00, Luke Stevenson 39:02 (a PB, and 6th under 18), Neil Hancock 40:40, Jan Pudlowski 42:31, Darren Sheppard 43:05, James “The Rifle” Realey 45:03, Andy Sayers 46:55, Carol McCorkindale, first lady in 48:56, Steve Cartwright 49:23, Ian Barker 49:23, Carolyn Dyall 49:58, Dave Keegan 49:40, Dave Askew 50:08, Silke Krieger-Ford 50:17, Chris Purslow 52:15, Andrew Simons 53:51, Vicki Hutchinson 54:09, Louise Surgay 54:33, Alison Pickering 54:43, Cath Rowe 53:39, Don “Wan” Robey 57:22, Hayley Toone 57:0, Gloria Jervis 58:44, Jon Holmes 58:38, Neil Rigby 59:50, Lorraine Shenton 58:12, Lindsey Buckley 60:13, Steve Aynsley 67:29. Also Steven & Beverley Baxter out for their 1st time in a Striders top did 62:26, well done to all.

Fun Run
Well I haven’t been able to find any results yet but please let me know your result and I will pop it on website. However also in his 1st race as a Strider Edward Baxter was 5th overall, welcome and well done.

Look who managed to be on the video, the one person you don’t want to see but gets everywhere.Can you guess see http://www.sporting-futures.org.uk/derby10k.
London Marathon – Sunday 21 April
The famous pale blue & white stripes of Shelton Striders were out in force at the London Marathon. 17 Striders successfully completed the course on Sun 21 April. Many were doing their first marathon.

First back for the club in a personal best time was Steve Hawkins in 2hrs 45min, Roger Booth was 11th in the 60 – 64 category, in 3:14 and Julie Warner was first lady Strider in 3:40.

Other results were Steve Pezutti 3:02, Patrick Munro 3:06, Roger Booth 3:14, Dave Thornton 3:20, Alex Buckley 3:23, Shaun Cooper 3:29, John Thornton 3:39, Tracey Hepburn 3:59, Lousie Surgay 4:23, Richard Bowe 4:24, Christine Donald 4:26, David Lane 4:27, Fiona Corden 5:45, Alison Nunn 5:45, Dave Nunn 5:45.

It was a family achievement for the Nunns as their daughters Kerry and Harriet also completed the race with them as reported in the Derby Telegraph on 22 April

Derby Telegraph article
Kinder Downfall – Sunday 14 April
The latest race in the headbanger calender is Kinder Downfall at 10 miles and nearly 2000ft of ascent this is a hard run on any day. However with a virtually clear day but 30 mph winds this would prove to be a real test of strength and determination.

Six Striders had pre-entered the full to capacity race (a note to enter early) to see what the day would hold for them. I saw them about a mile in from the start of the first climb (photos on facebook shortly) and they were all smiles (James Walker in 7th Overall). I caught up with them again at Edale Cross 3 miles from the finish having made a start on the descent from Kinder, well they were looking rather battered but at least they had the wind behind them.

First in for the club (in just a vest!!) was James Walker: 29th, 1:23:13 which is a very respectable time given the conditions, followed in by Rob Donald 68th in 1:29:02.

First woman back in for the Striders was the very in form Gayle Gamble 198th in 1:47:54, followed in by Kate Wray 228th in 1:52:50. Christine Purslow in 280th in 2:14:03 and Sandra Butcher 282nd in 2:15:12. I think they benrfitted from my encouragement over the last 3 miles in, they will tell you differently. Thanks for the coffee & cake ladies but i’m not waiting for you next year, freezing but a really good event.
Wakefield 10K & Fun Run – Sunday 14th April
Following up last weeks perform the Pearch family were out in force. Sam came in 12th overall in 34:56. Whilst the kids, Callum & Bethany (new members this year) run the 1k. Callum got round in 5:30 & Bethany did 6:06. Looks like they run like their dad, rather fast.
Bournemouth Half Marathon & 5K- Sunday 7th April
Sam Pearch says he is not in good form but managed a mere 1:17:03 and was 5th overall in the Bournmouth half. Sam’s better half Cath ran her first 5k whizzing round in 30;13, well done to the Pearch family.
Four Inns Challenge – Saturday 6th April
Two of our Striders, Wayne & Luke Stevenson were members of the 3 man team, the ‘Banana Splits’ who were 10th/11th overall? in a mere 10 hours 6 mins. Don’t be fooled this is a 40 mile off road event over some of the roughest terrain in the peaks and Luke is only 16. This is a seriously impressive time guys, don’t think there are many in the club that could/would want to even do this. You may not remember but the Striders had a winning ladies team in 2011. Awesome result Banana Splits. Whats next Luke ‘Lakeland 50’, just kidding.
Stafford Half Marathon – Sunday 17 March

Yes he is off already, Dave Keegan was the only Strider to make it over to Stafford on this cold & dry day. Dave was 1088th of 2071 finishers and managed 1:54:07 and was the 8th in the V60 class.

Ashby 20 – Sunday 17 March

It was cold and wet, but this did not stop thirty Striders from completing the Ashby 20 mile road race. Many of whom are training for the London Marathon in April.

First back in 25th place was Steve Hawkins in 2 hr 7 minutes while John Thornton was 2nd fastest over 60.

Results – Patrick Munro 2:14. Marin Kerr 2:16. Steve Pezutti 2:16. Matt West 2:17. Paul Brunt 2:19. Gareth Brown 2:23. James Cunningham 2:27. Shaun Cooper 2:27. Neil Hancock 2:34. John Thornton 2:37. Wayne Stevenson 2:41. Moira Birch, first lady in 2:41. Wendy Weawall 2:42. Julie Warner 2:52. Tracey Hepburn 3:03. Richard Bowe 3:03. Christine Donald 3:06. Louise Surgay 3:06. Christine Purslow 3:12. Dave Askew 3:20. Paul Webster 3:25. Chris Sexton 3:27. Several ran together, finishing in 3:57 – Steve Cartwright, Fiona Corden, Lee Meakin, Kerry Nunn, Dave Nunn, Harriet Nunn and Alison Nunn
Wirkworth Incline – Sunday 17 March
Six Shelton Striders completed the Incline, – James Walker – 28.09, Luke Stevenson – 31.38, Ciaran Guilfoyle – 33.58, Katie Wray – 34.16, Stephen Wells – 37.58 & Julie Stevenson – 38.05. Getting ready for the headbangers?
Newton Fraction Half – Sunday 10 March
Four Shelton Striders completed the New Fraction half marathon, near Grantham on Sunday March 10th 2013, braving a very cold east wind.

Julie Stevenson 1.56.23 264th
Dave Keegan 2.01.42 301st
Dave Askew 2.01.45 302nd
Vicky Hutchinson 2.02.59 (PB) 306th

Holly Hayes Wood XC – Sunday 3 March


Congratulations to our Ladies team who finished top of Division 2 of the Derby Runner XC League and will therefore be competing in Division 1 next year. The course at Holly Hayes was slightly less muddy than in previous years and Gayle Gamble was the first lady back as the ladies finished 3rd in the final race of the season but managed to finish above their closest rivals Derby Tri to clinch the top spot. Also well done to Pascale Holden who was the top Lady V40 over the 6 races

Ladies Results

Pos Time First name Surname
9 33:51 Gayle Gamble
33 37:28 Rachel Smith
35 37:44 Carolyn Dyall
45 38:51 Julie Stevenson
65 41:46 Christine Purslow
66 41:54 Sandra Butcher
70 42:36 Christine Donald
90 50:14 Lindsey Buckley

There was also another good showing from the men who finished second at Holly Hayes to their closest rivals Beaumont, which meant a second place finish in Division 2 with Beaumont coming top. First Strider back was Sam Pearch in 5th place with Martin Kerr pushing him all the way to finish 6th a second behind

Mens Results

Pos Time First name Surname
5 27:09 Sam Pearch
6 27:10 Martin Kerr
31 29:01 James Walker
35 29:12 Stephen Hawkins
41 29:31 Robert Donald
60 30:11 Shaun Cooper
74 31:04 Ian Crompton
118 33:48 Ciaran Guilfoyle
122 34:06 Paul Brunt
124 34:10 Ludovic Floch
128 34:16 Wayne Stevenson
145 36:01 Dave Turley
150 36:47 James Realey
168 38:46 Stephen Wells
169 38:51 Robin Hutchinson
172 39:12 Dave Keegan
195 42:35 Paul Webster
198 44:09 Dave Nunn

Weston 5M & Fun Run – Sunday 24th February

Not as big a turn out as last year, it was freezing but dry. Was it warmer running or watching?

It was good seeing such a wide selection of Striders in action and a few PB’s, both Luke & Julie Stevenson. Any others let me know.

Fun Run
As you can see a massive well done to Clodagh on a very impressive result, watch out adults. In addition there were a number of very tiny members flying the clubs colours and I think it may have been the first race for some, so a massive well done to you all as well.

Pos Time Name
2 13.24 Clodagh Holmes
7 14.31 Adam Boyd
11  15.38  Jack Surgay
16  16.55  Thomas Boyd
24  17.18  Fergus Holmes
25  17.20  John Holmes
31  18.46  Joy Holmes
35  19.22  Adam Crompton
36  19.23  Ethan Buckley
37  19.25  Ian Crompton
42  18.29  Lucy Anna Boyd
47  21.13  Rose Buckley
48  21.13  Alex Buckley
58  22.06  Pirran Holden
60  22.10  Henry Surgay
61  22.10  Louise Surgay
68  23.58  Sam Worthington
69  23.58  Joseph Worthington
70  23.58  Paul Worthington

I would like to extend our congratulations to Sam’s wife on her result and maybe we will see you training with us soon. We never see Sam..

34  19.21  Catherine Pearch

Team Results
Well done to Martin, Luke, Gareth & Kenny on obtaining 3rd team overall.

5 Mile Results

Pos Time Name
7  28.50  Martin Kerr MS
20  31.06  Luke Stevenson MJ
28  31.38  Kenneth Malton MS
49  33.03  Gareth Brown MS
52  33.25  Ian Bell M40
68  34.40  Pascale Holden F35
71  35.02  Shaun Cooper MS
72  35.03  John Thornton M60
75  35.17  Ciaran Guilfoyle M40
104  36.57 Chris Turley MJ
110  37.18 James Realey MJ
121  38.00 Andrew Sayers MS
130  38.30 Stephen Wells MS
135  38.42 Dave Turley M40
145  39.38 Steve Cartwright MS
146  39.42 Julie Stevenson F35
165  41.09 Andrew Simons M60
168  41.19 Silke Krieger-Ford F35
181  42.47 Christine Donald F45
205  47.19 Alyson Woodcock F45
216  49.17 Margaret Cowling F55
231  52.13 Lindsey Buckley F35
233  52.27 Steve Aynsley M60
237  54.22 Donald Robey M60


Fosse Meadows XC Sunday 17th Feb

Sorry for the delay in getting them , well down all 1 race to go!!

Years 1- 6

Position Name Club Year Time
17 Fergus Holmes Shelton 5 7.26
31 Ethan Buckley Shelton 1 8.48
38 Rose Buckley Shelton 4 9.49

Years 7-12

Position Name Club Year Time  
8 Clodagh Holmes Shelton 8 13.11 4th girl


Grown up’s

Pos Time First name Surname Club
9 35:30 Sam Pearch Shelton
35 39:17 Ken Malton Shelton
60 41:09 Ian Crompton Shelton
64 41:28 Luke Stevenson Shelton
103 44:00 Paul Brunt Shelton
127 45:39 Ludovic Floch Shelton
129 45:41 Wayne Stevenson Shelton
166 51:28 Robin Hutchinson Shelton
190 55:27 Paul Webster Shelton
5 44:04 Gayle Gamble Shelton
8 45:22 Pascale Holden Shelton
16 46:59 Kate Wray Shelton
24 48:47 Carolyn Dyall Shelton
46 52:34 Julie Stevenson Shelton
67 57:27 Sandra Butcher Shelton
95 72:13 Lindsey Buckley Shelton

Foremark XC Sunday 10th Feb

Years 1-6

Position Name Club Year Time
12 Fergus Holmes Shelton 5 10.57
16 Megan Emerton Shelton 4 11.19
27 Ethan Buckley Shelton 1 13.42
28 Rose Buckley Shelton 4 14.15

Years 7-12 

Position Name Club Year Time  
4 Clodagh Holmes Shelton 8 19.36 1st Girl
6 Luke Trickey Shelton 7 21.07  

Foremark XC Sunday 10th Feb
Well, a BIG well done to all that showed up, ran your guts out, helped with the tent and Christine P who brought the flap jack, delicious must have had 5 pieces. Here are the results for the grown up’s, kids to follow when I get them. This is still really confusing !!

Men: Finished 5th (we can do better,surely) on the day but are top of league 2 by 2 points.

Women: Finished 2nd on the day and are top of league 2 by 1 point. Massive result keep going!!

As a team we came 2nd on the day but are still top of league 1 by a single point over Hatton Darts.

Note; the team that beat us on the day was Hermitage who are top of league 2.

Guys, come on. Our girls are showing us how it should be done, we really need to be fielding a stronger team on Sunday 17th. I know there are some injuries but some of you are soooo good you can run on Saturday and Sunday, please turn up if you can.




First name Surname



Martin Kerr



Sam Pearch



Marcel Darling



Ken Malton



James Cunningham



Gareth Brown



Ian Crompton



Ian Millward



Paul Brunt



Ciaran Guilfoyle



Stephen Wells



Dave Turley



James Realey



Robin Hutchinson



Dave Keegan



Paul Webster



Pascale Holden



Gayle Gamble



Kate Wray



Rachel Smith



Carolyn Dyall



Heather Turley



Christine Purslow



Vicki Hutchinson



Christine Donald



Jenifer Nix



Sandra Butcher



Lindsey Buckley

Charnwood Hills Fell Race 3rd Feb.
On what was a cold and windy day, 6 of our Striders ventured out to the 14mile Charnwood event.

1st back and first lady for the club in 2:23:17 was Gayle Gamble, 2nd back and 2nd lady in 2:41:43 was Sandra Butcher, followed by the 2 Chris’s (Donald and Purslow) in 2:45:23, just ahead of 1st male back in 2:45:28, Rob Donald, whilst Dave Keegan came home in 2:54:47.
Bagworth Heath XC Sunday 13th Jan
Well, looking at the results I can see that numbers of runners has gone down since the first two races, was Christmas that bad. I know we have a few injuries so let’s see a proper Shelton turn out for the new XC date on 10th Feb. The results

The 4 little striders that completed the course were:

Kids Years 1-6






Fergus Holmes




Ethan Buckley




Rose Buckley




Kian Webb



The slightly bigger ones were:

Years 7-12

Position Name




Chris Turley




Clodagh Holmes




The overall results (so far) are:

Years 1-2 Boys

Ethan Buckley is 1st. Kian Webb is 6th.

Years 5-6 Boys

Fergus is current 4th

Years 3-4 Girls

Rose Buckley is 7th, Lucille Flock is 19th.

Years 11-12 Boys

Chris Turley is 2nd.

Years 7-8 Girls

Clodagh Holmes is 2nd.


Well done kids keep it going.


Now for the 27 grown up’s.




First name Surname



Pascale Holden



Gayle Gamble



Rachel Smith



Julie Stevenson



Heather Turley



Lynne Nesbitt



Christine Purslow



Vicki Hutchinson



Sandra Butcher



Christine Donald



Jenifer Nix



Lindsey Buckley




First name Surname



Sam Pearch



Martin Kerr



Stephen Hawkins



Patrick Munro



Shaun Cooper



Ken Malton



James Cunningham



Paul Brunt



Ludovic Floch



Ciaran Guilfoyle



Dave Turley



Stephen Wells



James Realey



Robin Hutchinson



Paul Webster

These are really confusing but will have a go.On the day


  • We slipped down to 3rd
  • The men were 1st in league two.
  • The ladies managed to beat the Derby Tri team (for the 1st time) to be 1st in league two, massive result.

The overall standings are:

  • Striders are still (just ) topping the overall team standing (both leagues).
  • The men are still 1st in league 2, we need to bet those runners from Beaumont in the next race.
  • The ladies are still 2nd in league 2, we need to get past the Derby Tri team in the next race.

A massive well done, it shows that it is not about been the fastest runner but what we do as a team and in the first instance we have to turn up
Peat Pit Woods Fell Race – Sunday 6th January
At the 8K Peat Pit Woods Fell Race at Alderwasley in Derbyshire, organised by David Denton, first Strider home was Luke Stevenson in 42 minutes 19, followed by Stephen Wells in 49:44 and Julie Stevenson in 49:48
Cannock Chase Trig Points Race – Sunday 6th January
Christine Donald, Sandra Butcher and Christine Purslow ran the 27 kilometres together to finish in 3hrs 21mins 58 seconds.

Race Results 2012

News 2012

Furnace Inn Fun Run – Wednesday 26th December
The weather for the annual Boxing Day Furnace Inn Fun Run couldn’t have been better. After all the rain, we woke to a beautiful sunny morning. This encouraged 177 runners to come and take part, many in fancy dress and loads from Striders.

A big thank you to the staff at the Furnace who were very enthusiasic and keen to help make it a success. I hope they stay in residence for a while as we have had so many changes of management over the last few years

My call for helpers was answered from Brian and Pam Budd, Steve Cartwright lead bike, Adam & Lisa Morris, Ken Keegan, Cathy and Andy Clifford, Wayne Stevenson and Roy Hobson all chipping in. Dorothy assisted by Sylvia Gristock did the business with the results inside the pub. Apologies if I have missed any one. I couldn’t have managed without your help.

Finally a big thank you to all those that contributed spot prizes, as ever Striders Never Let You Down.

All in all a VERY successful morning raising just over £390 for our charities.
Bolsover 10K – Sunday 16th December
Four Shelton Striders took part in the Bolsover 10K on Sunday. First back for the club in this popular event was the ever-improving Adam Morris in a new personal best of 43:47. He was followed by Andrew Sayers in 48.04 and then Dave (I run everywhere) Keegan in 49.39. The only lady to represent the club was Lisa Morris who finished in 56.08.
Keyworth Turkey Trot – Sunday 9th December
Thirteen Shelton Striders took part in the 30th running of the Keyworth Turkey Trot. This challenging half marathon on rural roads is always popular and the biting wind that greeted runners didn’t seem to have put anyone off, with 860 participants. First Strider back was Alex Buckley in 1:34:01 followed by Paul Brunt in 1:38:34 and Wayne Stevenson hot on his heels in 1:38:53. First Striders lady back was Pascale Holden in 1:40:57, with Wendy Wheawall in 1:49:17 and Heather Turley in 1:57:30. Further down the field, Striders Dave and Alison Nunn brought along their daughters Kerry and Harriet for their first half marathon. Dave and the girls all finished in around 2:25 with Mum Alison just behind in 2:28:39. The family is training for the Virgin London Marathon in April.

Striders Results:

Alex Buckley 94:01
Paul Brunt 98:34
Wayne Stevenson 98:53
Pascale Holden 100:57
Kev Milwain 106:28
Wendy Wheawall 109:17
Heather Turley 117.30
Louise Surgay 118.05
Chris Purslow 120:24
Alison Wynn 122:55
Chris Donald 123:19
Dave Nunn 145:35
Alison Nunn 148:39

The 12K of Christmas in Coalville – Sunday 9th December
Adam Morris came fourth in the 10K organised by Living without Abuse at Snibston Discovery Museum in Coalville. Note there was also a 2K fun run, hence the name of the event.
Sinai Park Cross Country 2nd December
The Striders were out again in force (39 of us) but some key figures were missing but that didn’t prevent us from doing really well and shows the strength of the team. The Striders are still the 1st overall team (league 1 & 2) even though we were the 4th team on the day. The men are still Top of league 2 and the girls are still 2nd in league 2, behind a very strong Derby Tri.

There were 3 Juniors flying the flag for the Striders, well done:

Position Name School Year Time
16 Fergus Holmes 5 6.39
19 Ethan Buckley 1 7.54
20 Rose Buckley 4 8.13

And the rest of you:

Pos Time First name Surname
18 35:07 Robert Donald
34 36:42 Marcel Darling
48 37:33 Shaun Cooper
54 37:52 Stephen Hawkins
82 39:53 Gareth Brown
83 39:54 Luke Stevenson
84 39:57 James Cunningham
90 40:33 Ian Crompton
94 41:00 Ian Bell
100 41:38 Chris Keegan
137 44:10 Ian Millward
141 44:21 Ludovic Floch
147 44:48 Wayne Stevenson
157 45:51 Paul Brunt
164 46:46 Ciaran Guilfoyle
171 47:24 Adam Morris
177 48:26 Dave Turley
216 52:52 Stephen Wells
221 54:07 James Realey
228 55:36 Robin Hutchinson
231 56:34 Paul Webster
238 59:49 Darren Bradley
10 45:40 Pascale Holden
15 46:07 Carolyn Dyall
42 52:49 Silke Krieger Ford
43 52:54 Julie Stevenson
50 54:40 Rachel Smith
51 54:41 Gayle Gamble
61 56:50 Heather Turley
73 58:42 Christine Purslow
80 59:49 Christine Donald
83 59:57 Sandra Butcher
108 67:00 Lindsey Buckley

Clowne Half Marathon Sunday 25th November
18 of us made the journey up to Clowne for the last race in the championship. With the previous days torrential rain just about gone things did seem that bad apart from the strong & gusting wind that only seemed present on the gruelling up sections of the route. That didn’t stop several of you getting PB’s Carolyn & Julie. In addition the men claimed the 1st team and a young chap, Luke who seems to be getting faster every week managed the youngest finisher in a mere 1:41(depressing for some of the older members !!). James Walker was the first Strider back in 5th place overall. Pretty good results all round i would say.

Pos   Time  Name
 5 1:18:22 James Walker
 9 1:19:22  Sam Pearch
 18 1:24:00 Stephen Pezzutti
 25 1:26:21 Marcel Darling
 58 1:32:22  Ian Crompton
 59 1:32:30 James Cunningham
 82 1:35:43 Janusz Pudlowski
135 1:38:32 Wayne Stevenson
166 1:41:34  Luke Stevenson
264 1:48:17 Catherine Clifford
282 1:48:54 Carolyn Dyall
357 1:54:00 Julie Stevenson
394 1:58:16 Christine Purslow
408 1:59:35 Heather Turley
429 2:01:50 Christine Donald
445 2:03:16 David Keegan
455 2:05:07  Dave Nunn
456 2:05:07  Ian Barker

Markfield XC Sunday 18th November
Well i’m stunned at the turn out (36 Striders) and comments on facebook, well done all, more mud in two weeks then !! A big thank you for all turning up and that was reflected in the results regardless of age & ability, THIS IS A TEAM RESULT. There are individual results for men & Women & then a combined league table. Basically we are 1st Club (overall leagues 1 & 2), 1st Men (league 2), 2nd women (league 2). Lets keep this going.

Well done to Juniors: Chris Turley, Lucille Floch, Rose Buckley & Ethan Buckley (I’m sure have missed some but don’t have any details of positions).

Here are the times and positions;

Pos Time First name Surname Club Sex Class
8 00:34:27 James Walker Shelton M
18 00:36:35 Sam Pearch Shelton M
24 00:37:03 Robert Donald Shelton M
29 00:37:32 Martin Kerr Shelton M
41 00:38:24 Steve Pezzutti Shelton M
42 00:38:25 Marcel Darling Shelton M VM40
53 00:38:58 Shaun Cooper Shelton M
54 00:39:03 Ken Malton Shelton M
60 00:39:17 Stephen Hawkins Shelton M VM40
75 00:40:29 Patrick Munro Shelton M
114 00:43:15 James Cunningham Shelton M
147 00:45:29 Ian Millwall Shelton M VM50
161 00:46:25 Ludovic Floch Shelton M
184 00:47:43 Wayne Stevenson Shelton M VM40
196 00:48:18 Paul Brunt Shelton M VM40
244 00:53:06 Ciaran Guilfoyle Shelton M VM40
269 00:55:15 Dave Turley Shelton M VM40
291 00:57:41 James Realey Shelton M U20M
310 01:00:56 Stephen Wells Shelton M
316 01:02:42 Ian Crompton Shelton M VM40
319 01:03:10 Paul Webster Shelton M VM60
336 01:07:11 Darren Bradley Shelton M
337 01:07:44 Dave Nunn Shelton M VM40
10 00:47:24 Pascale Holden Shelton F VL40
27 00:52:00 Carolyn Dyall Shelton F
40 00:54:22 Kate Wray Shelton F
43 00:54:49 Gayle Gamble Shelton F
65 00:58:55 Silke Krieger Ford Shelton F VL40
71 01:01:00 Julie Stevenson Shelton F VL40
92 01:04:05 Heather Turley Shelton F VL40
97 01:04:31 Christine Purslow Shelton F VL50
103 01:05:01 Sandra Butcher Shelton F VL60
107 01:05:49 Kelly Craven Shelton F
112 01:06:31 Christine Donald Shelton F VL50
128 01:09:33 Vicki Hutchinson Shelton F
163 01:19:23 Lindsey Buckley Shelton F VL40

High Peak Relay – Sunday 11 November
7 of our Striders travelled over to Cromford for the High Peak relay. Shelton Striders came 17th out of 20 teams. There were 8 legs of varying distances from Cromford to Parsley Hay and back again. The team consisted of Dave Keegan who ran two legs, Louise Surgay, Paul Brunt, Steve Aynsley, Rachel Smith, Jez Smith and Andrew Simons.
Leg it round Lathkill – Sunday 11 November
There were two Headbanger events this weekend. The shorter event was Leg it Round Lathkil a 7.1 mile fell race near Bakewell. Alex Buckley was first in around 55 minutes, followed by a tight race to the finish for Janusz Pudliowski in 58.13 and Luke Stevenson 58.14. First lady Strider was Gail Hutchinson in around 1.09 followed by Julie Stevenson in 1.11 then Chris Donald and Chris Purslow in around 1.20 with Fiona Corden who limped in with a twisted ankle, but completed the course finishing the Striders line up.
Roaches Fell Race – Sunday 11th Movember
A mere 5 striders turned up to the annual mud bath known as ‘The Roaches’. This year the event had been increased from 15 to 18 miles, this in turn had reduced the normal field on runners by half. The weather held out yet again and the mud & excrement were nowhere near as deep as previous years. This event is not to be under-estimated even for experienced runners, did not deter Sam Pearch from doing his first (proper) fell race, as well as the usual suspects to battle it out in the last headbanger of the year to determine who would be champion. The lead changed several times between the 3 main contenders (Shaun, Rob & Marcel) & 1st back in 20th overall was Marcel Darling in 2hrs 57, although the following results were not enough to prevent Rob Donald from winning the championship with an awesome run coming in 27th overall in 3hrs 01, followed in by Kenny Malton in 3hrs 10, Sam Pearch in 3hrs 12 & Shaun Cooper in 3:19.
Shepshed 7 – Sunday 4 November
The unstoppable Dave Keegan ran the Shepshed 7 in 54.07 and finished 211th out of 513 finishers
Dovedale Dash placings.
Finishing order of the race as follows, this includes Striders, ex-Striders and family of Striders

28th overall Rob Donald 32:35, Unknown, Kenny Malton, Alec Care, Luke Stevenson, Gareth Brown, Janus Pudlowski, Unknown, Pascal Holden 41:19, Jez Smith, Carolyn Dyall, Gayle nee Hutchinson, James Realey, Paul Brunt, Nick Purslow, Steve Wells, Dave Nunn, Robin Hutchinson, Rachel Smith, Christine Purslow, Christine Donald, Jack Surgay, Vicky Hutchinson, Fiona Corden, Hayley Ho, Shaun Cooper, Alison Wynn and her son, Alison Nunn, Harriot Nunn, and Julie Stevenson and her daughter.

If I have missed anyone, apologies, but let me know and I will add them to the results, and can anyone let me know who the 2 unknowns are! I will then post the full results.
Dovedale Dash – 4th November
For anyone that is doing the dash this weekend, as the organisers are not handing out finishing certificates at the finish, getting places for the league will be interesting to say the least, so can you make a note of your time, and anyone from the club who finishes near you, I will then try to decifer the info for the results. Thanks.
Spooky Sprint 10K – Saturday 27th October
Two of our newest members, Adam & Lisa Morris made it over to Nottingham to complete the race for Parkinson’s disease. Adam finished 28 of 225 in 46:58 & Lisa ran in 58:34, well done to the pair you. To see more of what these two get up to visit therunsite.com
Worksop Half Marathon – Sunday 28th October
6 Striders made it over to the 31st Worksop Half Marathon. First back and welcome back to the club after a year or so away was Januz Pudlowski in 1:33:32, Followed in by Dave Keegan in 1:50:30, Christine Purslow 2:00:38, Silke Krieger-Ford 2:04:23, Vikki Hutchinson 2:13:00 & Fiona Corden 2:23:06 again well done to all and nice to see the Shelton girls out in force this weekend. X-Country is looming.
Preston Guild Marathon – Sunday 28th October
Only 3 Striders made it up to the penultimate championship race of the year for the event that is only held every 20 years. First back was Matt (the points monster) West in 3:11 followed in by Roger Booth in 3:13 and won the vet 60 class and Patrick Munro in 3:22. A big well done considering the injuries that you have been running with.
Passing Clouds Fell Race – Sunday 28th October.
7 Striders made it up to this fast paced fell run around the roaches with reasonably good weather although cold & very boggy under foot. First back in 15th of 205 James Walker (must of thought it was a 10k!) in a very good time of 1:19:52 followed in by Marcel Darling 33rd in 1:24:48, Rob Donald 36th in 1:25:17, Steve Hawkings 44th in 1:28:05, Kenny Malton 58th in 1:31:30, Alex Buckley 65th in 1:32:37 & Ian Crompton 115th in 1:44:10. I think that we all enjoyed the event and atmosphere which was swiftly followed by food & beer at the 3 Horse Shoes to defrost. This is the first of a second yearly visit to the pub,the next one will be for the Roaches fell race in 2 weeks time. More details of times & positions to follow.
Snowdon Marathon – Saturday 27th October.
Most of the club seemed to have made their way over to Wales for this popular but tough event to celebrate Paul Webster 60th birthday, you must all be really into this running thing. Commiserations to those that had problems on the day, you are still mad for trying so a big well done to all and Happy Birthday Paul. If someone who did the race can pass more details I will put on the web site.








































Palma 10K – Sunday 21st October.
Paul Brunt completed the Palma 10k on Sunday 21st October in a time of 49.56. It was a new course that went through the old town with many twists and turns along narrow streets and walkways, definitely not a fast course but an interesting one. It was a record field this year with over 9000 entries over the three races – 10k, half and full marathon. Well worth the trip with the added bonus of nice weather.
BUPA Great Birmingham Run – Sunday 21st October.
Meanwhile, the weather wasn’t so much of a bonus for the 18,000 runners taking part in the BUPA Great Birmingham Run half marathon on the same day. A lingering fog kept temperatures low which was a help once the run began but did make for a chilly start. Among the runners were two Shelton Striders – Philip Purslow ran an excellent 1.38.22 while Heather Turley finished in 1.59.31.
Dave Denton 5k (Championship Race) – Wednesday 17 October
Well done to all of those that turned out, as you may not know proceeds for these races go to charities that David supports in India. As suspected the racing snakes found they way down however where were the Shelton Girls, scared of running in the dark!! Note: There were several people not in club vests, come on this is your chance to do some advertising & is a condition for competing in the Championship, new members are forgiven.

Some of you also managed the Mile race as well, thanks for giving us a night off at the track and see you at Moorways on the 24th. The complete results for the Striders are:

Position Runner Time
 7 James Walker  17:01
 12 Martin Kerr  17:24
 25 Shaun Cooper  18:19
 27 Marcel Darling  18:22
 31 Luke Stevenson  18:52
 35 Mark Inman  19:01
 48 Matt West  19:45
 61 Jonathan Bird  21:13
 70 James Realey  22:04
 74 Adam Morris  22:29
 79 Dave Keegan  23:03
 82 Dave Turley  23:16
 83 Steve Cartwright  23:19

Chester Marathon – Sunday 7 October
Thanks to Paul Brunt for this report on the marathon and very well done

Ran the 3rd Chester marathon on 7th October 2012. This was my first marathon and I set myself a target of a sub 4 hour finish. I followed what I would call a less is more training approach, a long run about every week on top of the usual twice weekly club runs, to get the confidence that I would make it to the end injury free. The race went really well, with conditions ideal for a long run, a bit chilly at the start but the sun was shining and there was barely a breeze. The course was described as fast and mainly flat – mainly flat must be Cheshire speak for hilly as there was a few testing hills particularly on the second half of the course, which at that stage wasn’t fun! However the support around the course was fantastic and really helped spur me on to a 3:34:13 finish. A time with which I am extremely happy with.
Shelton Striders 10K & Fun run – Sunday 7 October
More than 300 runners took part in the Shelton Striders 10K race on Sunday. The race, previously known as the Merrill 10K, was organised by the running club from the Derby Canal Path near Boulton Lane, Allenton. The fast, flat race was won by Alastair Watson of Notts AC in 31:24, with Mark Powell finishing second in 33:04 and Stephen  Price of UK Net Runner third in 33:57. First Shelton Strider back was Shaun Cooper in 20th place in 37.48 while young Luke Stevenson posted a personal best in 40:14 to finish 44th while CheukShing completed the course in 47:27.

First lady back was Lisa Palmer of Heanor Running Club in 38:34 with Rachel Olivant of Derby AC next in 39:22 and Sarah Clarkson of Lichfield Running Club in 41:22. Shelton ladies were represented in the race by Alyson Woodcock (56:10), Sally Fox (57:46) and Lindsey Buckley (1:03:12).

With the club organising the race by itself for the first time, after years of partnership with Merrill College, most club members were involved in marshalling and organisation. Club chairman Graham Pickering said: “Feedback we have received suggests that the race went down well, and we’d like to thank everybody who took part and who helped in the months leading up to the race and on the day itself.”

The event also featured a two mile family fun run, which was won by Alec Stackhouse of Burton AC in 10:39 with Bailey Jones second in 11:37 and Shelton Strider James Realey third in 11:53. Next Strider to finish was Jack Surgay in 10th place in 13:09 while Owen Newham finished 13th in 14:35.
Tissington Trail Half Marathon – Sunday 7 October
Strider Kelly Craven took part in the Tissington Trail Half Marathon, finishing 125th in 1:54:10.
Golden Gates Gallop and Fun Run – Sunday 30 September
19 Striders were among the 101 runners who took part in the five-mile Golden Gates Gallop on Sunday. The race, which raises funds for Leukaemia Research, takes place in the grounds of Elvaston Castle Country Park. First back for the club and in third place in the race was James Walker in 28.45, followed closely by Martin Kerr in 28.55 and Rob Donald in 29.07

For the ladies, first Strider back was Liz Burgess in 36.43, 31st overall and fourth lady in the race. Next was Heather Turley in 41.08 and then Chris Donald in 42.58.

A two-mile fun run also took place at the event. First Strider home was Chris Turley in second place overall in 14.09, with James Realey hot on his heels in 14.13 to clinch third place overall. Fifth in the race and third Shelton Strider was Harry Trickey in 15.19.
Robin Hood Half Marathon – Sunday 30 September
Meanwhile, some club members opted to make the trip to Nottingham for the Robin Hood Half Marathon. First back for Shelton Striders was Darren Sheppard in 1.34.47. Next was Ludovic Floch in 1.35.49 while Carol McCorkindale achieved a personal best in 1.58.21.
Loch Ness Marathon – Sunday 30 September
Further a field, Dave Keegan took on the Loch Ness Marathon, which he completed in 4 hrs 12 mins and 5 seconds to finish 19th in his V60 age category.
New Forest Marathon and Half – Sunday 23 September
On a cold and wet Sunday morning Shelton Striders husband and wife team Wayne and Julie Stevenson made their way to the New Forest. Wayne opted for the full marathon, finishing 130th out of 577 runners in 3:41:57, while Julie took on the half marathon, finishing 790th out of 1597 runners in 1:55:24
Ashbourne Half and Fun Run – Sunday 16 September
16 Striders made up the 272 runners who took part in the challenging Ashbourne half marathon. Reigning club champion Sam Pearch led the club contingent in in 1:21:06 to finish fourth overall. Next was Steve Hawkins in 7th position in 1:24:53, while Steve Pezzutti completed the race in 1:25:41, 11th place. Two ladies represented the club. Cathy Clifford finished in 1:50:13 and Claire Hirons achieved another personal best in 1:59:41

The Ashbourne Lions Family Fun Run also had two Striders in the mix. Luke Stevenson finished second in 19:47 while Jack Surgay completed the course in 25:02, to finish in 27th place.
National Forest 10K – Sunday 16 September
Flying the flag for Shelton Striders at the National Forest 10K was Don Robey. This scenic off-road route takes runners along the Ashby Woulds Heritage Trail and the Ashby Canal. Don finished in 54:42.
Great North Run – Sunday 16 September
Four club members headed to Newcastle for the Great North Run. First back was Patrick Munro in an excellent 1:24:22 to get 335thplace. Close behind was Chris Millett in 1:24:33 in 345th place. Tom Purslow finished the race in 1:48:54 with Cath Rowe coming in in 2:00:11.
Colin Potter 10K – Monday 27 August
On Monday, the rescheduled Colin Potter 10K took place at Darley Abbey. The race was originally due to take place in early July but was postponed due to bad weather. First back for Shelton Striders and continuing an excellent run of form in fifth place overall was Steve Pezzutti in 37:50. Ian Crompton was next, in 40:45 (20th place), with Matthew West 25th in 41:11. First Strider lady back – fourth overall and first in her V35 age category – was Pascale Holden in 44:59, a great way to celebrate her 40th birthday! Carol McCorkindale completed the race in 53:55.
Bradbourne Fell Race – Sunday 26 August
On Sunday, five Shelton Striders took part in the 8.9 km Bradbourne Fell Race, organised by David Denton. Finishing 13th in the race and first Strider back was Rob Donald in 37:46, soon followed by Shaun Cooper, in 15th place in 38:49. Third Strider back was young Luke Stevenson in 41:31.
Burton 10K – Sunday 19 August
Six Striders travelled to Burton on Trent for the Burton 10K, organised by Hatton Darts. First Strider and fourth in the race was James Walker who finished in 35:27. Martin Kerr was the next Strider to finish, in 38:18, putting him in 13th place. Next in for the club was Liz Burgess in 48:59, 102nd place. A total of 260 runners took part in the race.
Belper Rugby Rover – Sunday 19 August
The hot sticky weather didn’t deter 21 Shelton Striders from taking on the challenging Belper Rugby Rover on Sunday. A total of 302 runners took on this hilly 30K course. First Strider back was Steve Pezzutti in 23rd place overall in a time of 2:22:23. Second Strider was Ian Crompton, 33rd overall in 2:32:27 with Steve Hawkins close behind in 38th place in 2:33:41.

First lady back for the club was Cathy Clifford in 3:23:41, 198th overall. Julie Stevenson posted 3:28:54 to finish 215th while Tracy Hepburn completed the course in 3:39:13, 241st. Several of the club members taking part in the race are preparing for the Snowdonia Marathon in October.

Ricky’s Race – 9th August and Headbanger update.
There were 6 striders at the Matlock AC race at Darley Dale. First home in 5th place was Rob Donald in 32.00, followed by Shaun Cooper in 35.06, Jonathan Bird in 38.10 and Alex Buckley in 38.11. Our first lady was Sandra Butcher in 47.06 followed by Chris Donald in 50.49.

Currently standings are Rob Donald is leading Marcel Darling and Shaun Cooper, all within 9 points of each other, and in the Ladies Sandra Butcher is leading Chris Donald by 3 points. But with 5 events still to go this could still change.

The Derwent River Relay – Saturday 7th July

We managed to put in 4 teams in to this 5km event held by Belper Harriers. The weather had already caused changes to the route (now 4.5k) but that did not deter many runners from local clubs from taking part, it was good to see a strong Shelton presence. The 1st leg started in blazing sun & humidity, the last finished in torrential rain. We all squeezed into the rugby club for a beer and a chat at the end. Thanks to everyone to took part and represented the club. Results with split times

Team 1 (vet): Pascale Holden: 17:35, Cathy Clifford: 19:44, Heather Turley: 20:52, Liz Burgess: 18:56. Overall time 77:07

Team 2 (vet): Dave Keegan: 19:33, Andrew Simons: 20:18, Kevin Milwain: 18:38, Marcel: 15:56. Overall time 74:25

Team 3 (vet): Marcel: 15:59, Ciaran Guilfoyle: 18:52, Paul Brunt: 17:50, Matt West: 17:30. Overall time 70:11

Team 4: Luke Stevenson: 16:33, Matt West: 17:27, Ludo Floch: 17:29, Patrick Munro: 17:01. Overall time 67:30
Riber Fell Race – Wednesday 27 June, 5miles 1000ft
Only 5 Striders made it to the Riber Run on this scorching evening that was very soft under foot. But that did not prevent some very good results in particular for Rob Donald who had competed in the Kinder Trog on the previous sunday. Rob 7th overall in 35:33, 11th Marcel in 38:15, very close behind Shaun 14th in 38:49, 76th Sandra Butcher 55:38 and 80th Christine Donald 59:41. The only question is where was everyone else?
Malvern Half Marathon – Sunday 24 June
1 Strider, Matt Bailey made it all the way over to this picturesque race around the Malvern Hlls, finishing 80th and setting a PB in time of 1:37 in a field of 575 runners.  Many of you do not know Matt but he ran the London Marathon on just 16 weeks training in a time of 3:32 which is pretty impressive. Maybe we will get to see him at some point!

Stone St Michaels 10K – Sunday 24 June
At the Stone St Michaels 10K there were 12 Striders in a field of 511 runners.  We were lucky that the bad weather had just about cleared, so we had good running conditions over a fairly flat course.  Sam Pearch was our first in 7th place in a personal best of 34:12.  Next were both Steve Pezzutti and Martin Kerr in 36:28, then Patrick Munro in 38:24 and Ian Crompton achieving his target of under 40 minutes in 39:44.  First lady for Striders was Pascale Holden in 42:53.  Cathy Clifford finished in 47:21, closely followed by Ciaran Guilfoyle in 47:37, Liz Burgess in 47:49 and Carolyn Dyall in 48:24. Dave Keegan finished in 50:16 and Heather Turley in 52:05

Kinder Trog – Sunday 24 June, 16miles 3500ft
There were 6 Striders at the Kinder Trog, weather conditions were generally dry, but with low cloud and wet underfoot after the rains, 1st back in 28th overall was Marcel Darling in 2:12:54, followed by Rob Donald in 2:19:19, Darren Bradley and Sandra Butcher 3:40:05, and the Christines Donald and Purslow in 3:58:00, the ladies all being 3rd in their respective categories.

Long Eaton 50 (51.7)
John Thornton and Harry Sloan completed the LE 50 miler on the 16th June in a touch over 10 hours on what was at times a wet day in 5th= overall.

Hairy Helmet Relays – Friday 15 June (confirmed placings)
We managed to field 3 teams in the second running of the event on what was a damp evening, fell shoes might have been more appropriate for the conditions.

Teams were, Ladies, Vicky Hutchinson, Fiona Corden, Cathy Clifford and Angie Lubojevic 2nd in category. Mixed, James Reilly, Andrew Simons, Vicky Hutchinson (again) and Sandra Butcher. Men, Ian Crompton, Ciaran Guilfoyle, Paul Brunt and Shaun Cooper, also 2nd in category.

Thanks For Vicky for stepping into the breach at the last minute to do 2 legs and for Shaun for taking the anchor spot for the men.

Full Sun Race
There were 11 at this years race, 3 men and 8 ladies.

Rob Donald and Paul Brunt were the first in, finishing together after some joint navigation, Darren Bradley was next in, after having a navigational issue in a field! Darren was closely followed by (he could hear them talking!) Cathy Clifford, Vicky Hutchinson, Fiona Corden, Sandra Butcher and Silke Kreiger-Ford-all finishing together! then by Judith Marriot and Carloyn Hopkinson.

Wincle Trout Fell Race
5 Striders ran for their supper at Wincle, Rob Donald was 7th in 41:35, followed by Marcel Darling 15th in 44:05, Sandra Butcher in 67:43, Christine Donald 71:47 and Fiona Corden 74:55.

Potters Arf – Sunday 10 June
The latest championship race was the “undulating” Potters Arf which includes the aptly named “Heartbreak Hill” at around 11.5 miles. Sam Pearch was first Strider home in 6th place in another fantastic time of 1 hour 17 mins 38 secs.  James Walker was next in 22nd place in 1:23:31.  A little further back were Matt West in 1:29:01 and Ian Crompton in 1:29:49, followed by Patrick Munro in 1:32:07.  Paul Brunt managed an excellent Personal Best of 1:35:40.

First lady Strider and second in F35 age category was Pascale Holden in another PB time of 1:38:52, second was Wendy Wheawall in 01:50:29 and third Louise Surgay in just 2 seconds over the 2 hour mark.  Our other finishers were Alaistair Boyd, Andrew Simons, Christine Purslow, Gareth Brown and Kelly Craven.

Long Eaton 5 – Sunday 10 June
First in on this popular 5 mile course for Striders was Luke Stevenson in a great time of 32 mins 55, followed by his dad Wayne, in 35:33 and then Ian Barker in 35:59, James Realey in 38:38 and Stephen Wells in 39:25.

First lady back for Striders was one of our newer members Vicki Hutchinson in 43:56.  Don Robey, Ann Adams, Margaret Cowling and Steve Aynsley also completed the run.

Castleton Fell Race – Friday 8 June
3 Striders made the journey out to Castleton on Friday for this 6 mile fell race with 1500ft of ascent. First home for the club in 15th place was Rob Donald in 50:59, followed by Marcel Darling in 54:14 and then Shaun Cooper in 62:39
Derby RSPCA Carsington 7 – Sunday 3 June
Cold, wet conditions didn’t stop Shelton Striders’ Luke Stevenson from an excellent performance at the Derby RSPCA Carsington 7 on Sunday. Luke finished eighth overall in 49.44, with Dad Wayne the next Strider to finish in 55.15. Cathy Clifford complete the course in 59.34 while Luke’s Mum Julie completed the Stevenson family line-up in 1:01:23.

Hairy Helmet Relay 15th June 6.15 for 7pm
We have 9 entrants (6men and 3 women) so far for the Hairy Helmet Relay on Friday 15th, teams are of 4, and you cannot run more than 1 leg per team, but you can run a leg in different teams, entry is £3 before per leg, or £4 on the night, signing on is at 6.15 for a 7pm start.

Oh, and there is a pint of beer for each entrant-when you have finished! Each leg is 2 and a bit miles around Darley Park, if you do the Wednesday night training, or the Boxing Day run, then you will know most the course. There were 67 teams last year, and many were corporate, so you will never be the slowest!

If anyone else wants to make a team, 3 more will make 3 teams, 7 will make 4! can they let me know by Monday night on the Hotmail address or call me, and if you have a preference of which leg you want to run, let me know, I will co-ordinate and send the entry on Tuesday.

Come on give it a try, here is the website http://www.hairyhelmetrelay.co.uk/

Chris Hopkinson 07739037890

Jubilee Garden Party on Friday 1 June

Normal club run but followed afterwards by our own little garden party at the club house. There will be Pimms, cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, fancy cakes. Please bring a contribution and PLEASE dress in redwhite and blue or something suitable. I am trying to arrange for the queen to attend!!

All welcome, Royalists or not!

Burton 10
Twenty Shelton Striders took part in the Burton AC 10 mile race on Sunday. There were some solid performances despite the heat on this two-lap course which features a testing hill as well as some pleasant running through the Washlands. Sam Pearch once again led his club home in an impressive 58:07, to finish third overall. Next Strider back was Martin Kerr in 1:03:26 with Steve Pezzutti close behind in 1:03:48. The first lady back for the club was Pascale Holden in 1:15:23, with Cathy Clifford third in her VL45 category in 1:20:23. Third Strider lady was Heather Turley in 1:29:50.

The event also features a 2.25 mile fun run. Strider Chris Turley finished third in this event in 15:03.
Sheffield Half Marathon
Not content with 10 miles, some Striders opted to head north for the Sheffield Half Marathon. Chris Sexton finished in 1:53:25, with Tracy Hepburn in 1:59:34 and Claire Hirons achieving a massive personal best of 1:59:36.
Edinburgh Marathon
Hoping for cooler conditions Strider Kelly Craven headed to Edinburgh to take part in her first marathon. She completed the course in 4.23.21, narrowly ahead of Shaun Cooper who finished in 4.23.44.
Brooksie Bash Long and Short – Sunday 20th May
Update: Photos on Facebook courtesy of Andy Brooks

On a cool day 26 Striders in total completed the events, 12 in the Short and 14 in the Long.

Short Results.  Marcel Darling was the first arrival in 56:47 (a new record), followed by Kenny Malton 1:02:05 and Jonathan Bird 1:10:08. The first ladies were Kelly Craven and Carolyn Dyall who crossed the line holding hands in 1:21:57, followed by Chris Moyers in 1:24:04 then Chris Purslow, Claire Hirons and Chris Donald all in 1:24:12, Alison Nunn in 1:33:45, Carolyn Hopkinson in 1:33:47, and Dave Thornton, after being “fashionably” late to the start 1:37:10.

Long Results. Sam Pearch 1:41:25 just ahead of Rob Donald in 1:41:26, Ian Crompton 1:48:24, Paul Brunt sprinting in ahead of Gareth Brown in 1:50:55 and 1:50:57, John Thornton 1:55:02, Shaun Cooper 2:01:18, David Askew 2:12:54, Darren Bradley 2:27:17, Chris Sexton 2:35:42, Harry Sloan and the first lady Tracey Hepburn 2:36:27, and Paul Webster and Heather Turley in 2:37:40.

Thanks to Andy Brooks for the timekeeping
Aston 10K – Sunday 13 May
On Sunday 25 Shelton Striders took advantage of the fine sunny conditions (proving to be a rare treat for racing lately) to take part in the Aston 10K. This surprisingly tough multi-terrain race around the South Derbyshire village attracted just over 100 competitors. First back for Shelton Striders and in third place overall was Sam Pearch in 35:37. In fourth place overall and second Strider was Martin Kerr in 37:08 while young Luke Stevenson continued his impressive run of form to finish 10th overall in 42:02.

Meanwhile Shelton’s ladies managed to claim the top three ladies’ places, with Pascale Holden in 45:34, Liz Burgess in 48:01 and Wendy Wheawall in 48:23.

The 2-mile fun run also had a strong contingent of Striders, with 15 opting for the shorter distance. Nathan Hill was second overall in 15:04, with James Realey third in 15:08 and Adam Boyd fourth in 15:54
Hinckley Half Marathon – Sunday 13 May
Also on Sunday two Striders travelled to Leicestershire for the Hinckley Half Marathon. Dave Keegan finished in 1:49:30 and David Askew in 1:51:04
Belfast Marathon – Monday 7 May
We had 2 runners in the Belfast Marathon – Darren Bradley finished in 4 hours 11 minutes 01 second and Amanda Lewis in 4 hours 59 minutes 34 seconds
Woodhouse Eaves Mayday Challenge – Monday 7 May
There were 13 Striders in the results for the race, 1st Strider in 6th place was Rob Donald in 1:30:55 followed in by Ian Crompton 12th in 1:38:33 and Luke Stevenson in 1:39:56, 1st Lady was Julie Stevenson in 2:02:40, other finishers were, Paul Brunt 1:44:37, Wayne Stevenson 1:46:49, Dave Keegan 2:01:39, Sandra Butcher 2:18:07, Chris Donald 2:20:26, Chris Purslow 2:20:27, Vicki Hutchinson 2:25:07, Fiona Corden 2:25:16 and Alison Nunn 2:42:11. Apologies if there were any other finishers that went down as “entrant on the day” .

Well done to all.

Lichfield Half Marathon – Sunday 6 May

9 Striders made it to the race which turned out to be a good course and weather on the day. 1st back for the club with a new PB and a very impressive 2nd overall in the race was Sam Pearch in 1:14.43, 2nd back was Matt West also with a new PB in 1:26:26 (the clock never lies), 3rd James Walker, 4th James Cunningham, 5th Ludo Floch, 6th  Pascale Holden, 7th Cathy Clifford, 8th  David Askew & 9th Heather Turley, well done.
London Marathon – Sunday 22 April
Last weekend saw 19 Striders completing the “Biggest” event of our running year – The London Marathon.

First in for Shelton was Sam Pearch in an outstanding 2 hours 42 mins 13 secs (very similar time to last year).  Next up were Marcel Darling (3:02:43), Stephen Pezzutti (3:03:31) and Steve Hawkins (3:04:05).  Matt West was next in 03:22:00, followed by three gents doing well in their age category (60-64) John Thornton (3:29:57), Harry Sloan (3:29:57) and Roger Booth (3:30:32), followed seconds later by Shaun Cooper (3:30:41).

Next came our first ladies – Julie Warner (3:42:32) and Catherine Clifford (3:43:11).

Our remaining runners, all getting good times were:-  Alex Buckley (3:47:01), Dave Thornton (3:51:31), Philip Purslow (3:52:28), Wendy Wheawall (4:10:40), Judith Marriott (4:20:26), Chris Purslow (4:23:44), Ian Barker (4:38:02) and Chris Donald (4:38:17).
Kinder Downfall – Sunday 22 April
In a very different part of the country, 2 Striders represented the club in the Kinder Downfall fell race – 9.6 miles, 1970′ climb.  James Walker was our first in – 41st place in 1 hour 24 and Sandra Butcher completed in 2 hours 12.
Peat Pits Wood & Shining Cliffs Fell Race – Sunday 8 April
Easter Sunday saw Shelton Striders running off their chocolate at the Peat Pit Woods Fell Races in Shining Cliff Woods. There were two options to choose from – 10K or 5K.

The 10K had a total of 107 runners tackling the challenging course. First Strider back in fourth place overall was Rob Donald, finishing in 49.26. Shaun Cooper completed the course in 21st place in 54.42 while 15 year old Luke Stevenson continued to prove his form in 58.41. Leading the Strider ladies home was Luke’s Mum Julie Stevenson in 84th place in 1.10.30 while Sandra Butcher finished in 1.18.06.

The only Strider to compete in the 5km race was Jonathan Bird who finished 11th in 42.15
Dave Nunn’s 5K to 20K – Wednesday 28 March
Results for the latest championship race

Loughborough Half Marathon – Sunday 25 March
Three Shelton Striders took part in the Loughborough Half Marathon on Sunday and despite the warm weather all posted pbs. Darren Sheppard finished 47th overall in 1.33.04 while Darren Bradley finished 109th out of the 538 finishers in 1.41.25. Completing the Shelton line-up was Mandy Lewis in 2.12.57.
Stafford Half Marathon – Sunday 25 March
Meanwhile, four Striders travelled over to Stafford for the half marathon. The field for this race was much bigger with 1978 competitors. Leading Striders home was the irrepressible Dave Keegan who finished 10th in his M60 category in 1.51.33. Heather Turley completed the course in 2.02.39 with Lynne Chapman following in 2.12.33 and Lisa Tatem in 2.33.58.
Wirksworth Incline Race – Sunday 25 March
Sunday also saw Striders represented at the Wirksworth Incline Fell Race, a four miler with a 400ft climb from Wirksworth to Middleton Moor. First back for the club and 41st overall was Wayne Stevenson in 33.49. Wayne’s wife Julie Stevenson and club team mate Steve Wells finished together in 37.46 with Fiona Devine completing the race in 39.29
Ashby 20 – Sunday 18 March
29 Striders made it over to Ashby on a cool & wet morning for a bit of a run round, with some pretty amazing results. There were a few first timers at this distance and a few PB’s, especially Christine Donald who manage a mere 30 minutes off last years time. Well done all. Winter training must have gone well.

24 02:05:26 Sam Pearch
26 02:05:42 Stephen Hawkins
62 02:13:36 Patrick Munro
77 02:15:35 Gareth Brown
82 02:15:58 Marcel Darling
92 02:17:09 Matthew West
172 02:28:21 Ludovic Floch
181 02:29:35 John Thornton
250 02:36:18 Harry Sloan
252 02:36:24 Shaun Cooper
261 02:36:46 Wayne Stevenson
324 02:40:55 Catherine Clifford
351 02:44:36 Paul Brunt
376 02:46:33 Ian Crompton
379 02:46:42 Julie Warner
380 02:46:45 Elliot Davis
402 02:47:48 Moira Birch
408 02:47:56 Adam Leighton
424 02:48:58 Mark Warner
457 02:51:18 Ian Barker
559 03:00:13 Darren Bradley
643 03:06:54 Louise Surgay
648 03:08:15 Kelly Craven
654 03:08:48 Judith Marriott
657 03:09:02 Christine Donald
682 03:13:01 Chris Purslow
751 03:24:36 David Keegan
769 03:26:47 Stephen Wells
773 03:27:52 Amanda Lewis

Grindleford Gallop – Sunday 10 March
Don’t know much about the event other than 4 Striders made it back from 22 miles of off road goodness.

Jez Smith 4hr 11
Rachel Smith  4hr 13
Darren Bradley  4hr32
Amanda Lewis 4hr 32
Trafford 10K – Sunday 4 March
One daring Strider made it up to this high class event at Trafford Park coming in 64th position. James Walker managed to take over a minute off his previous PB, now a scorching 33:52.
Weston Run – Sunday 26 February
This week the Striders turned out in their masses as we had over fifty runners amongst the total of 310 at the Weston Run on Sunday.  Despite being a bit earlier this year, it was a beautiful morning with near perfect running conditions and the race was well organised as always.

5 of the top 10 runners were Striders, which means that Shelton won the team prize.  First in for Striders was James Walker in 3rd in 27.34, followed by Sam Pearch in 4th at 28.13.  8th, 9th and 10th were Martin Kerr, Steven Hawkins and Stephen Pezzutti all under 30 minutes.  Roger Booth won the M60 category in a time of 33.20, not far in front of Luke Stevenson who was fastest Junior male in 33.51.  First 3 Shelton Strider Ladies in were Pascale Holden in (4th female and F35 prize) in 35.29, followed soon after by Liz Burgess in 36.44 and Caroline Howells in 37.55.  Our final award winner was Graham Barrett in the M70 category in 41.24.

The winner of the Fun Run was Chris Turley in 12.58, in 3rd place was Nathan Hill in 13.39 and in 5th James Realey in 14.03.  These were followed up by another strong following of young Striders, many with supporting parents joining them.

Many of the team came away with PBs and all had a good day!  Well done Striders!
Derby Runner XC Final – Ullesthorpe (Sunday 19 February)
The final race of the Derby runner league took place at Manor farm, which was arguably the toughest XC race of the season with plenty of ploughed farms field to get through than has been the norm in recent seasons. Luckily there was a stream crossing towards the end to clean us up before finishing.

From over 200 male finishers James Walker finished 7th then followed by Rob Donald in 20th, both have been very consistent this season and received prizes during the presentation that took place after the race.

Other finishers were: Ian Millward, Paul Brunt, Luke Stevenson and Dave Turley.

From 90 female finishers: Caroline Howells, Silke Krieger-Ford, Julie Stevenson, Kelly Craven, Sandra Butcher, Chris Purslow, Carolyn Dyall, Christine Donold and Alison Nunn.

Luke Stevenson also won the Junior race with Chris Turley in 3rd place.

Hopefully next season we can get all our best guys out and get the men’s team promoted to the A-league as we arguably have one of the best men’s teams in the league! Think team commitment!

Presentation Prizes (For individual results of the first 5 races)

  • James Walker (2nd SM and 4th overall)
  • Sam Pearch (5th SM)
  • Rob Donald (6th SM)
  • Sandra Butcher (2nd V60)
  • Luke Pickering (Special Award)
  • Luke Stevenson (1st 11-12 Boys)
  • James Realey (2nd 11-12 Boys)
  • Chris Turley (2nd 9-10 Boys)

Prizes can be collected from James on a Friday, when he is next down the club!

Charnwood Hills – Sunday 5 February
Three of our intrepid Striders braved the snow to get to and compete in the Charnwood Hills Fell Race, a 14 mile event organised by Bowline Climbing Club – the only fell race in Leicestershire.

There were a total 289 competitors in the race.  Not put off by the conditions, Allan Barber put in a stirling effort and  took home the prize for 1st Vet 60, completing the race in 2:37, followed in by Dave Keegan in 2:47 and Sandra Butcher 2:55.

Wilmot Wander – Sunday 29 January
Nine brave Shelton Striders took part in Sunday’s Wilmot Wander, a 32 mile event around Derby organised by the Long Distance Walkers Association and open to runners and walkers. The route takes participants over strenuous hilly sections, field paths, parkland and canal towpaths.

First back for the club was Marcel Darling in 4 hrs 51 with team mate Shaun Cooper close behind in 5.06.

Next, a team comprising Harry Sloan, Alex Buckley and John Thornton, finished in 5.26.

Then 15 year old  Luke Stevenson did superbly to finish with Dad Wayne and former Strider Gary Cooper in 6 hrs exactly.

Completing the Striders line-up was Darren Bradley in just under 6.45.

(Official results are yet to be confirmed so these are taken from the runners’ own timings)

Club Presentation Night – Saturday 21 January
On Saturday 21st January Shelton Striders held its annual Presentation Night at Nunsfield House, Boulton Lane, Alvaston. Awards were handed out in several categories. The road race championship saw club members compete in 15 races, from the Weston 5 in March to the Worksop Half Marathon in October. 103 members took part altogether, and the club champions for 2011 were Sam Pearch and Pascale Holden. Pascale found out the same day that she has been selected as a reserve for the county cross country team.

The off-road Headbanger competition included some tough races including the Passing Clouds Fell Race and Kinder Trog as well as the Dovedale Dash and Roaches Christmas Cracker. This year’s winners were Judith Marriott and Shaun Cooper. The club also holds its own internal club handicap competition where members aim to improve on their individual times between legs of the competition. The two mile series was won by Andrew Simons while Kelly Craven took the crown for the four-mile event.

Younger members of the club were also rewarded for their efforts in the fun run competition – the club champions here were Adam Boyd and Jade Lewis. Club person of the year, nominated by members and voted for by the committee was Dave Turley and the club’s Unsung Hero for 2011 was Gail Thompson who provides wonderful behind the scenes support.

Race Results 2011

News 2011

Wilmot Wander Sunday 30th January

Last Sunday saw the 19th WILMOT WANDER

The event is organised by leaders by the 27th Derby (Chaddesden) Scout Group.

The Wilmot Wander is a 32 mile (58km) open event for both competitive walkers and fell runners,including individuals and groups/clubs.

The route circles Derby and includes strenuous hilly sections, field paths, parkland and canal tow paths. Starting at the Chaddesden Scout  hut on Meadow Lane it heads out to Locko Park, Breadsall, Little Eaton, Duffield, Quarndon, Allestree, Vicarwood, Mackworth Village, Mickleover, Radbourne, Burnaston, Findern, Swarkestone, Alvaston Park & finally over Pride Park to finish back at the Scout hut.

Around 145 competitors took part & Shelton Striders entered 3 teams. The A mens team made up of Stephen Hawkins, Shaun Cooper & Marcel Darling (Marcel having never ran more than 20 miles before the day) finished 2nd in a time of 4 hours 47mins!

The mens B team finished in a time of 5 hours 18 minutes beating their time of last year by 2 minutes. The B team included brothers John & Dave Thornton, Harry Sloane & Andy Brooks.

The only ladies team from Shelton Striders smashed their previous records by over an hour & half finishing in 5 hours 32 minutes. Carolyn Hopkinson, Catherine Clifford & Judith Marriott made up the team along with Gill Watson. Gill however, struggling with a couple of ailments on the day finished the event in 7 hours 10 minutes.

The Beast – Sunday 27 February

Two of our club took part in something called The Beast last weekend at Aylesford Equine X Country Course, Aylesford Farm, Shoby, Melton Mowbray. 

The Beast is a Double or Quit trail race of approximately 5 or 10 miles. The course includes steep hills, water, mud, 32 obstacles usually tackled by animals of a 4 legged variety, hills, a couple of surprises, oh and did we mention water. 

Both Darren Bradley & Rob Donald chose to take part in the 10 mile option. Rob came 5th overall in a time of 1hr 8mins 24secs. Darren completed in 1hr 31mins 50secs, knocking nearly 10 mins off last years time!


National Cross Country Championships – Saturday 19 February

Seven striders made the trip to Alton Towers for an unforgettable experience. The main theme park rides had been specially opened for this event but that was not what made this trip memorable…it was the mud!

We were already expecting it to be a bit muddy due to the rain overnight and all morning, but while queuing up for the car park there seemed to be lots of people who were literally covered in mud. So we parked the car and made our way apprehensively to the course. I was the first to set off into the mud, and couldn’t believe how deep it was (my shoes were completely covered) and it was difficult to maintain your balance particularly while trying to weave around other people. Eventually I made it to my destination and then made the slow return to the others. OK, so now we had our numbers and timing chips we could get ready for the race. 

The first race of the day was at 11am and our race (Senior Men) was the 10th and last race so we were anticipating a pretty churned up course. Our spirits were raised slightly (I think) when they announced that the race length was being reduced from 12K to 10K, so now only 6 and a bit miles to negotiate. The start line was the widest I had seen and we were on the far left. This meant the start looked just like a battle charge with 1300 or so people streaming down the course. It turned out that the first 200 metres were the best conditions on the course and we were soon literally ploughing through ankle deep mud. 

Every so often the deep mud relented and we were able to recover slightly ready for the next bog which was never far away. In sections of the course small lakes had formed and we then found ourselves wading through water that must have been a foot deep.

The course consisted of 2 x 2K laps followed by 2 x 3K laps. It was undulating ground but with only 2 real hills, one was a good climb but the ground was fairly good relatively, the other was only half as high but had just turned to a boggy mess and was difficult to get a foot hold. As we progressed there seemed to be lots of runners dropping out with injuries but luckily all seven Striders escaped this fate. 

Eventually the finish line was in sight, just one more small lake to cross and although the pace increased slightly everyone around me was too tired for a sprint finish, there was just a grim determination to reach the line rather than to race your nearest competitor. 

The winner (Steve Vernon from Stockport Harriers) finished in an amazing time of 35 mins 11 secs and overall there were 1302 finishers. It wasn’t the best race any of us will run, but our day mixing with the top national cross country runners was one we certainly won’t forget. 

Striders Results: 

Pos   Time     Name

472   00:47:07 Shaun Cooper         
647   00:49:43 Sam Pearch           
702   00:50:34 Robert Donald        
744   00:51:19 Stephen Hawkins      
878   00:53:42 Alex Buckley         
975   00:56:06 Gary Cooper          
1101  00:59:53 Kevin Milwain


Pilgrim Challenge – Saturday 5th/Sunday 6th February
Two of our intrepid Striders took themselves off to take part in the Pilgrim Challenge multi stage Ultra Marathon along the North Downs Way in Surrey. The 2 day Ultra marathon was over a distance of 66 miles, 33 each day.Andrew Powell finished a brilliant 33rd out of 150 starters in 12 1/2 hours. Only 111 completed both days.Emily Powell, Andy’s wife, decided that the 33 miles on the first day was enough for the weekend finishing in 9 hours, but drove around the course on the second day to give Andrew much needed support.Brilliant effort all round.


Charnwood Hills Fell Race – Sunday 6th February
9 Shelton Striders part in this 14 mile challenging hill race with over 1200ft of climb!  3 of the Striders (Marcel Darling, Carolyn Hopkinson & Judith Marriott) had competed in the 32 mile Wilmot Wander the previous weekend but this did not stop them from giving this race their best shot.

Over 420 runners competed in this event which takes the competitors through the scenic Bradgate Park & having to battle with the extreme head & cross winds.

1st back for the club was Marcel Darling in 1.50.32 in 89th place.
Andy Dolman was seconds behind in 1.50.50 & 93rd place.
1st lady back for the club & 1st V45 overall was Judith Marriott in 2.10.20
Carolyn Hopkinson was close behind in 2.13.49
Darren Bradley 2.17.56
Alan Barber 2.22.26
Dave Keegan 2.24.04
Paul Webster 2.32.32
Steve Oliver 2.45.20

Dave Nunn’s 5K, 10K, 15K and 20K – Wednesday 30th March
20k results 2011


Grindleford Gallop – Saturday 12th March
3 Shelton Striders took part in the run event of the Grindleford Gallop.  This 21 mile off road race takes runners over a variety of terrain and through some of the most beautiful countryside in the Peak District. Climbing 3,000 feet in total the race starts & finishes at  the Grindleford Pavillion then goes via Froggatt village, EyamGreat LongstoneHassopChatsworth, Edensor village, Baslow, Curbar Gap and FroggattEdges.

Gary Cooper was the 1st Shelton Strider  back in 37th place & in a time of 3.03.03
Jez Smith was next in finishing 4.16.05
Rachel Smith was Striders only lady competing in this event & completed it in a time of 4.17.08


Ashby 20 – Sunday 13th March

27 Shelton Striders ran the Ashby 20 which meant the club had the most representation out of any other clubs competing that day.

A large number of these club members smashed their personal bests on this 2 x 10 mile road race around the countryside of Leicestershire including the villages of Packington, Swepstone & Heather.

1st back for the club in his first ever 20 mile event was Sam Pearch, finishing 18th overall & in a time of 2.03.03
Steve Hawkins 2.05.56 (pb by 7 mins)
Steve Pezzutti 2.15.15 (pb by 15 mins)
These first three also meant Shelton Striders finished 3rd in the men’s team event

Marcel Darling 2.16.49 (pb by 8 mins)
Dave Thornton 2.16.50 (3rd vet male 50)
Matt West 2.20.18 (pb by 8 mins)
Patrick Munro 2:22:50
Andy Brooks 2.24.16
James Cunningham 2.30.54
Harry Sloan 2.32.10 (1st vet 60)
John Thornton 2:36:09 (3rd vet 60)
Adam Leighton 2:36:12
Shaun Cooper 2:36:19
Alex Buckley 2:36:19
Chris Sexton 2:48:03
Kev Milwain 2:53:37
Dave Keegan 2:58:11
Paul Webster 3:05:46
Lee Meakin 3:37:51 – 1st 20 mile race

The men also finished 10th & 21st in the team event

Judith Marriott was 1st lady back for the club in a time of 2.45.35 (pb by 25 mins)
Catherine Clifford close behind in a time of 2.46.00
Louise Surgay 3.01.37
These ladies finished 11th in the ladies team event.

Chris Purslow 3.15.21
Claire Hirons 3.17.22 (pb by 20 mins)
Chris Donald 3.37.51 – 1st 20 mile race
Alison Nunn 3.37.51 (pb 13 mins)
Tracy Craddock 3:39:55


Belvoir Challenge – Saturday 5th March
Two of our ladies took part in the 15 mile & the 26 mile off road challenge around the beautiful countryside of the vale of Belvoir in North Leicestershire.  The challenge came in the form of mud, the majority of both routes consisted of muddy fields & trails.

Despite this Sandra Butcher completed the 15 mile route in a respectable time of 3 hours 16 mins, whilst Judith Marriott chose the 26 mile route & finished 9th lady overall in a time of 4 hours 44 mins.


Weston 5 – Sunday 6th March
40 Shelton Striders took part in the local 5 mile road race & 2 mile fun run around the villages of Weston & Aston on Trent.  Around 300 runners took part in both these events which saw Shelton Striders win the Team prize (Sam Pearch, Stephen Hawkins, Marcel Darling & Dave Thornton made up the winning team).

1st Strider back for the club & 6th overall was Sam Pearch in a time of 28.43
Stephen Hawkins was next back in 13th place & finished 2nd male vet 40 in 29.28
Marcel Darling was 15th place, 4th male vet 40 in 30.28
Dave Thornton was 2nd male vet 50 in 31.46
Harry Sloane was 1st male vet 60 returning from a long time off with injury in time of 35.09
Graham Barrett was 1st male vet 70 in 41.07

1st lady Strider back was Wendy Wheawell who was also 3rd female vet 35 in a time of 38.04
Kelly Craven 38.40
Carolyn Dyall 39.42
Silke Kreiger-Ford 39.46
Alison Pickering 40.25
Gloria Jervis was 2nd female vet 55 in a time of 46.51, again another Strider returning after a long time off with injury.

The 2 mile fun run saw 10 Junior Striders taking part:
1st back was James Realey finishing 10th overall in a time of 15.44
Thomas Boyd 17.15
Jordan Lewis 17.45
Jay Ho 18.37
Jade Lewis 20.00
Tai-Anne Ho 20.18

London Marathon – Sunday 17 April
Shelton Striders had 12 runners taking part in the London Marathon at the weekend.
Three of the club runners did particularly well out of the 35,000 competitors.

Sam Pearch came 181st overall/141st in his senior age category in a time of 2.41.36 (4 minutes quicker than he had predicted).

Steve Hawkins was next in, finishing 363rd overall/69th in his vet 40 age category – 2.47.02

Patrick Munro – 2.59.50
Roger Booth – 3rd place in his vet 60 age category 3.05.09
James Cunningham – 3.25.07
Alex Buckley – 3.36.55
Catherine Clifford – 1st lady Shelton Strider – 3.53.24
Gavin Fletcher – 4.11.29
Kevin Milwain – 4.19.20
Claire Hirons – 5.00.22
Alison Nunn – 5.14.45
Tracy Craddock – 5.46.52

Ten of these Striders were on the club trip to London and special thanks must be made to Roger Booth for again organizing this trip.


Kinder Downfall – Sunday 10 April
This last weekend saw 7 Shelton Striders venture up into the High Peaks of Derbyshire for the Kinder Downfall.

This was the 30th anniversary of the race and over 300 runners took part with the race full well before race day. Classed as a medium fell race of 9.6 miles with a climb of almost 2,000 feet. The race starts in the village centre with an immediate climb up towards the Shooting Cabin before descending down to Williams Clough, the route then heads up to Kinder Downfall before descending to Edale Cross & back towards Hayfield.

Despite the extreme heat on this sunny April Sunday there was plenty to smile about for the Striders team.

Marcel Darling came back for a 2nd time & finished 36th overall in a time of 1.24.03
Shaun Cooper was next in despite falling over & did an amazing time of 1.30.17
Carolyn Hopkinson came 2nd Female v45 & managed to run a fantastic time even though she’d competed in the Four Inns a slightly longer distance of 45 miles 7 days before. Carolyn finished the race in 1.45.27
Darren Bradley was on top form having never competed in fell race quite as tough as this one finished 3 minutes behind Carolyn in 1.48.43.
Judith Marriott finished in 1.50.03
Paul Webster 2.03.43
Amanda Lewis, another novice to this type of fell running finished in a respectable 2.17.29.

Brighton Marathon – Sunday 10th April
Chris Purslow was the only Shelton Strider to take part in the Brighton Marathon.
Chris suffered a lot with the miles but still completed it in 4 hours 41 minutes & is already planning her next marathon!


Derby 10K – Sunday 3rd April
Around 50 Shelton Striders competed in the Derby 10k, with many of them achieving personal best times.

First back for the club was Shaun Cooper finishing in 12th place in 35.29
Second in was Sam Pearch 35.33

Followed by:
James Walker in 36.36
Stephen Pezzutti 37.25

First lady back for the club was Pascale Holden in 44.16
Second lady was Liz Kitchen in a time of 47.35.



The Four Inns – Saturday 2nd April
The Four Inns Walk is a tough competitive run/walk in the Peak District, approximately 65km (40 miles) long, over some of the roughest moorland in Britain. The event takes its name from the four inns along its route – The Isle Of Skye (site of), Snake Pass Inn, Nags Head and Cat & Fiddle.

It starts at Holmbridge then goes onto Black Hill, Bleaklow, Kinder Scout, Edale, Chapel-en-le Frith, Cat & Fiddle before finishing at Buxton Community School.

The Event is organised by the Four Inns Committee on behalf of the Derbyshire County Scout Council.

Two lady Striders – Carolyn Lee & Judith Marriott made up a team of three with Marian Keeling – a hardened veteran to this event to win the ladies team trophy. They completed the event in 9 hours 56 mins, beating the 2nd placed team by around 35 minutes.


Burton 10 – Sunday 29th May

6 Shelton Striders took part in this 2 lap of 5 miles around the centre & outskirts of Burton upon Trent.
First back for the club out of over 250 runners in total was Sam Pearch, finishing 8th overall in a brilliant time of 59.27.
Shaun Cooper – 1.03.47
Pascale Holden – 1st female back for the club in 1.14.51 a personal best on this course.
Chris Purslow – 1.26.37
Alistair Allsop – 1.28.22
Lynne Chapman – 1.37.27

Tour or the Derwent Valley 27th-30th May
5 Striders completed the 4 race challenge over the weekend, the total distance of the 4 races was over 17 miles with over 2000ft of climb, the final day with 664ft of climb in 2 miles, and then the descent back to the finish, and to make it interesting, it was a “tad” wet.
In 25th overall was Darren Bradley in a combined time of 2:11:48, 31st  was Wayne Moore “fresh” from his Leaden Boot in 2:18:55, 38th overall and 3rdLV45 was Judith Marriott in 2:22:17, 46th and getting the 1st LV50 prize was Christine Donald in 2:48:17 and Mandy Lewis 47th in 2:51:30.
Alistair Boyd and James Really completed the Wirksworth event in 31:18 and 38:00.
Edinburgh Marathon – Sunday 22 May
8 Shelton Striders took part in the 2nd most popular UK marathon.
Two Striders were looking to gain good for age places in the 2012 London marathon & they achieved this well within their allotted time.
First back for the club running his heart out was Shaun Cooper shaving a massive 18 minutes off his personal best, finishing 22nd overall & ran for most of the way with the female winner, local club runner Sarah Harris in an amazing time of 2.42.47. Shaun said if it hadn’t been for the wind he thinks he could have achieved 2.40 time or even less.
Next in was Roger Booth, already bagged his place in the 2012 London marathon, finishing 3rd in his vet 60 category in 3.05.42.
Marcel Darling was the second Strider to gain his good for age time for the 2012 London marathon, just a couple of minutes behind Roger in 3.08.01.
Matt West finished in 3.11.46
Andy Dolman 3.36.18
Dave Keegan 4.13.11
Paul Webster 4.22.29
Alison Ross was Striders only lady who took part, on her home turf in a time of 4.54.16


Windermere Marathon – Sunday 22nd May
Just below the border in the Lake District, in form Stephen Pezzutti was also claiming his good for age time for the 2012 London Marathon, getting a personal best in a time of 3.08.27 & finished in 32nd place overall.


Leaden Boot – Sunday 22nd May
3 Shelton Striders took part in the first ever 26.2 mile off road marathon in the Peak District on Sunday. With over 5000 feet of ascent, starting and finishing in the White Peak village of Alstonefield. This was a tough challenge which started from Alstonefield, through Milldale, over Baley Hill, down Nabs Dale, across the Dove at Ilam Rock, over Bunster Hill, past Ilam Hall, Calton, Throwley Hall, Grindon, across the Manifold at Wetton Mill, over Ecton Hill, Hulme End, Sheen, across the Dove at Pilsbury, Hartington, Beresford Dale, Narrow Dale and back to Alstonefield – phew.
Over 200 runners/walkers took part in this event.  It was Wayne Moore’s first ever marathon & having never completed anything more than 18 miles on or off road – he managed a very impressive 27th place in a time of 5.49. Judith Marriott achieved 5th female in 5.49. Whilst Sandra Butcher finished in 6.32.
The weather was very interesting & en-route the runners endured all but sleet and snow!
Having said that it has not put any of us off & the homemade food & cakes certainly made up for the weather.


The Dales TV Program  – Monday 23rd May ITV 
The program this week had an article from the venue of last years Club Trip to Burnsall Fell Race, and quite a few Striders were on the tv, Mandy, Alison N, Steve O, Chris Donald, Paul W, Roger,Marcel, Fiona? Jordan L, Stev O again! Chris and Carolyn, Steve O again! Marcel, Sean, Mandy and Darren, Sandra + a few more I could not identify.

Fame at last


Shakespeare Marathon – Sunday 8 May
10 Striders took part in this popular marathon route around the picturesque countryside of Stratford upon Avon

Stephen Hawkins was 1st back for the club in 8th place overall in an impressive time of 2.51.05
Dave Thornton – 3.05.26
Matt West – 3.08.34
Roger Booth – 3.09.51
Shaun Cooper – 3.12.32
Stephen Pezzutti – 3.13.45
John Thornton – 3.26.17
Ian Crompton – 3.35.16
Chris Sexton – 3.57.56
Lee Meakin – 4.46.53


Uttoxeter Half – Sunday 1st May
A hot and very windy day saw 11 striders taking part in the Uttoxeter Half. The race starts from Uttoxeter race course and takes place mainly on quiet country lanes. It is an undulating course with a couple of good hills, the second of which lasts for most of miles 11 and 12 before the relief of a downhill last mile back to the race course.

James Walker           1:28:41
Ian Crompton          1:40:05
Pascale Holden         1:42:34 (PB)
Kev Milwain             1:44:03
Moira Birch              1:50:02
Dave Keegan           1:50:13
Cathy Clifford           1:52:38
Wendy Wheawall     1:54:16
Silke Krieger-Ford      2:00:43
Carolyn Dyall             2:05:09

Shaun Cooper          2:05:10


Mansfield Half Marathon – Sunday 26th June
The latest round of the club championship saw 21 Shelton Striders compete in this undulating half marathon. A new course didn’t make it any easier for the runners especially with soaring temperatures.

Sam Pearch was first back for the club in 12th position in a time of 1.21.53
James Walker – 1.24.47
Patrick Munro – 1.29.39
Matt West – 1.30.43
Ian Crompton – 1.35.19
Shaun Cooper – 1.36.251st female back for Shelton Striders in amazing form – Pascale Holden 3rd FV35 in 1.46.30
Catherine Clifford 4th FV45 – 1.49.46
Elizabeth Kitchen 6th FV35- 1.52.34
Christine Purslow 5th FV50 – 2.13.26
Silke Kreiger-Ford – 2.10.51
Carolyn Dyall – 2.15.00
Amanda Lewis – 2.29.46
Kinder Trog – Sunday 19th June
Four Shelton Striders took part in this tough 16 mile fell race starting & finishing in Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire with over 3,400′ of climbing including Kinder Scout!
First back for the club was Marcel Darling finishing in 25th place in 2.16.16 a pb by around 40 secs.
Next in was Shaun Cooper in 2.20.00
Kevin Milwain completed the course in 3.26.58
Paul Webster close behind in 3.27.02
Sinfin Classic 10K – Sunday 5th June
After a dull start, the morning turned out to be hot and sunny with a strong wind for the Sinfin 10K at Elvaston Castle. There was a new course this year, still starting near the Golden Gates the race headed off for a short lap near the cricket club before going through the castle grounds and onto the bridle track and then picking up the river path near Borrowash. It followed this path down to the Raynesway Business Park before heading back into the castle grounds at the Alvaston end and finishing near the cricket club.

Shaun Cooper was first back for the club, gaining a prize for his excellent 3rd place finish. Pascale Holden was the first lady strider with another very good run and PB, Amanda Lewis also achieved a PB and James Realey ran well in what I believe was his first 10K race

Shaun Cooper  35m 36s
Martin Kerr  37m 40s
Richard Spencer  42m 46s
Pascale Holden  43m 37s
Paul Brunt  44m 31s
Darren Bradley  44m 54s
Roy Hobson  45m 26s
Kev Milwain  45m 36s
Moira Birch  45m 49s
Mark Warner  46m 07s
Julie Warner  46m 56s
Jebul Rahman  48m 43s
Andrew Ager  49m 01s
Stephen Wells  49m 08s
Dave Keegan  49m 34s
Donald Robey  52m 23s
James Realey  52m 33s
Christine Donald  57m 19s
Amanda Lewis  58m 39s
Lynne Chapman  59m 34s
Margaret Cowling  59m 56s
Steve Aynsley  63m 26s
Long Eaton Ultra 50 – Saturday 11th June
Carolyn Hopkinson and Andy Brooks were the only 2 Striders at this inaugural 50 mile event based loosely on the Derby Nomad Way.
Both starting at 6am, they completed the first 20 mile in 3.15, and through marathon distance in about 4.26, the remainder of the event was mainly off road to the finish at Breaston.
Their time of 9 hours and 17 mins was good enough to get 5= in the overall standings, just 9 mins off second. But Carolyn’s time, in her first 50 miler, was good enough for her to be the first lady home, by more than 90 minutes! The first man home was round in 7.15, whilst the last finisher was 12 and a half hours.
Potters Arf marathon – Sunday 12th June
5 Shelton Striders took part in this half marathon around Hanley and the surrounding area in The Potteries, Stoke on Trent. Over 1200 runners competed in this event which is renowned for its support along the route.
Richard Spencer was first back for the club in 1.41.59
Catherine Clifford was the first lady back for Shelton, finishing 4th overall in her vet 45 female category in 1.46.22
Alastair Boyd – 1.49.51
Dave Keegan – 1.49.53
Lynne Chapman – 2.15.47
Long Eaton 5 – Sunday 12th June
22 Shelton Striders competed in this popular road race organised by the local Long Eaton running club. The route took the 300 runners in & around West Park & the surrounding area.
First back for the club was James Walker 10th place in 28.51
Martin Kerr – 30.08
David Nelson – 30.50
Shaun Cooper – 31.19
Matt West – 31.26
Roger Booth retained  his 1st male vet 60 trophyLizzie Hill was first lady back for the club in 31.50
Pascale Holden in flying form, winning  her female vet 35 category in 34.29
Carolyn Dyall – 37.00
Kelly Craven – 38.20
Julie Stevenson – 41.28
Caroline Howells – 41.51Great news for both Margaret Cowling & Steve Aynsley who both came first in their age categories
Steve in his male vet 65 category in 50.27
Margaret in her female vet 60 category in 52.28In the 2 mile fun run 5 junior Striders competed. First back was Luke Stevenson in 8th place in a time of 13.09.
Wincle Trout Fell Race – Saturday 4th June

7 Striders competed for their trout at the 9k/1000ft fell race. In what was generally agreed an “enjoyable” course, Shaun Cooper was our first home in 15th place in 45.30, followed in by Darren Bradley 103rd in 55.08, Judith Marriott in 59.43 in 153rd overall, Chris Hopkinson 59.51, Alan Barber 65.30, Sandra Butcher 67.48 and Mandy Lewis in 75.57. The course was a new route based from the Wincle Fete on top of a hill!, after a steep down hill near the start to the river crossing, the route followed the river before climbing through the woods to open ground, after another fast descent, it was the long steady climb back to the finishing field.

Thunder 24 Hour Relay Race – 30th/31st July 

Shaun Cooper & Alex Buckley were the only team from Shelton Striders to take part in this annual off road relay race at Catton Park, Derbyshire.  The idea of the race is run as many 10K laps as possible in 24 hours. Runners have to complete one full 10K lap before changing over with their team mate but they may also run 2, 3 or more laps.
Shaun &Alex aka Little & Large team were 4th overall in a total time of 23.29.32

Parwich Panoramic 5 – Tuesday 2nd August
This off road race of 5.3 miles & climbing to 600ft around the hilly countryside of Parwich & Alsop en le Dale saw 112 runners turn out for this now annual summer event.
10 Shelton Striders took part in this very hot night for a fell race – around 27C!
Our first Strider in 10th place overall was Rob Donald in 37.57, Kenny Malton was 12th place in 38.51, with Darren Bradley 31st in 43.11, closely followed by Neil Jaggard 43.19 and Ludovic Floch 43.42 with Dave Keegan in 49.47, our ladies were led in by Judith Marriott in 52.16, Sandra Butcher 54.48, Mandy Lewis 59.22 and Christine Donald in 60.35.
Derby AC Veteran Relays – Wednesday 13th July
Shelton Striders had two teams compete in the annual veterans relay event organised by Derby AC & held at the Moorways Athletics Track.
The ladies Vet 35 team finished 3rd overall made up of Pascale Holden, Silke Kreiger-Ford & Elizabeth Burgess.
The mens Vet 60 team of John Thornton, Roger Booth & Harry Sloan won their category.
Tara Kinder 10K – Friday 15th July
Shelton Striders had 32 runners compete in this annual charity event held at Elvaston Park.  Over 380 runners took part in this two lap mainly trail route around the castle grounds.
1st male back for the club was Shaun Cooper finishing 4th overall in a time of 35.50
Stephen Hawkins was next, finishing in 7th place & 3rd Male Vet 40 in 36.42
James Walker came home in 10th place in a time of 37.18
1st female Strider back in fine form was Pascale Holden & 1st female vet 35 in a time of 44.14
Kelly Craven was next in a time of 48.35
Elizabeth Burgess was next in a time of 48.57 & 5th female vet 35
2nd junior male under 20 was Shelton Strider Luke Stevenson – 43.14
John Thornton was 1st male vet 60 in 42.19
Harry Sloan was 2nd male vet 60 in 45.06
Margaret Cowling was 4th female vet 55 in 1.01.49
Trentham 10 mile – Sunday 17th July
Around 228 runners competed in the 39th year of this 10 mile road race from the village of Tittensor, Stoke on Trent.  13 Shelton Striders raced this two lap hilly course.
1st Shelton Strider & 5th place overall was the in form Sam Pearch in a time of 59.09
Shean Cooper was just behind in 6th place in a time of 59.19
Patrick Munro came home in a time of 64.55
John Thornton was 3rd in his male vet 60 category in a time of 74.54
1st female Shelton  Strider back was Elizabeth Burgess, 4th overall  in her female vet 35 category in a time of 83.14
Next in was Kelly Craven again in the same time of 83.14
Wendy Wheawall was close behind in a time of 87.31.

Hathersage Gala Fell Race – Monday 4th July
Judith Marriott was the only Strider who took the challenge of running this annual 4.5 mile fell race with over 1,000ft of climb. The route, not for the faint hearted or those who just want a bit of a run out, took runners from the village school out towards Hathersage Moor & even included a bit of rock climbing in the process! Despite the heat & just returning from injury Judith managed a reasonable time of 50.14 & finished 10th LV40

Bradbourne Fell Races – Sunday 28th August
6 runners took part in this tough fell race in Bradbourne, Ashbourne.

Race 1 – 5.5 miles
Shaun Cooper 2nd overall in 35.01
Nicholas Cooper 41.20 – 2nd Male Vet 50 category
Luke Stevenson 45.37 – 2nd Junior Male
Julie Stevenson 51.14
Dave Keegan 52.24

Race 2 – 2.75 miles
Kelly Craven – 28.21

Belper Rugby Rover – Sunday 21st August
13 Shelton Striders took part in this 18 mile off road race around the beautiful countryside of Belper and it’s surrounding area.  Around 400 runners took part in this tough but ever popular summer event.
Shaun Cooper was first back for the club in 15th place in 2.20.15
Marcel Darling in 18th place – 2.21.58
Andrew Powell – 2.32.50
Harry Sloane – 2.52.06
Darren Bradley – 3.04.23
Luke Stevenson – 3.12
Paul Webster 3.23.21
First lady back for the club was Tracy Hepburn – 3.25.19
Amanda Lewis – 3.36.00
Claire Hirons – 3.36.22
Christine Donald – 3.36.45
Alison Nunn – 3.43.47
Rhys Hancock – 4.08.55
Stacie Carnell – 4.08.55

Leek Half Marathon – Sunday 21st August
14 Shelton Striders competed in the undulating or rather hilly 13 mile road race in & around the Leek/Staffordshire countryside.  Around 900 runners took part with two of Shelton’s runners finishing in the top 15!
Sam Pearch was first back in 7th spot in a time of 1.22.13
James Walker 13th in 1.23.58
Patrick Munro 1.29.16
Ian Crompton 1.36.19
Neil Hancock 1.41.30
John Thornton 1.43.34
First lady back for club was Pascale Holden – 1.47.34
Kevin Milwain – 1.53.18
Paul Brunt – 1.55.50
Dave Keegan – 1.58.40
Kelly Craven – 2.02.32
Steve Wells – 2.03.18
Silke Kreiger- Ford – 2.10.12
Andrew Simons – 2.15.46

Newark Half – Sunday 14th August
8 Striders made the trip to Newark for the 30th running of this event which attracted over 1000 runners
Richard Spencer 1.41.23
Liz Burgess        1.42.25
Paul Brunt          1.44.32
Roy Hobson        1.46.46
Shaun Cooper      1 53.00
Kelly Craven        1.54.34
Alastair Allsopp    2.06.40
Lynne Chapman   2.12.57
Dovedale Dipper – Sunday 7th August
5 Shelton Striders took part in this annual off road marathon starting & finishing in the picturesque village of Hartington.  The 26 miles is tough enough but for one Shelton Strider he took a step further by running the last 2 miles with no soles on his trainers!  Shaun Cooper still managed to run the event in 5.45!
First back for the club, 5th veteran & 10th overall in the running event was the in form John Thornton. John ran the event in 4hrs 24mins.
Judith Marriott & Wayne Moore finished in 5.22.
Harry Sloan – 5.34.
Piggs 10K Mickleover – Wednesday 3rd August
30 Shelton Striders competed in this annual 10K around the outskirts of Mickleover & Radbourne along both road and trail.
First back for the club in 4th place overall was James Walker 36.58
Stephen Pezzutti was next in 8th place in 38.48
Martin Kerr came 10th in 39.08
Kenny Malton – 41.04
Gareth Brown – 41.40
Neil Hancock – 43.14First lady back for the club & 1st lady overall was Pascale Holden in 45.34
Liz Burgess was 2nd lady overall in 47.57
Silke Kreiger-Ford – 53.31
Kelly Craven – 55.13
Carolyn Dyall – 55.13
Lynne Chapman – 58.58

James Realey was the first junior in 54.16

Derby Runner XC 15th Jan – Grace Dieu school
We need as many runners as possible to turn out for the club for the next race XC race and for final event at Bosworth Country Park – 19th Feb. If you haven’t seen the current standings then the men’s team are currently in a good position to challenge for promotion to the A-league.

The men’s team is currently second in the table of the B-league on 51 points with Leicester Tri just 2 points ahead, where I believe only one team goes up and one comes down.

If we can field a team similar to what we did at Foremark plus Hawkins then we should be in a good position to challenge for promotion to the A-league. But we still need as many runners as possible to turn out for the team.

Queens Head 5K – Tuesday 27 December
This annual event saw nearly 170 runners take part in this 3 mile road race in Belper, an undulating out & back course.

First back for the Shelton Striders club was Neil Hancock, 38th place in 19.58 a personal best.
Luke Stevenson, ran a fantastic race, again another personal best in 20.14.
Wayne Moore was next in 22.50
Judith Marriott  completed the line up in 25.30
Furnace Inn Fun Run – Monday 26 December
Shelton Striders organised the Furnace Inn fun run on Boxing Day & we had nearly 180 runners take part in this 3 mile run around Darley Park. The winner’s time was 15.30.
Keyworth Turkey Trot – Sunday 11 December
Shelton Striders had 12 runners take part in the famous Keyworth Turkey Trot. This winter half marathon is a single circuit, all on road, starting and finishing in the village of Keyworth passing through the undulating (up and down!) rural scenery and villages of the South Nottinghamshire Wolds. The course is considered to be both challenging and rewarding, and being a little hilly, is well suited for that winter training!

Neil Hancock was the 1st Strider back in an excellent time of 1.31.22
Paul Brunt – well in form at the moment was next in – 1.37.16
Pascale Holden – 1st lady Strider back & finishing the year off as top lady Strider- 1.39.14
Elliott Davis 1.41.59
Moira Birch 1.44.39
Catherine Clifford 1.45.38
Dave Keegan 1.48.52
Kelly Craven 1.54.37
Darren Bradley 1.56.46
Steve Wells 2.00.48
Christine Donald 2.03.25
Amanda Lewis 2.21.25

Roaches Christmas Cracker 18th December
The final Headbanger of the year, all get the same 50 points for finishing the race, it will be either 5 or 8 miles dependant on the weather. As in previous years this is fancy dress, no theme so choose your costume.

This event will also decide the final finishing places for the mens short league, its between Darren, Rob and Steve H, the ladies long, between Carolyn H and Judith, and the ladies short 3rd place could be either Chris Donald or Carolyn Dyall, so still points to play for.

Headbangers 2012 will start with the Hollybush Fell Race at Mackney on the 1st Jan, it has been confirmed it’s on again this year, arrive sometime after 11am for an 11.40ish start, its only 2 miles and you can get food and beer afterward.

Foremark Cross Country XC03 – Sunday 20 November 
We had a large entry take part  in the Foremark round of the Derby Runner Cross Country League with James Walker being our lead runner finishing in 5th place – excellent run by him having completed his first ever fell race the week before over at The Roaches.

Luke Stevenson finished an impressive 3rd overall in his junior race.

xc3 results                   xc3 tables
Heanor 10K Xmas Pud Run – Sunday 20 November
5 Shelton Striders took part in this popular annual road run of 6 miles around the outskirts of Heanor and Shipley Park.

Louise Surgay   00:52:15
Heather Turley   00:55:03
Claire Saunders   00:57:23
Margaret Cowling   01:05:35
Steve Aynsley   01:08:23


The Roaches – Sunday 13 November
One of the toughest fell races in the national fell race calendar let alone local calendar!
Only the fittest/bravest/insane from the club took part in this event which takes runners over 15 miles of the intense terrain of The Roaches, near Leek. The weather, as always, at this time of year for this race was misty & strong winds made the event the usual tough challenge it has become known for.  The muddy & boggy fields complete with river crossing and 3700ft of climbing did not deter Shaun Cooper, who being the in form runner of the club this year, managed to get a personal best in this event finishing 12th in his Senior class & 16th overall in a time of 2.24.20
Steve Hawkins was a few minutes behind in 2.31.32 & 7th in his male vet 40 category
Marcel Darling 10th in  his male vet 40 category, finishing in 2.35.00
James Walker, in his first ever fell race finished in 2.48.33
Alex Buckley 3.08.41
Wayne Stevenson 3.43.35
Legit Round Lathkil – Sunday 13 November
A more sedate off road run around Lathkil Dale tempted a few more of the hardy Shelton Striders to run this 7.1 mile event with a mere 950ft of climbing.  No times but first back for the club, again in fine form was Rob Donald.  New member David, Wayne Moore close behind, Paul Webster (well done to him after only just completing the Snowdonia marathon the weekend before), Judith Marriott was next with Sandra Butcher close behind, Chris Donald, finally Steve Oliver bravely running with a mild hangover : -) all raising money for Children in Need.
High Peak Relay – Sunday 13 November
8 Shelton Striders made up a team to take part in this year’s High Peak Relay event, all off-road. It’s an out and back relay along the High Peak Trail in Derbyshire, starting and finishing in the village of Cromford.  All stages are run as a RACE – when the winner of one stage finishes, all runners are set off on the next one. Stages vary in length with the total distance of 28.48 miles. Each team member runs one leg of the total distance ranging from 2.46 miles to 5.47 miles.
Shelton Striders finished 28th overall out of 38 teams.
Additional Cross Country Race
Entries are now open for the Derbyshire Cross Country Championships to be held at Markeaton Park on Saturday 7 January 2012. Entries have to be in before Friday 9 December and an entry form can be downloaded from the Derbyshire County Athletics website click here.


Dovedale Dash – Sunday 6th November
There were a total of 30 Striders at the Dash this year, 20 men and 10 women. As always the weather was dry and mild, and the parking field was not too bad this year.Rob Donald was our first Strider home in 43rd, followed in by Kenny Malton, then Marcel Darling in 61st, Gavin Fletcher was 4th in 184th.Pascal Holden was our first lady home in 331st, with Carolyn Hopkinson in 495th and Kelly Craven in 656th placeOther finishers were Steve Hawkins, Chris Keegan, Paul Brunt, Andy Brooks, Shaun Cooper, Kevin Milwain, Jonathon Bird, Chris Hopkinson, Dave Keegan, Steve Wells, Alison Pickering, James Reilly (15), Nick Purslow (11), Chris Purslow, Chris Donald, Fiona Corden, Jack Surgay (9), Steve Oliver (in fancy dress), Julie Stevenson, Luke Stevenson (14) and Graham Barrett (I still need places for these last 3).Steve Wells is apparently going to do it next year in his fairy costume, hmmm, no comment about why he has one!
Cross Country Marshals 4th December
Thanks to those that have put their names down to marshal at Allestree, but we could do with a few more for the Sunday. We ran the course today to finalise the route, in Sam’s words, it has a mix of everything, fields, paths, woodland, a hill, fast descent and some mud. But we need to ensure we do a “proper job” on the day, it would be good to use the route again, so can a few more either put their names on the sheet at club, or either email me on  chris-hopkinson(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)hotmail.co.uk , or let Paul Webster know.The plan is that on either the Saturday 26th or Sunday 27th November marshals meet at Allestree to see the course, and the key marshals to know their roles (road crossing, parking etc) as we will only set up the full course on the Sunday morning, also if any of our competing runners want to, they can get some knowledge on the route before the day.Thanks Chris H.
Brittany – Sunday 30th October
Furthest away this weekend was a newly signed Strider Ludovic Floch who took part in a 22.4 km trail race in Brittany, France on Sunday 30th October. A fairly challenging course through woods and fields with the reward of the last 3 km on the coastal path.  Ludovic finished 43rd out of 123 in 1:59:14 and was first Strider in!!
Snowdonia Marathon – Sunday 30th October

A wet & windy Snowdonia marathon meant our 4 Shelton Striders who took part found it not as enjoyable as they had hoped. Reknowned for being one of the toughest but scenic marathons to do – Harry Sloan finished 6th in his Male Vet 60 category in 3.56.08.
Tracy Hepburn the only female representative from the club finished in 4.36.38
Richard Bowe  4.42.12
Paul Webster  4.47.51
Well done to them all for running 26 miles in all that wind & rain!
Worksop Half Marathon – Sunday 30th Octobe
35 Striders took part in the 30th Worksop half marathon, taking runners through the beautiful countryside of Clumber Park.
First back for the club in 15th place over all was Sam Pearch in 1.17.36
Chris Millett 1.19.08
James Walker 1.20.26
Stephen Hawkins 1.20.26
Shaun Cooper 1.24.21
Marcel Darling 1.25.05First back for the club for the ladies was Pascale Holden in 1.46
Catherine Clifford 1.48.16
Kelly Craven 1.51.36
Julie Stevenson 1.55.16 – personal best by 7 minutes
Judith Marriott 1.55.16
Wendy Wheawell 2.00.36
Worksop Fun Run – Sunday 30th October
Great result for Luke Stevenson who finished 3rd in the 2.59m fun run in a time of 16.18

The OMM – 29/30th October
Finally a mention must go out to Mr & Mrs Hopkinson. Chris & Carolyn took part in the Original Mountain Marathon over the weekend.  After 23k, 1100m of climb, wet to say the very least underfoot, boggy & 7 hours of orienteering across the Scotland highlands – they decided 1 day was enough & retired. However, their highlight was bagging a munro!  They both said it was the hardest event they have ever done!

Coaching Qualification
Congratulations to Marcel who has recently achieved the UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) Award.
Passing Clouds Fell Race – Sunday 23rd October 

There were 10 Striders in a field of 186 at the 9.6mile Passing Clouds Fell Race held at the Roaches in Staffordshire, the weather was bright, clear and dry on the dayFirst in for the Club was Shaun Cooper in 23rd place in 82:36, with Steve Hawkins, 29th in 85:06 and Marcel Darling, taking it easy” (his words) 33rd in 85:27.

First in for the Ladies was Carolyn Hopkinson 128th in 106:48, then Judith Marriott 170th in 123:47 and followed in by Sandra Butcher picking up her 1st in category bottle of wine in 124:06.

Other finishers on the day were Wayne Stevenson 100th in 99:58, Kevin Milwain 104th in 100:08, Chris Hopkinson 128th in 106:48 and Wayne Moore 136th in 107:51

Markfield Cross Country – Sunday 2nd October
Results attached for the first cross country race in this seasons Derby Runner Cross Country League
Golden Gates 5 mile race and 2 mile Fun Run – Sunday 25th September
47 Striders competed across both events held at Elvaston Castle this last weekend with both races being won by the club! Both races take runners around the scenic trails around Elvaston Park which makes for a fast, flat course.In the 5 mile event winner & 1st Shelton Strider back was very much in form James Walker in an impressive time of 27.07
Sam Pearch came in 3rd place in 28.10 after running the Great North Run the weekend before.
Martin Kerr was 4th in 29.34
Rob Donald was 6th on 30.32
Shaun Cooper was 10th, despite falling over, in 31.34First lady back for the club & 2nd female overall was the ever improving Pascale Holden in a time of 34.38
Elizabeth Burgess – 36.41
Kelly Craven – 37.11
Catherine Clifford – 37.59
Wendy Wheawell – 39.21In the 2 mile fun run – Adam Boyd won the event in 12.45
James Realey was in 4th place in 15.05
Jordan Lewis was 7th gaining a personal best for this event in 15.28Chelmorton 5 – Sunday 25th September
Dave Keegan was  our only Strider competing in this 5 mile fell race with over a 1,000ft of climb around the picturesque village of Chelmorton near Buxton.  The race is reknowed for Lady Hollinsclough who starts the race in one of her many famous hats!

Full Sun Run -18th September.
23 Striders completed the Full Sun Run from Milford, Shaun Cooper was the first back in a record time of 53.38, followed in closely by Steve Hawkins, Rob Donald and Marcel Darling, all within a minute of Shaun. First lady back was Lizzie Hill in 1.18.12, followed in by Julie Stevenson and Kelly Craven in 1.29.44.

Great North Run – Sunday 18th September
We had 3 Shelton Striders take part in the biggest half marathon in the world

Sam Pearch gave his all in this North East half marathon held on Sunday 11th September running in just over 5 min mile pace he came 59th out of 54000! Finishing in a personal best time of 1.15.02 and knocking around 2 minutes off his previous half marathon time.

Kulwant Singh Johal finished in a time of 1.44.01
Angela Theobald – 2.09.40

Ashbourne Half – Sunday 11th September
Around 180 runners competed in this tough, undulating half marathon around the outskirts of Ashbourne. 18 Shelton Striders took part (10% of the entry) prompting the commentator to announce “There can’t be anything happening in Shelton today”Shaun Cooper improving in every race at the moment finishing a fantastic 3rd place in 1.22.24
Marcel Darling not far behind finishing in 6th position in a time of 1.28.59
Ian Crompton 1.33.55
Neil Hancock 1.35.22
Matt West, after a long lay off 1.41.14
Dean Jones running his first half marathon for the club finished in an impressive 1.42.33
Paul Brunt 1.42.57    PB
Darren Bradley 1.44.06   PB
Harry Sloan 1.44.30
Roy Hobson 1.44.42     PB
Kevin Milwain 1.47.44
Elliott Davies 1.50.43    PB
Catherine Clifford was 1st lady Strider back in a time of 1.52.38
Kelly Craven 1.55.22
Dave Keegan 1.55.24
Steve Wells 2.02.49
Louise Surgay 2.05.24
Amanda Lewis 2.22.06Robin Hood Half Marathon  – Sunday 11th
This ever popular half marathon event around the outskirts of Nottingham saw 9 Shelton Striders take part.Darren Shepherd was first back for the club in 1.45.01
Andrew Lager 1.52.28
Kathy Hardy was 1st lady back for the club in 1.58.20
Claire Hirons 2.07.05
Event reminder. Sunday 18th September 9.30am, The Full Sun Run.
This scenic 8 mile club event will be ran from Milford again this year, parking is tight but available, meet on Chevin Road from 9am, the course will be marked with tapes at the “interesting” parts, I will have some copies of a map and printed description for those that need it, there is a link in the event description to download the route onto GPS. possibly a visit to the Holly Bush at Makeney afterwards!
The Exterminator – Sunday 4th September
Organised by Totley AC this is a category ‘A’ Long fell race of 16 miles with 4050 ft of climbing.  Two Striders made the trip to Totley (near Sheffield) for the race
Marcel Darling 23rd in 2:36:44
Shaun Cooper 25th in 2:37:19
Wilne 10K – Sunday 4th September
This was a new 10K road event which attracted nearly 600 runners, which took runners around the Wilne area.
First back for the club out of the 12 Striders who took part was Rob Donald in 38.31
Kenneth Malton 39.49
Richard Spencer 41.48
Roy Hobson 43.11
Ludovic Floch 44.06
Alastair Boyd 48.25
Andrew Lager 49.23
First lady back for the club was Kathy Hardy in 50.56
Don Robey 52.00
James Realey 55.53
Lynne Chapman 56.27
Margaret Cowling 58.49

John Fraser 10 mile Road Race – Sunday 4th September
18 Shelton Striders competed in this popular undulating road race around the Countesthorpe area of Leicestershire. Approximately 450 runners too part.

First back for Shelton Striders was Sam Pearch, 8th in his senior category in a time of 59.36
James Walker was close behind in 1.02.17
Patrick Munro 1.03.27
Martin Kerr 1.05.49
John Thornton 1.11.44 – 2nd Male Vet 60
James Cunningham 1.12.21
First female back for the club in fine form finishing 4th senior female was Pascale Holden in 1.14.32
Darren Bradley 1.16.10
Liz Burgess 1.19.38
Dave Keegan 1.20.44
Catherine Clifford 1.21.39
Elliott Davis 1.21.57
Stephen Wells 1.22.48
Kelly Craven 1.24.26
Silke Kreiger-Ford 1.29.02
Christine Purslow 1.32.55
Amanda Lewis 1.42.50
Alison Nunn 1.48.53
Race Results 2010

News 2010

We had a good turnout on Boxing Day for the Furnace Inn 5K fun run, around 125 runners despite the extreme temperatures of -2C. The 3 mile run was an out & back route starting just up from the Furnace Inn taking runners through Darley Park out along past Darley Mills & back along Folly  Road into Darley Fields before turning for a short loop along the path by Darley Grove finishing just up from the Furnace Inn.

The race was won by Tom Bishop, Derby AC with local runner Lisa Palmer, Heanor RC first female.
James Walker was first male and Lizzie Hill first female back for Shelton Striders.
The fun run raised £270 for Shelton Striders nominated charity for 2010 First Steps.

Queens Head 5K Monday 27th December
Despite the warmer temperatures the weather did take a quick turn for the worse with sleet showers half way through the annual Queens Head 5K run.
87 runners competed with Shelton Striders having just 3 club runners turning out for this out & back undulating road route along Crich Lane.
Judith Marriott was the only female for the club finishing in a time of 22.00 & 2nd W40.
Wayne Moore 23.20
Alastair Boyd 25.02

Thanks to all the helpers and runners at The Furnace today. Helped raise around £270

See you all at The Furnace Fun Run, Boxing Day. Start time 11am. Entries open at 10am £2 ,all to charity, Distance approx 3miles.

Well you’ve guessed it     TRACK IS CANCELLED     for tonight.       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers.

Check out the events section for the next things that are happening.

PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!! Tomorrows Cross Country has been cancelled, spread the word.

GOOD NEWS everyone   Track is DEFINITELY           ON ON ON TONIGHT.

London Marathon Places
Congratulations to Gavin Fletcher, Sam Pearch and Alex Buckley who have been allocated the three club places for the London Marathon 2011. Don’t forget to return your forms by 7th January, guys, and see Roger for details about the trip. Good luck!

The Roaches Fell Race Sunday 14th November
One of the toughest fell races in the local calendar did not put off a small number of hardy Shelton Striders. The route takes runners through fields, moorland, The Roaches, climbing to around 2,000 ft at the highest point & running through deep fast flowing water is not for the faint hearted.
Still Steve Hawkins was 33rd in 2:36:34, Marcel Darling 47th in 2:40:38 and Shaun Cooper 48th in 2:40 39. There were 183 runners.

Leg it Round Lathkill Sunday 14th November
This 7.2mile cross country/fell race saw a record turn out of over 200 runners take part in this scenic route around Lathkill Dale.  With steep climbs (around 900ft), limestone trails, fields, farmyards & cattle to contend with, the race is still taken at a fast pace.
Shelton Striders had 9 runners competing.
First back for the club was Rob Donald in 23rd place in 52.15
Judith Marriott first lady for the club in 85th place in 1 hr 34 seconds (2nd vet 40 & 5th lady overall)
Gavin Fletcher 94th 1. 01.29
John Thornton 100th 1. 02.43
Carolyn Hopkinson 113th 1.04.13
Chris Hopkinson 119th 1.05.03
Sandra Butcher 177th 1.15.47
Chris Donald 182nd 1.18.37
Amanda Lewis 187th 1.24.23

High Peak Relay Sunday 14th November
Shelton Striders took one team to compete in the High Peak Relay running distances from around 2.5 miles to 5.5miles along the High Peak Trail.  Shelton Striders team finished 33rd overall.



Snowdonia Marathon Saturday 30th October
Roger Booth was the only Shelton Strider to take part in the Snowdonia marathon this year. This demanding but spectacular  route encircles Snowdon with the start & finish in Llanberis. Roger won his vet 60 category, not to be outdone by his fellow Striders competing in the Worksop half marathon , Roger too achieved a personal best knocking 2 minutes off his time from last year, finishing in an excellent time of 3.18.14.
For his prize Roger was presented with a beautiful framed fabric collage scene of Snowdonia by Josie Russell.

Worksop Half Marathon Sunday 31st October
Fancy dress was the call for many of the Shelton Striders taking part in the Worksop half marathon on Sunday.  30 Striders took part in the Halloween themed race.  Witches, devils, mum mies & cats all competed along side nearly 2,000 runners who ran this undulating course through the scenic Clumber Park.  Speedy spells must have been cast on Shelton Striders that day as a large number of them managed personal bests!
First back for the club was James Walker 9th overall & 5th in his Senior category in a time of 1.16.02 (pb)
Sam Pearch 18th overall & 12th in his Senior category in a time of 1.17.13 (pb)
Stephen Hawkins 10th in his vet 40 category 1.22.57 (pb)
Marcel Darling 1.25.52 (pb)
Matt West 1.26.27 (pb)
Steve Pezzutti 1.27.14 (pb)
Ian Crompton 1.28.55 (pb)
Andy Dolman 1.29.03 (pb)
First lady back was young Lizzie Hill finishing 4th Senior female in 1.34.47 (pb)
Judith Marriott finishing 5th in her vet 45 category & knocking 9 mins off her previous time on this course
Liz Kitchen 1.45.41
Tracy Hepburn 1.56.35
Silke Kreiger Ford 1.59.41
Alison Donaldson 2.00.20
Claire Hirons 2.06.53
Chris Donald 2.08.07

Original Mountain Marathon Saturday/Sunday 30th/31st October
Two Shelton Striders (husband & wife) took part in one of the toughest if not the toughest mountain marathon challenges in the UK.
The event varies each year as to where this orienteering challenge takes place.  This year Dartmoor was the setting.  Andrew Powell took part in the C Series a distance of 45km. Andrew & his team mate finished an impressive 11th place in a time of 10.30.38.  Emily competed in the Short Course event & finished in again an impressive 13th place with her team mate and won a prize as the first lady team.

Here is the weekend update on Shelton Striders. See also below this info on the Christmas Cracker

Birmingham Half Marathon Sunday 24th October
4 Shelton Striders took part in the Birmingham half marathon. Over 11,000 runners took part in this 13.1mile route around the city of Birmingham.  Running past landmarks including Cadbury’s World, Cannon Park before heading back onto Broad Street for the city centre finish.
Richard Spencer was the only male Strider back finishing in a time of 1.36.53
Kelly Craven was the first female Strider back in time of 1.55.12
Carolyn Dyall close on Kelly’s heels finished in 1.56.37
Lynne Chapman finished in time of 2.20.18

Passing Clouds Fell Race Sunday 24th October
4 Shelton Striders were part of the 195 runners who competed this tough 9.82mile fell race.  The route including heading across the Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands ensured the runners a few thousand feet of climbing to endure – they had at the highest point to climb over 1800ft!
Marcel Darling was the first Strider back, finishing 30th in a time of 1.25.24
Steve Hawkins was only a couple of minutes behind in 41st place & in a time of 1.27.29
Carolyn Hopkinson was the only female Strider taking part finishing in a time of 1.47.24
Chris Hopkinson was just behind his good lady wife in 1.48.29

Dublin Marathon Monday 25th October
1 Shelton Strider – Phil Rawson ventured over the water to compete in the Dublin Marathon. With over 13,000 runners taking part in this reknowned friendly marathon, the route includes heading through Phoenix Park, Bushy Park & University of College of Dublin before finishing in Merrion Square.
Phil completed the 26.2 mile route in 4.27.46.
Race Information Sheet : ‘Christmas Cracker’ Race Sunday 19th DecemberStaffs Moorlands Athletics Club Yes, it’s time to start thinking of fancy dress and bracing a Sunday morning, battling the elements at the ever popular Christmas CrackerFor those who haven’t run it before, the 8 mile multi-terrain course has approximately 40% run on tarmac roads. The rest is over fields and gritstone. Between the 2 and 4 miles you will be running along the Roaches ridge, which is exposed at 1,500 feet above sea level. The descent can get icy. We encourage people to wear festive fancy dress, but do please ensure you’re also prepared and not caught out by what can be very cold, wet and windy conditions.If, like last year, the elements are really against us, then it’s ‘Plan B’, a 5 mile race around Tittesworth ReservoirThe race starts at 11:00 a.m. at Tittesworth Visitor Centre, near Meerbrook. Registration commences at 09:00 a.m. and is open until 10:45 a.m. You’ll find it in the Visitor’s Centre lobby.Parking is to the left of Visitor Centre & left & right of the main entrance road; the free parking tokens need to be displayed in vehicle. They can be obtained from registration point. (1 token per competitor). Refreshments & toilets are available at Tittesworth Visitor Centre.Presentation of awards will take place at approximately 1:30 p.m.Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female overall & Veteran category winners Male: 40,45,50,55,60,65 & Female 35,40,45,50,55,60,65. Team prizes: First Men’s team (4 to count) First ladies team (3 to count). ‘King of the Mountain’ trophy awarded to first runner to the Roaches trig point.The ‘Ron Lucas’ awards for fancy dress costume will be judged by his family & presented to the Best Individual 1st, 2nd, 3rd + Best Team & Runner Up Team.

The Shelton Striders theme will be (and thanks to Dave Nunn for proposing) Village People.

The entry form for the 2010 Christmas Cracker race can be downloaded here (PDF). £8 pre entry or £9 on the day for club runners.http://staffsmoorlands-ac.co.uk/images/Moorlands/Downloads/EntryForms/crackerentryform2010.pdf Check out some new photos in the Striders in Action Section.

Please be aware that Wednesday evening training from 6 till 7 for the next 2 weeks will be at Pride Park Stadium, meet next to the statue. See you there

 Merrill 10K Sunday 10th October
Last Sunday saw the Merrill 10k being held on 10/10/2010 at 10 to 10!
Over 330 runners finished annual our road race raising money for both Merrill College & Shelton Striders.  The race is reknowned for it’s strong support with the majority of the marshalls coming from Shelton Striders themselves.  However, the club did manage to have a small number of runners in the event.

The course is fairly flat making this a good pb course for alot of runners who come back year upon year.

First back was Richard Kay running for Tipton Harriers in a time of 32.19
James Douglas for Charnwood AC was next in 32.46
David Mainsbridge for Telford AC was 3rd in 34.49

First Shelton Strider was James Walker finishing 5th overall in a time of 35.18
Marcel Darling was next in for the club achieving a pb in a time of 38.09 & finishing 2nd Vet 40 Cat
Stephen Hawkins was just behind in 38.21 & finishing 3rd Vet 40 Cat

Roger Booth for Shelton Striders won his Vet 60 Cat finishing in 31st place in a time of 39.35

2 Striders possibly taking part in their first race in our colours were Martin Kerr in 39.20 and 29th place  as well as Kenneth Malton finishing in 41.40 and 56th position. Well done to them both

First lady back in the Merrill 10k was Helen Burrell from Redhill Road Runners in a time of 38.49.
Rachel Olivant was 2nd from Derby AC in a time of 39.52
Abbey Norman was 3rd placed again from Derby AC in a time of 40.22

One lady Strider competed in the race – Lynne Chapman finishing in a time of 1.00.03

In the team results
1st Derby AC
2nd Shelton Striders
3rd Long Eaton

1st Derby AC
2nd Holme Pierrepoint
3rd Heanor RC

Fun Run 1.5 miles 118 competed in this two lap course.
1st place Adam Boyd Shelton Striders – 10.19
2nd James Whitfield NDB – 10.28
3rd Andrew Churchill 10.59

1st female was 4th placed Chloe Scaife – 11.18
2nd Heather Thornton – 11.21
3rd Yasmin Henchcliffe – 12.10

15 Shelton Striders competed in the fun run.  After Adam Boyd in 1st place came James Realey in 12.15
Thomas Boyd – 12.58
Jordan Lewis – 13.58
First female back for the Striders was Jade Lewis in 16.34
Followed by Hollie Moore in 16.47
Pippa Oldacre in 17.26

The Ho family of Reme, Jay & Tai Anne all achieved pbs.

The Leicester half marathon was also on Sunday 10th October, with over 2,000 runners in the event.
Tracy Craddock, the only Shelton Strider to take part knocked 3 minutes off her previous best time.  Tracy finished the course in 2.08.43.

 One big weekend last weekend for 6 Shelton Striders who took part 500 miles away in the Loch Ness Marathon.
Sunday 3rd October saw around 4,000 runners take part in the 9th Loch Ness Marathon.  The route starts close to Fort Augustus & then heads back to Inverness Bught Park – taking in an underlating route along the side of Loch Ness.
Despite the rain for the first two hours of the race the 6 Shelton Striders did the club proud.
First back in her first ever road marathon was:
Judith Marriott in a time of 3.36.41 – finishing 15th in FemaleVet 45Cat, 49th female overall
Catherine Clifford was next – getting a pb in her 4th marathon in a time of 3.36.46 – finishing 16th in FemaleVet45 Cat, 51st female overall.
Julie Warner was next in – another pb – 3.49.38
Dave Keegan the only male from the club – 4.25.17 – finishing 23rd in MaleVet60Cat
Alison Donaldson on her home turf finished in 4.28.17
Sandra Butcher completed the line up & finished in 4.53.34 & 18th in Vet55 Cat

One Shelton Strider took part in the Mabelthorpe half marathon on Sunday 3rd October.  Neil Hancock completed the course in 1.32.41

The first x country of the season saw the Striders in 6th place as a joint team in Division one. The men are 6th and the Ladies 8th.

First back  was Jame Walker in 6th   followed by Rob Donald in 18th Matthew West 39th and Dave Thornton 41st with back up from John Thornton, Andy Dolman ,Roy Hobson, Dave Turley,Adam Leighton, Darren Bradley and Richard Bowe

The Ladies were led home for the first time by Caroline Dyall in 19th place, followed by Kelly Craven 50th, Hannah Leighton 67th, Chris Donald 82nd, Amanda Lewis 88th and Fiona Corden 89th.

Well done to the teams which we hope will be stronger next time out with those that were elsewhere engaged at the weekend

Check the diary for the date and venue of the next round.

Well we had 3 marathons in which Shelton Striders took part in this last weekend, two in Europe & one in Wales.

Budapest Marathon 26th September
Our fearless Shelton Strider Dave Nunn  was one of the 3150 marathon runners who decided to run the 25th Anniversary SPAR Budapest International Marathon despite the rainy day! Runners started the race at the start pistol of the Hungarian President, Pal Schmitt. The drummers, the speaker and the cheering crowd set the atmosphere of the race.
Overall an all the distances (marathon, 30 km, relay for 3 and 5, minimarathon, fun run) there were 13 800 runners filling the streets of Budapest. Despite the weather it was a real running festival!
The 1300 foreign runners came from 50 countries from all over the world, the most international runners came from France, Italy, Great Britain, Finland and Germany.
Dave completed the marathon in 4.41.06

Berlin Marathon Sunday 26th September
2 Shelton Striders had brilliant results on this fast flat Berlin. Running conditions in previous years had been ideal at the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON but unfortunately Sunday appeared to be the opposite with steady and partly heavy rain, a slight wind and a cool starting temperature of 12° Celsius. In what were the worst conditions for more than 20 years Roger Booth came 5th overall in his V60 category & was the 1st Britain back in this category too. Roger completed his marathon in 2.59.41.
Gavin Fletcher too had an amazing run knocking his marathon time down to under 4 hours – finishing in 3.59.27.

Angelsey Marathon Sunday 26th September
Alex Buckley took part in the Festival of Running over on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales by running the marathon. Alex completed this undulating course in 3.50.54.

Golden Gates Gallop Sunday 26th September
Closer to home at Elvaston Castle over 20 Shelton Striders took part in the 5 mile & 2 mile races around Elvaston Castle grounds.
In the 5 mile race –  with over 100 runners Rob Donald as well as acheiving a pb came third overall in a time of 30.46
Roy Hobden showing he is coming back to form finished in a time of 36.33
Darren Bradley was next completing the race in 37.55
Wayne Moore – 40.10
Geoff Beadsmore – 41.06
Andrew Simons – 42.32
Don Robey – 45.34
1st lady back for the club in the 5 mile race was Christine Purslow – 42.51
Fiona Corden – 47.54
Steve Oliver – 47.54
Margaret Cowling – 48.35
Steve Aynsley – 50.54

In the 2 mile road race almost 90 runners competed in this fun run & for Striders it was quite a family affair.
Adam Boyd for Shelton Striders won the race in an impressive time of 13.15
Nick Purslow ran brilliant race coming in 4th place in 15.24
Kate Wray, on a break from Oxford Uni thought she’d take a jog out & finished in 5th place in a time of 15.25
James Realey wasn’t far behind in 16.40
Thomas Boyd not to be outdone by his brother finished in 17.52
Ann Adams – 19.35
Brother & sister – Jordan & Jade Lewis finished in 20.26
Judith Marriott – 20.27
Father & son Ian & Adam Crompton completed the race in 23.43.

Yound Lucy Boyd completed the Striders team in 28.31

 We had 2 races which our runners competed in this last weekend.

Ashbourne half marathon -Sunday 19th September
15 Shelton Striders took part in this challenging road race around the Peak District including Thorpe, Ilam, Blore, Okeover Hall & Mayfield before heading back to Ashbourne town centre & the finish on the recreation ground.
188 runners competed with two Striders finishing in the top 10.
James Walker finished in 6th place in a time of 1.24.17
Steve Pezzutti 9th in 1.26.45
Steve Hawkins 1.28.27 (2nd vet40)
Roger Booth 1.30.35 (1st vet 60)
Ian Crompton 1.32.35 (2nd vet 45)
Neil Hancock 1.34.59
Judith Marriott 1st lady back for Shelton Striders in 1.42.20 (3rd vet 45)
Catherine Clifford 1.49.14
Carolyn Hopkinson 1.52.51
Liz Kitchen 1.54.29
Alison Donaldson 2.09.37

Great North Run Sunday 19th September
5 Shelton Striders were part of the 54,000 strong field taking part in the 30th Great North Run.
Sam Pearch finished in a very impressive 87th place in 1.18.10
Richard Spencer was next 1.50.37
Phil Purslow 1.53.50
Darren Bradley 1.54.35
Amanda Lewis 2.22.44
 Well I have a variety of races to report on this week from fell races to marathons!

Last Weekend updates.

Sunday 12th September
1. Chelmorton Chase 5 mile fell race

In its 12th year the Chelmorton Chase covers 5 miles and 1000 feet passing over the summit of Chelmorton Low with a return down the village main street. Terrain is mainly grass with a small number of stone wall styles and a steep climb over the Low passing by prehistoric burial barrows at the summit. The race is started flagged by Tracey Worth, Lady of Hollinsclough at eleven thirty.
Marcel Darling was 1st back for the club in 13th place
Next in was Judith Marriott 1st lady V40
Followed in by Dave Keegan, Allan Barber & Alison Donaldson.

2. Nottingham Marathon/Half Marathon
Dave Nunn was our only Strider to compete in the full Nottingham marathon in a time of 4.54.
11 Striders took part in the extremely popular half marathon, with over 6,000 runners 1st back for the club was Richard Spencer in 1.36.22
David Green – 1.44.56
Alison Pickering was 1st lady for Shelton Striders in 1.53.15
Richard Bowe 1.55.17
Kulwant Sing Johal 1.57.04
Silke Kreiger Ford 2.00.00

3. Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon
2 veteran Striders decided to take part in this beautiful scenic half marathon around Lake Vyrnwy in Wales.  Both Roger Booth & David Thornton ran extremely good race.
Roger was 1st placed in his vet 60 category in a excellent time of 1.23.19
David was 3rd placed in his vet 50 category in a time of 1.26.56

4.Monday 13th September Chevin Fell Race
Around 130 runners took part in the two Chevin  fell races to celebrate the 70th birthday of the popular local figure of Dave Denton.
11 Shelton Striders competed in the two races.
A tough field of local runners did not deter Rob Donald from finishing in 7th place overall in the tough 3 mile race up & over the Chevin.
Rob finished in a time of 20.29
Gavin Fletcher 24.34
Judith Marriott 1st lady Strider & 3rd Wvet40 25.35
Dave Keegan 28.13
Allan Barber 28.30
Wayne Moore 28.55 (1st run out after injury)
Sandra Butcher – 1st Wvet60 30.33
Christine Donald & Alison Donaldson 34.31

Lee Meakin & James Realey took part in the 1.5mile fell race.
Lee finished 11th in his first off road race in a time of 13.39
James finished 13th in 15.00

Here is Shelton Striders Update for  weekend.

Sunday 29th August Chesterfield Spire 10 mile
18 Shelton Striders took part in the Chesterfield Spire 10 mile road race. Over 330 runners decided to brave the typical bank holiday weather – wet & windy to compete in this undulating road route around the outskirts of Chesterfield. Starting & finishing at Holmebrook Valley Park Shelton Striders proved they are hardy lot after all. The first four runners in for the club made sure the mens team won the overall prize.
These were
James Walker 1.00.54
Sam Pearch 1.02.31
Stephen Pezzutti 1.05.01
Roger Booth 1.07.05 (Roger also won the men’s Vet 60 prize)

Andy Dolman was close behind coming in 1.08.31
Ian Crompton 1.13.37

Judith Marriott led the lady Striders home & was 2nd V45 in a time of 1.15.14
Carolyn Dyall 1.27.58
Alison Donaldson 1.33.18
Hannah Leighton 1.37.52
Lynne Chapman 1.41.52

Bradbourne Fell Race Sunday 29th August
Husband and wife – Andrew & Emily Powell braved the seasonal weather to take part in the muddy 5.5mile fell race over in Bradbourne, near Ashbourne.
Andrew finished in 17th place in a time of 39.05
Emily completed the course in a respectable 51.22.

Well Shelton Striders had a Grand Day Out on Saturday 21st August over in Yorkshire.

We took a coach of Striders, friends & family to Burnsall, near Grassington to take part in the 10 mile road race & the famous 1.6 mile fell race.
The event known as Burnsall Feast Sports was an event chosen by two of our club runners who were celebrating their wedding the day before.
Carolyn & Chris Hopkinson decided it would be a great way for their family & friends to join in the fun & celebrate all at the same time.
The wedding theme continued on the race day with the traditional something old – the Fell Race, something new – just married, something borrowed – Carolyn’s socks (she forgot her’s) and something blue, our running kit is blue and white.

A few Striders were nursing slight hangovers after the wedding reception the night before but didn’t stop them running in one or two of the races the next day.

The Burnsall 10 Mile Road Race began at 2.30pm with 18 Striders taking part in this unforgiving route around Burnsall & Grassington.
First Strider back was Marcel Darling in a very impressive time of 1.05.58 & 22nd place out of 116 runners.
Next in was Matt West 1.07.37
Roger Booth 1.08.33 & 1st Vet 60
Andy Brooks 1.11.38
Ian Crompton 1.13.27
Kevin Milwain 1.21.19
Judith Marriott was 1st lady back for the Striders in 1.18.18
Carolyn & Chris Hopkinson crossed the line together in 1.24.08
Cathy Clifford 1.24.13
Alison Donaldson 1.32.34
Anji Ljubojevic 1.35.03
Sandra Butcher 1.35.21
Alison Nunn 1.53.13
Both the Men’s & Ladies  teams finished in 3rd place with the Ladies B team finishing 4th.

Burnsall Classic Fell Race 1.6 mile started at 4.30pm
18 Striders took part in this race – many of them having run the 10 mile road race only a couple of hours before!
This event was celebrating it’s 100th year & is a circular route running from the centre of the village up 1,345 to the Cairn on Burnsall Fell.
This time 145 runners took part & Shelton Striders did well with Rob Donald finishing 47th in 19.58 (Rob didn’t run the 10 miler)
Marcel Darling however did run the earlier race but still was on fire finishing in another impressive time of 21.17.
Andy Brooks 23.30
Ian Crompton 24.14
Roger Booth 26.46
Allan Barber 27.38
Judith Marriott first lady Strider back in 26.01
Carolyn & Chris Hopkinson again finishing together in 28.25
Silke Kreiger Ford in her first fell race 30.30
Mandy Lewis 35.48
Fiona Corden another first time fell runner 36.46
Sandra Butcher & Christine Donald 36.44

The ladies team of Judith Marriott, Carolyn Hopkinson & Silke Kreiger Ford won the Ladies Team.

Three junior Striders not to be out done competed in the junior races.
Alex Barber took part in the Under 10 Boys in the mile race & completed it in 6.30.
Jade Lewis & Hollie Moore competed in the Girls Under 12 race & finished in 13.29 & 13.33 respectively.

16 Striders took part in last Sunday’s tough 30k Rugby Rover at Belper. A multi terrrain undulating course, this event is held every year starting and finishing at Belper Rugby Club

First back for The Striders in 16 place was,
Marcel Darling in a time of 2hr 19m .58 just 14minutes behind the winner.
Next in was Steve Pezzutti in 19th place 2hr. 22m .27
Ian Crompton 29th in 2hr 27.00
Steve Hawkins returning from injury 37th in 2hr 28.03.

A little further down the field we had new members Andrew Powell 101st in 2hr 44m.04 and Kenneth Malton 130 in 2hr 48m 37

First female Strider was Judith Marriott in 141st     2hr 50m 28. We think she was also 2nd female V45
Cathy Clifford next in 3hr 09m 04
Emily Powell         in 3hr 33m 22
Alison Donaldson was our final lady in 3hr 44m 39

Belper Rugby Rover

A copy of the route and a link to the entry form can be found here

Here is the weekend update from Shelton Striders.

Newark Half Marathon Sunday 8th August
17 Shelton Striders competed in the 29th Newark half marathon.  This fast road course was made even harder on Sunday by the searing heat with hardly a breath of wind or spot of shade to be had along the 13.1 mile route. The race is run over a mainly flat (one hill at nine miles) town and rural course which starts and finishes in the historic centre of Newark on Trent.
Well over a 1,000 runners took part & Shelton’s best placed runner was Sam Pearch finishing 14th overall in a pb time of 1.17.56
James Walker finished just under 2 mins behind, again in a pb time of 1.19.00
Stephen Pezzutti knocked 6 mins off his pb finishing in 1.24.03
Marcel Darling ran his first ever on road half in a amazing time of 1.27.34
Roger Booth V60 1.28.29
Matt West 1.28.57
Andy Dolman 1.29.49 pb

last in for the Striders Andrew Simons 2.17.04

1st lady Strider back was Judith Marriott, 2nd V45 lady overall & knocking 5 mins off her pb in a time of 1.40.21
Liz Kitchen 1.44.44
Cathy Clifford 1.47.21
Kelly Craven 1.59.00 – first half marathon
Alison Donaldson 2.04.11
Chris Donald 2.15.38

One lady Strider competed in the Meerbrook 15k – Tracy Craddock in a time of 1.39.32

Mickleover 10K Piggs Trophy Wednesday 4th August
With over 115 runners competing in this annual event organised by Rolls Royce Harriers, Shelton Striders made up almost a third of the field!  The route starts just outside the Great Northern Public House before heading out onto the road towards Radbourne then turns back along the cycle path near Etwall continuing back to the end at Mickleover close to station road.
A mainly flat route but tough on the legs when heading back along the cycle path did not deter Stephen Pezzutti, having won their 10 mile race last month in Darley Park Steve finished  8th overall & 1st back for Shelton Striders in a time of 38.58
Followed in by:
Peter Macrae 40.15
Steve Hawkins 40.31 (returning from a broken collarbone)
Richard Stenson 40.42
Ian Crompton 40.45
Andrew Powell 41.28

Alex Bradley was 1st lady overall & 1st lady Strider in a time of 45.06
Followed in by:
Liz Kitchen 47.03
Alison Pickering 48.29
Carolyn Dyall 48.58
Kelly Craven 49.28
Emily Powell 50.01 PB

One or two names in the results of people who come on a Wednesday training but have yet to make themselves known on a Friday. Let’s hope that is remedied soon.

Newark half marathon this weekend.

Last weekend we had two updates to report on.

Heanor 5 Friday 29th July
A handful of Shelton Striders took part in the Heanor Running club’s annual 5 mile road/trail event around Shipley Park.
This undulating route saw

Andrew Dolman first back for Shelton Striders in 15th place & 2nd Vet45 in a brilliant time of 32.17
Next in was Jonathon Bird, coming back from injury in a time of 35.17
First lady back for Shelton was Liz Kitchen, 2nd Vet35 in a time of 39.03
Carolyn Dyall 41.09
Lynne Chapman 47.51
Louise Fletcher 48.01

Liz, Carolyn & Lynne ensured the ladies from Shelton Striders won the womens team prize.

James Realey came 7th in the 1.5 mile fun run in a time of 10.47

Dovedale Dipper Sunday 1st August
6 Shelton Striders took the challenge of running this marathon distance in the undulating off road race organised by Matlock Rotary Club – namely the Dovedale Dipper.
Starting & finishing from Hartington – the route heads onto the High Peak Trail, along the Dovedale valley towards the limestone peaks of Chrome Hill and Parkhouse, then to Longnor. Then climbs up onto the Staffordshire Moorlands before crossing the Manifold Valley and over into Wolfscote Dale before turning North back to Hartington.  The route includes approximately 3966 feet of ascent.
First back in for the club was Judith Marriott in 5.16, 8th lady overall.
Paul Webster 6.22
Darren Bradley 6.25
Sandra Butcher & Alison Donaldson 6.29
Dave Nunn 6.30

A reminder that this Wednesday it’s the Rolls Royce 10k at Mickleover. Register at Mickleover Sports Club early for a 7pm start. There will be a lot of Striders taking part.

As a result there will be NO Darley Park training on Wednesday.

A couple of things to report this week, firstly.

a big well done to both John Thornton and Roger Booth with support team of Brian and Pam Budd on completion of the coast to coast run last week. Planned with meticulous precision everything seemed to go to plan except the weather.

Really nice to see the photos with both Roger and John proudly wearing their Striders tops.

You can do your bit now by either paying up your sponsorship money ASAP or if you have not already sponsored them,  put that right next time you see them,


we wish Lizzie Hill all the very best in her 14 week training for the army. Lizzie has been keen to join the army for quite somewhile and at last it’s come true. We shall miss her big time as she has been a valued member of the club for a few years now and has progressed tremendously. We are sure she will do really well in her new venture.

We look forward to seeing her anytime she returns home.

This last weekend saw a couple of races in which Shelton Striders competed.

Friday 16th July Tara Kinder 10K
39 Shelton Striders turned out to compete in the Tara Kinder 10K around the picturesque grounds of Elvaston Castle. The course takes in woodland, trail & some road with around 385 runners taking part in this annual event.
13 of Shelton Striders finished in the top 50.
James Walker showing he is back on form finished in 2nd place overall & 1st Strider back in a time of 35.21
Sam Pearch came 5th in 36.29 and a PB as well
Marcel Darling 39.32
Matt West 39.59
Rob Donald 40.09
Andy Dolman 40.22
Roger Booth 40.37 & 1st Vet 60

Lizzie Hill was 3rd lady overall & 1st U20 Junior female & 1st Strider lady
Liz Kitchen was next in 48.17
Caroline Sutton 49.35
Kelly Craven 49.52
Sally Johnson 50.33
Carolyn Dyall 51.14

Special mention for young James Nesbitt who came 119th in 48.11 and was 6th Junior male under 20.

Sunday 18th July Ashbourne Hill Race
6 Shelton Striders decided the Tara Kinder wasn’t quite challenging enough for one weekend took part in the 4 mile Ashbourne Hill Race – part of the Ashbourne Highland Gathering
The 4 mile course starts & finishes in the main arena & includes four major climbs crossing farmland & woodland trails.
58 runners competed in this not for novice hill race.
Marcel Darling finished in 9th place overall & 1st Strider back in a very pleasing time of 31.13
Matt West came in 11th place in 32.35
Lizzie Hill 2nd female overall & our only lady Strider to compete in 32.53
Alex Buckley 34.03
Adam Boyd – 34.17 – fantastic run for Striders Junior boy
Dave Keegan 39.01

  Colin Potter 10K Friday 9th July
Shelton Striders had 11 runners compete in this popular race around Darley Abbey & Park. The route is a mix of road & some trail with a few hills mixed in.  Over 370 competitors took part in the race with 6 of the Shelton Striders finishing in the top 30.

First back for the club was James Walker – finishing in 5th place in a time of 36.10
Matt West 14th place in 39.34
Nicholas Cooper 1st v50 in 22nd place in 40.44
Martin Kerr 41.10
Richard Spencer 41.33
Andy Dolman 41.41
Dave Keegan was 1st v60 in 48.55
Lynne Chapman in 61.49

Black Rocks Fell Race Wednesday 14th July
9 Shelton Striders took part in this 6.1mile fell race organised by Matlock Athletic Club.
Over 100 runners took the challenge of running along Cromford Canal before heading up the steep incline to Black Rocks & around the Trig point before taking the fast descent along trail & fields before back along the canal path to the finish.

First in for Shelton Striders was Rob Donald finishing in 22nd place in 45.08
Followed by Andrew Powell in 45.50
Judith Marriott was first lady back for Shelton Striders finishing 3rd lady overall & 1st v40 in 49.36
Gavin Fletcher was just over a minute behind in 50.48
Chris Hopkinson 54.19
Alistair Boyd 54.34
Dave Keegan 56.14
Emily Powell 1.02.48
Alison Donaldson 1.06.06





Busy week this week with the handicap on Tuesday  and headbanger or Darley training  Wednesday.

FRIDAY we are at Elvaston Castle for the Tara Kinder 10k so the club will be CLOSED this week only. Pass the message around.





 Leeds 10K 4th July

Strider Dan Butcher  ran on  his home turf at the weekend in the Leeds 10k. He ran his first ever competitive 10K in a time of 44.49.

 Annual Darley Fields Race Wednesday 7th July

This annual off road 10 mile race organised by Rolls Royce Harriers around Darley Park was won by Stephen Pezzuti in a personal best time of 65.43,an excellent race time for this terrain. Sandra Butcher & Angie Ljubojevic completed the course in 1.32.25 & 1.34.53 respectively.

Derby AC Veterans Relays Wednesday 7th July

This was the 8th year for the veterans relays organised by Derby AC. This 2 lap 2.5K course is a fast multi terrain route around the outskirts of Moorways Sports Centre including road, track, grass & woodland.  Shelton Striders had 6 teams compete.The ladies A team for the vet 45 won their category consisting of Carolyn Lee (10.36), Catherine Clifford (11.17) & Judith Marriott (10.25).  Judith also was awarded the fastest lady for running her leg in 10.25.The ladies B team in the vet 45 came second overall with their team of Lynn Nesbitt (11.54), Alison Donaldson (12.38) & Sally Johnson (12.00). The ladies vet 35 was also won by Shelton Striders – Liz Kitchen (11.42), Heather Turley (11.45) & Hayley Dawn Ho(13.18).The mens vet 60 prize went to Shelton Striders as well, the team were Allan Barber, Dave Keegan & Patrick Brennan.

Duffield Meadows Primary School 5 mile race – Monday 21stJune
5 Shelton Striders took part in this annual multi terrain race taking over 200 runners along the side of the Chevin Golf Course before heading straight up over the Chevin before turning left at Farnah Green & back along the road towards Duffield.
First back for the club was Steve Pezzuti in 36.20
Next in was Judith Marriott in 40.49 & winning the ladies vet 45 category, beating the former winner of this category for the past 2 years by over 6 minutes.
Alastair Boyd was next in followed by Dave Keegan & Anji Lubjovec

Unfortunately the Midsummer 10K over at Burton on Tuesday 22nd June has not had it’s results published as yet.

The Riber Fell Race Wednesday 23rd June
2 Shelton Striders – soon to be husband & wife competed in this tough fell race around Riber.
Carolyn Lee was first back in 45th place in 43.24
Chris Hopkinson finished 6 places behind in 51st position with a time of 46.05

This weekend sees the Mansfield half taking place – a tough run even without the heat!

A big well done to Dave Nunn who took on his own challenge, to run to Liverpool. Now most people want to run away from Liverpool but not Dave. All necessary equipment for the trip was in his haversack.

The weather wasn’t the kindess being probably the hottest period in the year but this still didn’t deter Dave.

Unfortunately Dave ONLY managed 70 of the 90 miles because really bad blistering took it’s toll.

Well pleased with his effort Dave has vowed to try again because as he says, there is unfinished business.

Good on yer.

We  had a few races on this last weekend which Shelton Striders took part in.

Long Eaton 5 Sunday 13th June
30 Shelton Striders took part in the annual 5 mile road race organised by Long Eaton Running Club.  This fast flat course around Long Eaton town centre brought the best out in the Striders with both the men & women winning team prizes along with our veteran 60 runner Roger Booth proving  he is still a force to contend with, by winning his vet 60 category.
With around 335 runners competing in this event Shelton’s first runner back was James Walker in 11th place in a time of 27.35.
Sam Pearch was next in 28.37
Patrick Munro 29.37
Matthew West 30.22
Robert Donald 30.54
Roger Booth 31.05

Female Striders were as follows:
1st back in 46th place was Lizzie Hill 31.08
Caroline Sutton 34.06
Elizabeth Kitchen 36.12 & 2nd Vet 35
Catherine Clifford 37.40 & 3rd Vet 45
Carolyn Dyall 38.46
Silke Kreiger-Ford 40.48

Kinder Trog Sunday 13th June
4 Shelton Striders decided a 16 mile fell race over Kinder Scout was the order of the day on Sunday.  This reknowned fell race which starts & finishes in the beautiful village of Hayfield begins almost immediately with a two mile climb over Lantern Pike, not for the faint hearted the route then turns towards the famous peaks of Mill Hill, Kinder Downfall & Kinder Scout before heading back to Hayfield with a 2 mile downhill finish.

127 runners took the plunge to run the distance.  Steve Hawkins once again lead the Striders back in knocking a minute off his previous time in 2.14.52 whilst Marcel Darling, a newcomer to this race finished only two minutes behind in 2.16.52.
Judith Marriot another newcomer to this tough fell race completed the course in 2.48.38 & finished 1st vet 45 this was thanks to an old hand at this event Carolyn Lee who mentored her round.  Carolyn finished only seconds behind in 2.48.44.
A great run by all.

Stoke Half Marathon or the Potters ‘Arf Sunday 13th June
3 Shelton Striders ran in the half marathon road race over in Stoke on Trent. Over 1400 runners took part in this famous half marathon.
1st in for Shelton Strider was Dave Keegan in 1.44.38
Followed in by Wendy Wheawell in 1.50.51
Alistair Boyd – 2.01.00

Shelton Striders competed in a number of races last weekend.

Comrades Marathon – South Africa Sunday 30th May
Chris Sexton achieved his 40th birthday wish by completing the Comrades marathon in 9.45.  This means he beat the cut off point of 11 hours by well over an hour.
Burton 10 mile road race Sunday 30th May
26 Shelton Striders competed in the 25th anniversary of this road race around the outskirts of Burton town centre.
Around 200 runners took part with the race is two laps of 5 miles starting & finishing by the town’s leisure centre.
The route is mainly flat with a steepish incline around the mid point on both laps.
1st Shelton Strider in was Sam Pearce who finished in 6th place & 4th Senior male in time of 1.00.53 – despite falling over!
Next in was Rob Donald who finished in 20th place – 1.04.50
Patrick Munro – 1.05.18
Matt West – 1.05.45
Roger Booth – 1.06.15 & was 1st back in his vet 60 category
Andy Dolman – 1.06.30

1st lady back was once again showing she can be up there with the best of them was Lizzie Hill. In her first 10 mile road race Lizzie came in 3rd place overall in the ladies in a time of 1.10.03
Judith Marriott was 4th – 1.12.44 ( knocking 7 minutes off her pb for this course) & was 1st lady vet 45
Liz Kitchen – 1.17.28
Catherine Clifford – 1.20.05
Kerry Allen -1.28.44
Alison Donaldson – 1.32.45

Bamford Fell Race Monday 31st May
2 Shelton Striders took part in the Bamford Fell Race 4.5miles with around 1,000′ climb with views over the Ladybower Reservoir.
Carolyn Lee finished 3rd lady in her vet 45 category.

Chester Marathon Monday 31st May
Gavin Fletcher was the Shelton Strider to compete in this Bank Holiday marathon. Gavin completed the race is 4.14.12.

Sunday 23rd May, Brooksie Long (14m) and Short (8.75m) Events

On what was a hot day, 14 Striders completed the Short event and 13 + one guest (Shaun) completed the Long event. Steve Hawkins’s record of 1:39:09 remains intact for another year.

First home in the Short event was Liz Kitchen in 1:15:13 seconds, followed by Allan Barber + dog in 1.19.00, Other finishers were as follows, Roy Hobson, 1:19:48; Cathy Clifford, 1:20:38; Lynn Nesbit, 1:20:45; Dave Keegan, 1:20:52, Gill Watson,1:30:48; Emily Powell, 1:30:32; Zoe Roberston, 1:30:37; Angie Lubovjevic, 1:30:39; Carolyn Lee,1:30:41; Mandy Lewis, 1:42:45; Alison Nunn, 1:42:50 and Christine Donald, 1:42:50.

First home in the Long event was Matt West in 1:54:10, followed in by John Thornton and Roger Booth in 1:55:22, (both training for the Coast to Coast), others finishing the race were as follows, Ian Bell, 1:55:38; Lizzie Hill as first lady (also her birthday), Dave Thornton, 1:55:57; Sam Pearch and  Marcel Darling, 1:59:02; Andy Dolman, 2:01:45, Andy Powell, 2:05:25; Judith Marriot and Darren Bradley 2:23:20 and Rob Donald, who decided to expolore some of the local countrysde on his way in.

The Staff of Life was the chosen post race re-hydration stop after the race for “cheesy” chips and lemonade! and to sharesome of Lizzie’s chocolate fudge cake.

Many thanks to Dave Nunn for cycling the short route as sweep.

Sunday 16th May Aston 10K

Shelton Striders fielded 46 runners out of 164.

The route although flat is in places tough underfoot taking runners along road, woodland, trail & canal paths around the village of Aston on Trent. Shelton Striders had 5 finishers in the top ten.

First back was Sam Pearch, 3rd place in a time of 37.44
Geert Tuinstra 6th in 38.99
Stephen Pezzutti 7th in 38.55
Rob Donald 8th in 39.37
Marcel Darling 9th in 39.41
Patrick Munro 12th in 40.48

First in for the Shelton ladies was Caroline Sutton – 2nd lady overall in 45.06
Catherine Clifford next in – 47.58
Heather Turley in 50.15
Alison Pickering in 51.34
Silke Krieger-Ford in 51.49
Kelly Craven in 52.06

The fun run which took place on the same day around Aston village had over 10 Striders take part.  Adam Boyd came 3rd in a time of 15.30.

Eyam Half Marathon 16th May
Only the Shelton ladies were brave enough this year to rise to the challenge of one of the toughest half marathons in the Midlands the Eyam half. The route starts around the famous plague village of Eyam before climbing up a mile long hill.  The undulating course boasts views of 5 counties with a 3 mile hill climb out of Hathersage before heading back to Eyam.
397 runners completed the course.
The four ladies were Lizzie Hill who in her first ever road half marathon came 2nd lady overall in an amazing time of 1.37.50
Next in was Judith Marriott knocking 6 minutes of her pb for this race in a time of 1.45.32. Finishing 9th overall & 3rd Vet 45
Carolyn Lee was next in a time of 1.51.54 & 6th Vet 45
Sandra Butcher completed the line up in a time of 2.09.00 & came 9th in her Vet 55 category.
Shelton Striders competed in two half marathons over the weekend.
Sunday 2nd May Uttoxeter Half marathon
Six Shelton Striders competed in this popular road half marathon. This single lap course took runners through a tough hilly route along country roads around Uttoxeter including the village of Marchington.
First back for the club in 12th place in a pb time of 1.22.07 was Stephen Hawkins
Catherine Clifford was next back for the club & first lady back in a time of 1.44.58
Followed in by Dave Nunn in 1.48.37
Dave Keegan 1.49.32
Mandy Lewis 2.19.47
Alison Nunn 2.20.00
Monday 3rd May – Woodhouse Eaves Mayday Challenge
Fourteen Shelton Striders competed in this 2nd off road 13.5 mile race held over the border in Leicestershire.  The route takes runners through the beautiful countryside including Bradgate Park.  With entries doubled for this year over 180 runners took part in this event with the finishers receiving welcome refreshments provided by the Womens Institute.
Marcel Darling was 5th overall in 1.32.45
Rob Donald 6th in 1.32.58
Andrew Dolman 1.37.15
Matt West 1.40.13
Dave Thornton 1.41.08
John Thornton 1.48.46
1st lady overall & 1st lady back for the club in her first ever off road race at this distance was Lizzie Hill.  Lizzie completed this tough course in 1.41.09
Judith Marriott was 4th placed lady in 1.48.45
Carolyn Lee next in 1.55.40
Alison Donaldson was our final lady completing the course in 2.14.36.


Roger(smooth) Booth 2.58.56   –   2nd in his V60 cat
 Patrick Munro          3.08.48
 Liz Kitchen              3.44.26
Caroline Sutton         3.44.49
Michael Sharpe         3.49.55
Simon Durston Smith 3.51.59
Gavin Fletcher           4.07.16
Heather Turley           4.15.54
Paul Webster            4.16.45
Darren Bradley          4.19.57
Dave Nunn                4.27.02
Hayley Ho                 4.43.56
Lisa Tatem                4.49.15
Gloria Jervis               5.00.01
Terrific performance by all concerned, but a very special mention for Roger.

 A Coventry Way 18th April

Congratulations to Judith Marriott and Alison Donaldson who took part in the 40 mile A Coventry Way. This event is held annually and organised by ‘A Coventry Way Association’. You can walk, jog or run it. Over 250 entrants took the challenge which takes you across bridlepaths, fields, canal paths, woodland around Kenilworth, Bedworth and the beautiful village of Meriden where it starts and finishes.  With 7 checkpoints along the way supplying copious amounts of homemade refreshments, they completed the challenge in 9 hours 12 minutes.  Tshirts were purchased & photos taken to prove they did it with smiles on their faces!

Caythorpe Canter Saturday 10th April

This Grantham Triclub event is either a13 or 26 mile challenge for walkers and runners of all abilities on minor roads, tracks, bridlepaths and footpaths in rural Lincolnshire, midway between Grantham, Lincoln, Newark and Sleaford.

3 lady Shelton Striders challenged themselves to run the 26 mile route. It was mainly flat with a couple of hills but the weather certainly made up for those!

Alison Donaldson & Judith Marriott completed the course in 5 hours 34 minutes.

Sandra Butcher was a few minutes behind in 5 hours 37 minutes.

Derby 10K Sunday 11th April

A record 56 Shelton Striders took part in the annual Derby 10K last Sunday and of those around half recorded personal bests!
This fast course through the city centre obviously spurred the vast majority of Striders on to achieve these excellent results with around 3,500 competitors in the main race.
1st back for the club was Stephen Pezzutti in 57th place in 37.56
Marcel Darling 38.37
Roger Booth 38.54 & 1st vet 60
Andy Dolman 38.57
Janusz Pudlowski 39.08
Matthew West 39.20
1st lady back for the club was our young lady runner Lizzie Hill who knocked 4 mins off her pb time! Fantastic achievement- Lizzie finished 6th lady in a time of 39.32.
Caroline Sutton 42.59
Liz Kitchen 46.25
Alison Pickering 47.58
Paula Wilson 48.20
Rachel Smith 48.40

Sunday 4th April Shining Cliff Fell Race

16 Shelton Striders took part in the annual Dave Denton’s Easter fell races in Shining Cliff Woods, Ambergate, Derbyshire. A few of the Shelton Striders club runners have never competed in a fell race and they did the club proud.

The route takes runners off road running through mud, water, over tree stumps, boulders and climbing to approximately 1059ft around the scenic Shining Cliff Woods.

2 runners chose the 1 lap route of 2.44 miles

Amanda Lewis completed it in 1.19.36

Jade Lewis finished in 1.19.47

14 Striders ran the 2 lap race of 4.88 miles. With over 108 competitors two of the Striders finished inside the top ten.

First back for the club in 9th place was Robert Donald in a time of 39.18 – first fell race

10th place Marcel Darling in 39.28

11th place David Nelson in 39.37 – first fell race

Stephen Hawkins 41.29

Andrew Dolman 44.59

First lady back for the club in her first ever fell race was Lizzie Hill. Lizzie came in 41st & 3rd place lady overall in a time of 43.22.

1st Wvet 40 category was Judith Marriott in 46.31

Christine Donald another first timer competing in a fell race was third lady Strider back in 1.03.55

Saturday 27th March Charnwood Forest Marathon
3 Shelton Striders took the opportunity to run an off road half & full marathon around the beautiful countryside of Leicestershire. The orienteering route took runners & walkers through Quorn, Charnwood, Bradgate Park & Newtown Linford.
Dave Thornton ran the half marathon & came 15th in a time of 2.18
Sandra Butcher & Judith Marriott ran the full marathon in just over 6hrs.  Coming a respectful 49th & 50th in a field of over 200.
Weston 5 mile Sunday 28th March
Around 44 Shelton Striders took part in the Weston 5 mile road in a field of 246 runners. The fast road race took runners from the Ukranian camp down through Weston on Trent then into Aston on Trent before finishing back at the Ukranian camp.
First back for the club was Geert Tuinstra in 30.00 in 15th place. (his first ever race for the club)
Steve Hawkins 30.02
Stephen Pezzutti 30.54
Marcel Darling 31.04
Derek Hobbs 31.30
Dave Thornton 31.46 who was 2nd vet 50
First lady back was Lizzie Hill in 41st place in a time of 33.12 & first in her Female Junior category
Carolyn Lee 37.54
Cathy Clifford 38.32
Alison Pickering 39.08
Silke Kreiger-Ford 40.08
Carolyn Dyall 40.14
Shelton Striders finished 2nd in the team event.
Also two of our runners took part in their first triathlon
Simon Oldacre came 30th out of 68 in his age group with a time of 1hour 17minutes which we are pleased with as it was his 1st Triathlon.

 Lyn Nesbitt came 26th out of 68 with a time of 1 hour 23 minutes.

The Shelton Striders turned out in force on Sunday 21st March for the Ashby 20 mile road race.
20 Striders took the challenge of running this two lap pre London marathon road race around the undulating lanes of Ashby, Swepstone, Heather & Packington.  Around 800 runners took part with three of our fastest runners finishing in the top 100.
First back for club in a brilliant race finishing 36th place was Steve Hawkins in 2.13.47
 followed by Marcel Darling in 2.24.58
Close behind was the ever improving Andrew Dolman in 2.25.57
Matthew West 2.28.26
Ian Crompton 2.29.54
Alex Buckley 2.35.09
Chris Sexton 2.36.54 – still training hard for his South Africian endurance race this summer
First back for the ladies was Caroline Sutton in 2.45.30 – fully refreshed from her honeymoon.
Catherine Clifford hot on her heels finished in 2.46.50
Heather Turley back on form in time for the London Marathon in 2.59.16
Alison Donaldson who is knocking her times down came in  3.10.33
Lisa Tatem 3.18.35
Hayley Ho 3.35.07
Amanda Lewis 3.52.59
In the club results the men finished 11th overall whilst the ladies finished a respectable 9th.
Kilomathon Sunday 14th March
27 runners from the club took part in this first ever 26.2K/16.3mile race from Nottingham to Derby. The road race saw around 5,500 runners from all over the country take part running through Long Eaton, Draycott, Borrowash & Elvaston Castle.
Shelton Striders had 9 runners from the club finish in the top 900.
19th Sam Peach 1.42 – recently joined the club.
99th Andy Dolman 1.51.11
165th Rob Donald 1.54.36
194th Ian Crompton 1.55.33
700th Judith Marriott 2.08.08
889th Gavin Fletcher 2.11.05
894th Chris Sexton 2.11.08 – Chris actually ran to Nottingham to take part in the race as he is preparing for an endurance race in South Africa later on this year. So fantastic achievement.
936th Cathy Clifford 2.11.49
Sub 4 Stafford 20 – Sunday 14th March
2 Shelton Striders competed in this 20 mile road race, an undulating route through the countryside of Staffordshire. 303 runners completed the course and first back for the club was Neil Hancock in a time of 2.33.32.
Alex Buckley finished shotly behind in 2.38.39.
Fradley 10K – Sunday 14th March
2 veteran Shelton Striders chose to run a much shorter distance in Staffodshire competing in the Fradley 10K. This is a fast 2 lap road race around the village of Fradley & surrounding area. The race attracted around 550 runners and first in for the club was Roger Booth who came 34th overall & 2nd in his vet 60 category with a time of 38.45.
Dave Keegan came 144th & 6th in his vet 60 category with a time of 45.26.

Newton’s Fraction Half Marathon Sunday 7th March

The Newton’s Fraction is Grantham Athletics Club annual staged road race. It is currently a 1/2 marathon but in the past it has been various other distances.

The race starts and finishes at the South Kesteven Sports Stadium,Grantham.  It heads into the country joining the scenic Grantham-Nottingham canal at around the two mile mark. After almost three miles the route then rejoins the road within view of Belvoir Castle. The route also includes first two testing hills before finishing at the stadium with a lap of the track.

First back for the club out of over 350 runners was Patrick Munro in 10th place in a time of 1.23.33

Next in was Dave Keegan – 3rd in his v60 category in 1.48.26

Closely followed in by Darren Bradley in 1.48.53

First lady back for the club was Mandy Lewis in 2.15.57

Lynne Chapman followed in at 2.21.03

The Cambridge Boundary Run Sunday 7th March

Shelton Striders Run Away With Cambridge Marathon

This low key marathon and half marathon, skirts around the boundary of the City of Cambridge

Shelton Striders Shaun Cooper won the Cambridge Marathon last Sunday, in a time of 3.04′.  Showing great strength on a tough route, with around 40% of it off-road, Shaun held off his nearest rival to win by more than a minute, showing how talented young runners can be nurtured and developed by a friendly, family-oriented club like Shelton Striders.  Team-mates Chris Sexton and Dave Nunn both completed the full 26.2 mile circuit around Cambridge, whilst Ian Barker was delighted with his first half marathon and longest run for several years, followed home by Alison Nunn, enjoying being the first Strider lady to cross the line.

Wanting to be able to share the bottle of champagne he won with all of his team-mates, some of whom faced a 100+ mile drive home, Shaun decided to save opening it until the club meets on Friday evening,

Stamford Striders Valentine 30K – Sunday 14th February
Four Shelton Striders competed in this 18 mile road race which is annually used as a training run for the London marathon.  The course is a challenging tough, hilly run through South Lincolnshire.
Roger Booth was first back for the club in 2.09.28
Jason Ball 2.18.20
Cathy Clifford first lady back in 2.37.21
Alison Donaldson in 2.50.53
Derby Runner Cross Country Race 4  – Bosworth Heritage Centre – Sunday 14th February
Twenty Two Shelton Striders took part in the 4th race of the cross country season down at the Bosworth Battlefield site.
The conditions for this 5.5mile race were extremely muddy fields with some woodland & trail paths included in this two lap run.
With over 300 runners competing both the men and ladies did well & are now placed 3rd overall in the league.
First back for the men were:
Paul Munro in 20th place in 35.25
Shaun Cooper 41st
Steve Hawkins 43rd
Rob Donald 56th
First back for the ladies were:
Lizzie Hill in 10th place in 41.43
Caroline Sutton 12th
Judith Marriott 15th
Alison Pickering 52nd
Sorry everybody.
Charnwood Hills Fell Race – Sunday 7th February
Fourteen Shelton Striders competed in this 24th annual 14 mile tough, muddy fell race organised by the Bowline Climbing Club, Leicestershire. The route takes runners through the beautiful Bradgate, Broombriggs and Beacon Hill Country Parks.  With over 400 competitors the Shelton Striders did well with 4 of the men finishing in the top 100! This ensured the men came fourth in their team competition.
1st back for the club was Shaun Cooper in 13th place in a time of 1.38.10
Followed in by:
Dave Nelson 1.40.57
Marcel Darling 1.47.02
Jason Ball 1.52.30
Andrew Dolman 1.56.59
Brendan Devlin 1.58.02
John Thornton 2.01.48
Dave Keegan 2.29.04
For the ladies 1st back for the club – knocking around10 minutes off her previous time in this race was
 Judith Marriott in 2.07.50.
Followed closely behind by Caroline Sutton in 2.08.07
Catherine Clifford 2.17.21
Carolyn Lee 2.17.48
Alison Donaldson 2.31.09
Sandra Butcher 2.34.19


We have new membership prices on the membership page but as yet, this is not reflected on the Membership Form on the web page. We hope to have it rectified ASAP but until then please feel free to use the old form but be prepared to pay the new fee.

The Committee

 Grace Dieu XCOUNTRY.

Shelton had 24 representatives at Sundays Xcountry.

For the men

Paul Mannion. 6th

Patrick Munro  24th

Dave Nelson 29th

Steve Hawkins 53rd

Marcel Darling 71st

Dave Thornton 75th

Rod Donald 89th

Kev Owen 90th

Ian Milward 93rd

Shaun Cooper 94th

Jan Pudlowski 116th

Andy Doleman 122nd

John Thornton 129th

Dave Keegan 203rd

Adam Leighton 205th

Paul Webster 214th

Steve Oliver 221st  out of 244 male runners.

For the women.

Lizzie Hill 6th

Judith Marriott 14th

Alison Pickering 55th

Kerrie Allen 69th

Chris Donald 82nd

Hayley Ho 87th  out of 100 women

Sadly Hannah Leighton, in her first venture for the club twisted her ankle and was ferried back by car.

Better luck next time Hannah.  Thanks to all who represented the club. Hopefully you will all be available for the next round on Feb 14th.

The only junior to take part was Luke Pickering who finished 2nd in the 4th year boys. Well done Luke. Let’s see a few more youngsters giving it a go next time.


Men                                      James Walker                   Women                    Caroline Sutton
Vet 40 Male                        Ian Crompton                    Women Vet 35       Pascale Holden
Vet 50 Male                        Dave Thornton                  Women Vet 45      Cathy Clifford
Vet 60 Male                        Dave Keegan                     Women Vet 55       Gloria Jervis
Boys U13                           Adam Boyd                        Girls U11                 Jade Lewis
Boys U12                          Thomas Pickering             Girls U6                   Hannah Pickering
Boys U11                           Thomas Boyd                    Boys U9                 Luke Pickering
SENIOR FUN RUN CHAMPION                            Judith Marriott
MALE                             Shaun Cooper                          FEMALE                Carolyn Lee
2 MILE                           Sue Fenton                              4 MILE                      Caroline Sutton
                                                            Dave Nunn
Excellent news from the Dubai Marathon.  Roger (smooth ) Booth was first vet 60 in the race in a time of 3hrs-06mins.  Shaun Cooper followed in at 3 – 19 then Dave Thornton in 3-22. Well done guys.
The club room is closed this week the 22nd, due to it being the Presentation Night at the Engineers Club star
 ting at 7pm.   Adults £3 and children £1.   If you need any more information contact one of the committee
before hand.
Excellent turn out at the track on Wednesday. Thanks to all who came.
Shining Cliffs Fell Race Sunday 10th January 2010
Well despite the weather causing havoc to the weekends sports fixtures (I bet alot of people had wished Derby’s game could have been snowed off?!) we have three intrepid & hardy lads take themselves off to Ambergate for the first of Dave Denton’s 2010 fell races.
The weather did mean the course had to slightly shortened by around a mile or so for safety reasons but even so Shelton Striders had an excellent result with all three coming in the top 20!  Over 90 runners competed in the long distance race through Shining Cliff Woods, Ambergate near Belper.
Winner & first back for Shelton Striders in the long distance race of around 5 miles was young James Walker in a time of 31.12.
Next was Shaun Cooper in excellent form finishing in 9th place in a time of 33.49.
Finally not to be outdone by the younger Striders was the ever improving Marcel Darling finishing in 20th spot in a time of 36.19.
Hollybush Fell Race 1st Jan 2010
The Headbanging year got off to a flying start at the Hollybush, we had 14 Striders competing out of the 80 runners. First in was Shaun Cooper in second place winning half a gallon beer, followed in by Steve Hawkins and Marcel Darling, first lady for Shelton was Judith Marriot, followed in by Sandra Butcher and Gayle Gamble, other finishers on the day were Ian Bell who was first Vet 50, John and Dave Thornton, Gavin Fletcher, Andy Bradley, Pat Brennan, Chris Hopkinson and Robin Hutchinson.
The next race in the series is the 14 mile Bowline Charnwood Hills Race on the 7th February, this is an “entry before the day” race as it  fills up early, the entry can be found at


Race Results 2009

News 2009

Other events will be available following the final co-ordination of all the club events for the year.
If conditions are acceptable then the track at Moorways will be on again Wednesday 6th January 6 till 7 and still at the unbelievable price of £1. See you there. 
I’m afraid I haven’t a lot to report on over the Christmas period as one of the races had to be cancelled due to black ice over at Caythorpe – Southwell 10K on Monday 28th Dec.
However on Boxing Day we had the Furnace Inn Fun Run with over 170 runners taking part & a good number of Shelton Striders making an appearance. Due to the treacherous ice still lying along various sections of the original course, it was decided the route should be reduced from a 3 mile run down to a 2.25mile run still taking runners through Darley Park. The money raised was £370 for charity.

A big thank you to all who took part and the volunteers who marshalled, took times, recorders of position and times etc etc.

Only one race to report on which was the
Tittesworth Christmas Cracker held on Sunday 20th December.
Normally a tough but fun 8 mile fell race over the Roaches, near Leek in Staffordshire the route & distance had to be altered due to the inclement weather conditions.
Still thirteen Shelton Striders took part in the shorter approximate 5  mile route around the Tittesworth reservoir. The majority of the runners who annually take part in this event do so in fancy dress & this year was  no exception.
Out of 337 runners who took part first back for the club was one of our veteran runners John Thornton in 77th place & 4th vet55 in an amazing time despite the conditions of 41.53.
Following close behind were Andy Brooks & Shaun Cooper both in 42.05.
First lady back for the club & 1st in her vet45 category was Carolyn Lee in again an excellent time of 44.40.KeyworthTurkey Trot Half Marathon -Sunday 13th December

Seven Shelton Striders took part in the 27th Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon. A record field of 875 runners took part.The undulating race route took runners from Keyworth to Wysall, Willoughby, Widmerpool and Stanton, before returning to Keyworth.

Conditions were quite good for the race, starting cold and dry, then becoming drizzly, then bright.

Two personal bests were achieved in Shaun Cooper who was 1st back for the club in 26th place in a time of 1.21 &  Neil Hancock in 1.29.06.

These were followed in by Wayne Moore in 1.48.10

Dave Keegan – 1.48.40

Pascale Holden led the ladies home in 1.49.10

Alison Wynn 2.04.37

Anji Ljubujevic 2.09.44

Bolsover 11k -Sunday 13th December

Two Shelton Striders took part in the unusual race distance of 11K for what normally is known as the Bolsover 10k.  The race this year started just outside Bolsover Castle with competitors then running around the outskirts of Bolsover before finishing in the impressive castle grounds.

A cold but dry and sunny morning for the race with just short of 700 runners saw Andy Dolman finish 73rd in a time of 47.05 whilst Judith Marriott finished in 116th place – 7th lady overall & 2nd vet45 in a time of 48.53.

This next weekend sees a few of us taking part in the Tittesworth Christmas Cracker – an 8 mile fell race in fancy dress over The Roaches in Staffordshire : )

2nd round of the Derby Runner Cross Country League – Sunday 6th December at Aylestone Meadows, Leicester
Despite the muddy conditions for this weeks cross country Shelton Striders weren’t put off. We had 10 male runners & 8 female runners taking part in this 5 mile 2 lap course around Aylestone meadows.First back overall out of around 350 runners was Paul Mannion in a time of 29.18Followed in by James Walker – 31.07P.Munro – 33.54Rob Donald – 34.27Chris Keegan 34.29
 Shelton Striders 1st lady back equally her placing from Foremark race was Lizzie Hill in 5th spot in a time of 35.27Followed in by Caroline Sutton – 38.13Judith Marriott – 38.25Alison Pickering – 43.18Tracy Hepburn – 43.28Heather Turley – 44.23
Cardington Christmas Cracker Sunday 6th DecemberFive Shelton Striders ventured across to Shropshire last Sunday to compete in the 22nd Cardington Cracker. This famous Christmas fell race is a 9 mile route taking in a climb of 2,600 ft!237 runners took part & first back for the club was Shaun Cooper finishing in 29th place in a time of 1.29.18Stephen Hawkins was 40 seconds behind in 1.29.53Gavin Fletcher – 1.53.13Carolyn Lee was the first lady Strider back finishing 5th place in her v45 category in 1.59.14Whilst Sandra Butcher was our second lady finishing 1st in her v60 category in a time of 2.14.10.

 We must mention James Realey, one of our young Shelton Striders, who took part in the Markeaton Jingle Jog 5K. James was the first junior back finishing in an excellent time of 23.23.

Over at the Edwinstow 10k, Matthew Judson (1st claim to Notts AC) finished 6th in 38mins 40sec whilst Kerrie Allen knocked 2 minutes off her PB by finishing in 56 -04.
Matthew Walkers 10K Sunday 14th November
18 Shelton Striders took part in the 23rd annual race 10K road race held in Shipley Country Park last Sunday.
The race organised by Heanor Running Club took the runners through the Heanor industrial estate before heading out through Smalley, down Bell Lane finishing back near the visitor centre in Shipley Park.
With over 704 runners our 1st Strider back was Jan Pudlowski in a time of 41.24.
Followed in by:
Ian Crompton 41.25
Robert Donald 41.59
Neil Hancock 42.14
Brendan Devlin 42.14
1st lady back was young Lizzie Hill in 43.23
Pascale Holden 49.35
Wendy Wheawell 50.11
Jackie Campbell 50.38
Shelton Striders only competive race this last weekend was The Roaches fell race Sunday 8th -November a tough  15 mile fell race over in Staffordshire. With 3700ft of climb it is certainly not for the faint hearted. The event starts by going over the Roaches, down through woods and across a river then after a climb up to a ridge, drops down before climbing Shuttlingslow, turn round the Trig point and returning back the same way.
Nine Striders showed what they were made of by competing in this annual event.
First back home for the club out of 209 runners was Stephen Hawkins in 28th place overall & an excellent time of 2.32.42
Next in was Marcel Darling 86th place in 2.52.02
Alex Buckley 2.59.42
Andy Bradley 3.11.35
Gavin Fletcher 3.19.10
Kevin Milwain 3.25.09
Paul Webster 3.53.50
Darren Bradley 4.11.50
Our one & only lady who is afraid of nothing was Carolyn Lee finishing in a very respectable time of 3.25.09

Sunday 18th October Chris Ingram Memorial Race, Melton Mowbray
Two Shelton Striders namely Shaun Cooper & Dave Keegan took part in the Stilton
Striders 5 mile race around Melton Mowbray. Out of 117 runners Shaun Cooper was
9th finishing in an impressive time of 30.45 with Dave finishing 48th, 4th in
his MV60 class in time of 37.47.

Sunday 18th October Amsterdam Marathon/Half Marathon
Twelve runners from Derby – not all members of Shelton Striders, took part in
the Amsterdam marathon and half marathon on Sunday.  26,000 runners competed in
the races which included a 10K race for those who didn’t fancy braving the
longer distances.

The races started & finished in the Olympic Stadium with route taking you
through the famous Vondel park and along the Amstel river.

Gavin Fletcher was the only Strider taking part in the marathon. This was
Gavin’s first marathon and he completed it in an impressive time of just over 4
hours – 4.02.07.

Half Marathon results were as follows:
Wayne Moore (Shelton Strider)                  01:40:16
Hayley-Dawn Ho (Shelton Strider)             02:01:31     personal best
Claire Hirons  (Shelton Strider)                  02:06:49      personal best
Nicole Moore                                                    02:09:23

Tracy Craddock (Shelton Strider)              02:12:02
Lisa Tatem (Shelton Strider)                       02:16:12
Davison                                         02:18:59
Morgan                                                    02:22:21
Victoria Else                                                       02:26:08

A number of these Shelton Striders are competing in the 2010 London Marathon, so
it was a good start for their training regime with personal bests under their
It was a busy one for the Shelton Striders last Sunday 11th October with the
Merrill 10K Classic and fun run, working alongside Merrill College in putting
this popular & well supported annual road race together .
The fast flattish mainly course starts by the Boulton Lane Community Centre &
finishes within the Merrill College grounds. Over 400 runners took part in the
First across the line was Ben Norris from Notts AC in 32.00 , not quite the
course record but has mentioned he will be back next year!
2nd place Chris Rainsford, Heanor RC in 32.50
3rd place Paul Lewis, Long Eaton in 33.02

First back was
1st lady was Nicola Clay, Stilton Striders in 36.28
2nd Clare Mckittrick, Charnwood AC in 37.00
3rd Lisa Palmer, Heanor AC in 37.34

As for the Shelton Striders who ran we had 17 representatives. First back was
Shaun Cooper in 38.21.
Followed in by Janusz Pudlowski in 40.14
Matthew West in 40.19
Marcel Darling 40.32
Robert Donlad 41.84
Alex Buckley 42.01
Brendan Devlin 42.23

First lady back for the club was Jackie Campbell in 51.15
Followed in by Gill Watson in 56.47
Patricia Lincoln in 57.06

Merrill Fun Run proved a competive race too for the young runners who took part.
The first three runners home ran a fast and comfortable 2 mile race around the
college grounds.
First in was Sam Sadley in 12.39
Next in was an extremely fast young lady and one to watch in the future Danielle
Booth, Derby AC in 12.46
James Whitfield, 4 Life Tri Club in 13.27

First Shelton Strider back in the fun run was Adam Boyd in 14.58 finishing 8th
overall out of 110 competitors.

Leicester Half Marathon Sunday 11th October
Tracy Craddock was our only representative at the Leicester festival of running.
Tracy chose to run the half marathon distance as a warm up to her Amsterdam half
marathon race next weekend. With that in mind Tracey ran a personal best and
completed the course in 2.11.

Upcoming Headbanger event update.

 I have updated the Macclesfield Harriers Roaches Fell Race contact, also information on the MK requirement, for anyone thinking about doing this event, the Passing Clouds Race on the 25th October will give you an idea of the terrain.
This link will take you to the Congleton harriers site for the Passing Clouds.

 Sunday 13th September

Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon

14 Shelton Striders joined more than 1200 other runners for the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon in Wales on Sunday. This popular run takes competitors around the beautiful lake on a surprisingly flat course given the surrounding mountains. The shaded route provided relief from the glorious September sunshine, allowing for some excellent times. First back for Shelton Striders was Ian Crompton in 1:29:25, with Shaun Cooper hard on his heels in 1:29:26. Third place male was Dave Keegan, who ran an excellent 1:41:40 to finish 8th in his V60 age category.
For the ladies, Cathy Clifford continued her excellent form to finish 9th in her LV45 age category in a time of 1:41:45.  Next in was Pascale Holden who smashed nine minutes off her half marathon PB to finish in 1:43:05. Third Striders lady was Carolyn Lee in 1:47:14.
Other results were
Chris Hopkinson 1:47:14
Tracy Hepburn 1:50:11
Dave Turley 1:52:45
Kevin Milwain 1:52:47
Darren Bradley 1:53:53
Heather Turley 1:58:37
Gloria Jervis 2:03:17
Mandy Lewis 2:21:07
Well done everybody and thanks for making the trip such a great day out.
Nottingham Half Marathon & Full Marathon Sunday 13th September
Eight Shelton Striders competed with well over 6,600 runners in the annual
Nottingham half marathon. Despite the large number of runners
 Robert Donald
managed a time of 1.36.40 and was first back for the club.
He was followed in by
Brendan Devlin in 1.39.32
Andrew Deighton 1.47.27
Kulwant Singh Johal 1.53.46
Alison Pickering was 1st lady back for the club in 1.52.19 (2 minutes faster
than last year).
Don Robey 1.59.34
Christine Donald 2.09.07
John Moylan 2.13.46

Alexandra Bradley took part in her first ever marathon over in Nottingham and
finished in a very respectable time of 4.23.51. There were around 1,300 runners
competing in the full event.

Ashbourne Half Marathon Sunday 13th September
Three Shelton Striders took part in the tough but scenic Ashbourne half

 Out of 168 runners Dave Thornton (3rd MV50) & Neil Hancock were first
back for the club in an impressive 1.32.18.
Geoff Beadsmore finished in a time of 1.52.30

Tom McGonigal 5k/10K Belper – Sunday 13th September

Only one Strider ventured the short distance up the A6 to compete in the
annual5k held at Belper Meadows Cricket Ground. Running along side Nigel Clough
and family, Judith Marriott completed the fast flat course along the river
Derwent in a time of 20.03, finishing 1st lady and 4th overall.
It was first time the organisers had run the 10K event, which was a tough
undulating course taking runners over the Chevin and back along Milford and into

Tuesday 8th September

Chevin Fell Race (2.7m 600ft climbing)

Andy Bradley was our first Strider home in 25:20, followed in by Gavin Fletcher in 25:25, Carolyn Lee was our first lady and also the first LV40 in 27:14, Allan Barber was next in 27:37 (1st V60), Chris Hopkinson in 28:31, Dave Keegan in 28:31, Sandra Butcher in 29:38 (1st LV60) and well done to Mandy Lewis in her first Fell race in 38:38.

Sunday 6th September

Owls AC John Fraser 10 mile Road Race

Shelton Striders had an excellent turn out of 21 runners down in Leicester at Countesthorpe College for the Owls AC John Fraser 10 mile road race.
This undulating but scenic course had over 500 runners take part. First back for Shelton Striders was
James Walker, finishing 22nd overall in a time of 60.01.
Followed in by Shaun Cooper 67.46
Dave Thornton 68.06
Neil Hancock 68.25
1st lady back Caroline Sutton in 72.13
Rob Donald 72.32
Andy Bradley 72.51
Lizzie Hill 72.51
Jonathon Bird 75.00
Cathy Clifford 78.42
Pascale Holden 80.09

Dave Denton’s Milford Chevin Fell Race Tuesday 8th September

8 Shelton Striders competed in this popular fell race organised by Dave Denton over in Milford, Derbyshire.  80 runners took part in long race – a 3 mile tough route up & over the Chevin.

First back for the club was Andy Bradley in 25.20

Gavin Fletcher 25.25
1st lady back was Carolyn Lee 27.14
Allan Barber 27.33
Chris Hopkinson 28.21
Dave Keegan 28.31
Sandra Butcher 29.28
Mandy Lewis 38.38

Saturday 29th August Double or Quit

Five Shelton Striders competed in the 5th annual Double or Quit race organised
by Ilkeston Running Club.
The race allows you to choose to run either 5 miles or 10 miles of a multi
terrain undulating tough course around Shipley Park.
Judith Marriott opted for the shorter 5 mile distance & it paid off as she was
2nd lady back, completing the course in a time of 38.11.

The other four Striders opted for the double route & first back was Jason Ball
in 70.03
Followed in by Dave Keegan in 83.07
Darren Bradley in 84.09
Jackie Campbell in 85.50

Sunday 30th August Bradbourne Fell Race

Six Shelton Striders competed in the annual Bradbourne Fell Races – all six
chose the 5.4mile route.
1st back for the club & coming back from injury was Shaun Cooper in 16th place
in atime of 40.06
Followed in by
Stephen Pezzutti in 41.31
1st lady back Caroline Sutton in 43.50
Andrew Hall 45.17
Pascale Holden in 50.25
Dave Keegan in 53.15

Sunday 30th August Belvedere 10K
One lone Shelton Strider took part in this 10K race over at Burton.  Don Robey
came 128th out of 198 in a time of 52.15.

 Berlin 10k Champions Run

One of our ladies took herself over to Berlin to take part in the Berlin 10k Champions Run on Saturday 22nd of August

Silke Kreiger Ford’s time of 53-35 was not her best but the weather was very warm and the course very crowded.

Silke was in prime position in the stadium when THE BOLT himself, won the 2oo metres in a world record time of 19-19. What an honour that was.

Would he have bettered that if he had attended the Wednesday night training sessions, who knows?

 Rolls Royce 10k.     Wednesday 5th August

31 Striders took part in this annual 10k race organised by the Rolls Royce Harriers and takes in the area around Mickleover.

First back for the Striders in a time of 36 – 26 was James Walker, followed by

 Dave Thornton in 39-00

Jan Pudlowski     40-45

Ian Crompton       41-01

Brendan Devin      41-10

Ian Bell                  41-26  pb

Neil Hancock        41-35

Steven Pezzutti    42-14

Jonathon Bird      42-16

Alex Buckley        42-22

Marcell Darling    43-33

Rob Donald          43-50

Andy Bradley       44-18

Wayne Moore       44-32  pb

Shaun Watson     44-48

Gavin Fletcher     44-58

Darren Bradley    49-06

Andrew Simons   58-48

Steve Aynsley       1-02 


Caroline Sutton   44-05

Lizzie Hill             45-01

Carolynn Lee       46-54

Pascale Holden   48-17

Alison Pickering  51-12

Sandra Butcher   53-45

Anjie Ljubojevic  54-16

Zoe Robertson    54-55

Nina Patel            55-03

Haley Ho                1-00

Fiona Porter          1-03

Loiuse Fletcher   Time unknown

A big well done to all who turned out and carried the Shelton colours with PRIDE.


 Heanor 5 mile Friday 31st July

28 Shelton Striders took part in the 9th annual Heanor 5 mile road race starting
and finishing at Shipley Hall Cricket Club. Around 200 competitors ran this new
undulating route around Shipley Park.
Shelton Striders results were as follows with at least 3 personal bests & two
vet category firsts:
1st back for the club was Dave Thornton in 16th place in a time of 31.56
Followed in by:
Steve Pezutti 33.19
Jan Pudlowski 33.28
Ian Bell 33.30
Brendan Devlin 33.38 (personal best)
Alex Buckley 33.39
Rob Donald 33.43
Shaun Watson 35.27
Wayne Moore 35.31 (personal best)

Ladies were as follows:
1st back for the club was Lizzie Hill in 35.38
Followed in by:
Alex Bradley 37.50
Carolyn Lee 37.53 (1st vet45)
Pascale Holden 38.31
Cathy Clifford 39.18
Alison Pickering 41.56
Ruth Cook 43.15
Gloria Jervis 44.09 (1st vet55)
Hayley Dawn Ho 49.43 (personal best)

Nottingham 5 and Pride Park Relays.

 Nottingham AC 5 Mile Road Race Friday 24th July

Two Shelton Striders drove up the A52 to take part in the Nottingham Athletics
Club 5 mile road race along the Victoria Embankment last Friday.
Both runners achieved personal bests.

James Walker was 14th overall out of 140 runners & completed the course in
Dave Keegan was 4th back in his V60 category & finished
in 35.32.

Pride Park Relays Monday 27th July

Derbyshire County Athletic Association Senior & Masters Relays Monday 27th July

Shelton Striders entered 6 mens teams and 5 women’s teams taking part in the
relays. This is the most entries Shelton Striders have ever had.
A total of 39 Striders competed, which is brilliant, and a testimony to the the
camaraderie and support within the club.
The 2 mile route started & finished outside Starbucks at Derby County’s football
stadium then up towards just before London Road turning left into Alvaston Park
& then back along the river path before turning left at the back of the JJB
stadium & round the outside of the stadium. The route being fast & undulating
for any runner.

Striders best placed team was in the event with a team consisting of Angie
Ljubojevic,  Alison Wynne  and Judith Marriot finishing 3rd overall in the Vet
35 category.

Masters men came 7th and 10th whilst in the Seniors we had 6th place in both the
mens and womens. The women also came 7th,10th and 13th whilst the others mens
team in the Seniors came 9th, 12th.


After three events the 2 and 4 mile handicap competitions are both closely fought with at least 6 runners in contention in each competition. Chris Turley leads the 2 mile from Tracey Craddock and Steve Oliver and Caroline Sutton narrowly leads the 4 mile from Ian Bell and Lizzie Hill. However, this could easily change after the Darley Park event on 22 July. As the competition is based on the best 5 results from 6 events the outcome is currently too close to call at this stage. There have been 24 competitors taking part in each event so far. We have had three very different events starting with the flat out-and-back race from the clubhouse at Shelton Lock. This was followed by the tough Ingleby run at which, thankfully, only 1 competitor went wrong and we didn’t have to send search parties out for anyone this year! The most recent event was a new venue at Poppy Wood, a National Forest planting site. The start and finish took place from St Brides Farmhouse. The owner, Paul Spencer and family kindly provided car parking and after-race refreshments. This was a most enjoyable change of scenery on a hot summer’s evening for which there was an excellent turnout. With all to play for I anticipate the remaining events at Darley Park (22nd July), Weston (4th August) and Ockbrook (10th Sept) will be hotly contested. My thanks go particularly to Brian and Pam Budd for their excellent timekeeping and registration, Dave Turley, Dave Nunn and Paul Webster for their assistance as marshalls and marker collectors. I hope those who have taken part have enjoyed the runs and would appreciate your feedback on the competition this year. I would welcome any suggestions for new routes or any other changes you would like to see for the future.

Allan Barber

Saturday 18th July is the night we have our 25th Anniversary Party at the Sinfin Social Club .

All New and Past members are very welcome to come along and join in the celebration.

Tickets are £5 for adults and £3 for children which includes buffet, disco and live music. Come on down!!!!!

If you could let any of the committee know that you intend coming then you can pay at the door on the night.

You will find our contact numbers in the Menu on the home page.

This is a one off offer as we will never celebrate 25 years of the Striders again, 30, 40 and maybe 50 but not 25 again so don’t miss the opportunity of catching up with past members and new members.

We would love to see you.

7th July Full Sun Race Route

The Full Sun route will be back to Milford again this year, the only difference will be the start and finish points have changed to Well Lane. We will be doing a reqi run of the route on the day after the 25th Anniversary evening. The reqi run will be a social event to check the route is still safe, and clean the cobwebs out from the night before, so anyone interested is welcome, talk to Carolyn or Chris for more info.

Update from this last weekend:

Mansfield Half Marathon – Sunday 28th June
Nine Shelton Striders took part in this new route for the Mansfield half
marathon. The 13.1 mile course was semi rural and slightly undulating rather
than the challenging hills previously.
Almost 800 runners competed in this race starting from Berry Hill Park.
First back for the club and shaving a massive 4 minutes off her personal best

Caroline Sutton in an impressive time of 1.37.48
First male back was Chris Sexton in 1.40.53
Followed in by Gavin Fletcher in 1.43.45
Catherine Clifford in 1.47.33
Dave Keegan in 1.52.57
Wendy Wheawell 1.52.57
Darren Bradley in 2.01.26
Gloria Jervis in 2.05.26
Paul Webster in 2.06.20

24th June Riber Fell Race

There were 7 Striders out of the 71 runners at the Riber Fell Race, times and places were as follows.

  • Steve Pezzuti       22nd 40:30
  • Gavin Fletcher      28th 41:44
  • Alan Barber         45th 46:07
  • Carolyn Lee         47th 46:26
  • Dave Keegan       48th 48:02
  • Cathy Clifford       60th 52:07
  • Sandra Butcher    68th 53:48


24th June Full Sun Run Date Change

I have had to change the Full Sun Run date to the 26th July from the 12th due to other commitments.

Castleton Fell Race 5th June

This years Headbanger club trip was to the Castleton Fell Race. Many thanks to Gavin who arranged and drove the bus this year. There were 10 Striders competing this year in what turned out to be a cold and wet event. The results are as follows.

  • Steve Hawkins 21st in  50:17
  • Alex Buckley               57:55
  • Gavin Fletcher             59:48
  • Caroline Sutton 3rd L   60:36
  • Carolyn Lee 2nd LV      65:02
  • Alan Barber                 69:15
  • Dave Keegan              71:35
  • Steve Oliver                71:46
  • Pascal Holden              72:31
  • Cathy Clifford               73:20

The next event in the Headbangers is Riber on the 24th June.

Sunday 10th May

The Long and Short Brooksie Bash races had 17 runners on a warm sunny day, there were a few regular faces missing due to clashes with other events, but on the day Steve Hawkins went for broke, and smashed the long course record by 3 minutes to record a 1:39:09 some 12 minutes clear of John Thornton in 1:51;29, Simon Durston-Smith took 10mins off his best to record 1:53:29, and Lizzie Hill doing her first long event was just 35 seconds outside the hour, followed in by Dave Thornton just a second later.

The Short event was won by Derek Hobbs in 59:25 Alan Barber followed in at 1:07:39, with Cathy Clifford the first lady in 1:16:47, other finishers were, Chris Sexton 1:16:45, Dave Keegan 1:16:48, Tracy Hepburn 1:17:13, Pascal Holden 1:17:18, Carolyn Lee 1:17:20, Paul Webster 1:35:10, with Simon Moore running as a guest in 1:17:15.

The Next event is the Castleton Fell Race on the 5th June, this may still be a club trip if there is enough interest, see Carolyn at the club night.

Monday 4th May

There were  7 Striders at the 13.5 mile Woodhouse May Day Challenge. First man home for both Striders and the event was Sean Cooper in a time of 1:29:12 setting the course record up for next year, Sean was about a minute clear of the chasing bunch. The damp and drizzly day did not deter about 150+ runners trying the new course out, this well organised race looks like being an annular event.

The Strider results were as follows.

Sean Cooper 1:29:12; Caroline Sutton 1:49:40; Dave Keegan 1:51:25; Carolyn Lee 2:00:57; Pascal Holden 2:07:35; Chris Hopkinson 2:07:45; Sandra Butcher 2:07:50.

Monday 27th April

For information, we have done a reqi of the route of the Headbanger May Day Challenge on the 2nd May, it has quite a lot of hard surface/road in it, so fell shoes are NOT advisable, trail would be better, it would be possible to do this route in road shoes, but I will leave that to individuals to choose. The route uses part of the Charnwood Hills Race route, but there is nothing like as much climbing, there is possibly less climbing than the Brooksie Bash Long route, allow time for parking as it could get congested.

Sunday 26th April

Well done to all the Striders who took part in today’s London Marathon.

First in for the club was Steve Hawkins in a impressive time of 2.53.03.

Steve was followed in by Roger Booth – 9th in his vet 55 category in 2.59.58.
Neil Hancock did a personal best, slashing his previous marathon run by around 20 mins completing the course in 3.29.15.
First lady back for the club and again getting a personal best by over a minute was Cathy Clifford who finished in 3.45.58 – 139 in her vet 45 category.
Our other finishers were:
Tracy Hepburn – 3.55.47
Kevin Milwain – 4.44.59
Darren Bradley – 4.58.12
Zoe Robertson – 5.00.31
Claire Hirons  – 5.10.45
Amanda Lewis – 5.14.52
Alison Nunn – 5.34.12
Lucy Allsopp – 6.18.43
Congratulations to each and every one of you – especially in the heat!

Wednesday 22nd April

If you are thinking about entering the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon (club trip and one of our Championship races), please note that the race is filling fast. Please enter asap.

Visit www.oswestryolympians.co.uk

Sunday 19th April

Well done to all 44 Shelton Striders who took part in the Derby 10K!

James Walker 00:36:49
Stephen Pezzutti 00:38:10
Roger Booth 00:38:39
David Nelson 00:40:36
Ian Crompton 00:41:14
Alex Buckley 00:41:28
Simon Durston-Smith 00:41:51
Ian Bell 00:42:13
Alexandra Bradley 00:43:18
Shaun Watson 00:43:25
Lizzie Hill 00:43:45
Christopher Sexton 00:43:52
Kulwant Singh Johal 00:44:14
Roy Hobson 00:44:40
Gavin Fletcher 00:45:12
David Keegan 00:45:37
Peter Bunce 00:45:47
Shaun Cooper 00:46:08
Carolyn Lee 00:46:09
Chris Hopkinson 00:46:23
Andrew Simons 00:47:55
Alison Pickering 00:47:39
Pascale Holden 00:47:52
Wendy Wheawall 00:48:03
Tracy Hepburn 00:48:10
Ruth Cook 00:49:30
Dave Nunn 00:48:33
Silke Krieger-Ford 00:51:14
Alastair Boyd 00:51:45
Reg Carter 00:53:12
Andrew Deighton 00:51:30
Gloria Jervis 00:54:12
Benjamin Butcher 00:54:59
Ken Keegan 00:56:41
Patricia Lincoln 00:56:30
Stephen Wells 00:55:28
Margaret Cowling 00:56:48
Donald Robey 00:56:48
Louise Fletcher 00:58:51
Ann Adams 00:59:17
Lorraine Shenton 00:57:54
Lynne Chapman 00:59:03
Claire Hirons 01:03:49
Erica Tite 01:11:02

Sunday 12th April

Shining Cliffs Fell Race

The first Headbanger of the season, and the first in the “Country Challenge” saw 6 Striders completing the 4.9mile full event with 2 completing the shorter 2.4mile event. The hilly course was muddy in places after overnight rain, with the worst area of mud near the start/finish. The Results are as follows.

Shaun Cooper 11th in 40:50
Gavin Fletcher 45:10

Jonathan Bird 46:33

Carolyn Lee 53:41 (2ndW40)

Kate Wray 53:41

Chris Hopkinson 55:11

And in the short race

Wayne Moore 24:48

Judith Marriott 26:37

The full results are at www.runningwithdavid.com

The next event in the Headbangers is the “Woodhouse May Challenge” on 4th May, see the events for info.

Change of date.

Full sun Race changed to the 12th July, this is from the 19th to avoid a clash with the 25th Celebration the night before.

Sunday 29th March

Weston 5

It was a beautiful sunny morning that greeted the 50 (yes 50) Shelton Striders  from a line up of 229 runners taking part in this years Weston 5 Mile road race. This well attended run seems to attract more runners and the good weather every year. It starts from the Ukrainian Centre and is very well organised by the 107 Weston, Aston and Shardlow Scout group.
1st back for the club as usual was James Walker 5th home in a time of 29.08.
2nd in for Shelton was Steve Hawkins in 9th in a time of 30.10.
In 3rd for Shelton and 2nd overall in the M50 category of 33 runners was Dave
Thornton in 31.12
For the Shelton Ladies
1st back was the ever improving Lizzie Hill in 35.06
2nd in a time of 35.51 Alexandra Bradley
3rd back Carolyn Lee in 37.20 and 2nd in the F45 category.
Special mention for Rebecca Turley running her first ever 5 mile race for
Shelton coming home 2nd in FJ category with a respectable 48.09.

30th March

Wednesday night training

Please note that the track sessions at Moorways have now finished and we start at Darley Park this Wednesday 1st April. 6 till 7pm at the Darley Abbey Pub end of the park.     See you there.

26th March

Good news all, the new club vests have finally arrived, they are a more technical vest this time, so less chance of the rubbing and chafing we hope, see Gavin he will have them from Friday.

Sunday 22nd March
Ashby 20

Fifteen Shelton Striders took part in the 21st anniversary of the Ashby 20 road race.  This popular race is used as one of the last long runs before the London Marathon.

Over 800 runners ran the tough, undulating course in Leicestershire, consisting of 2 laps of 10 miles starting in the Ashby Bath grounds and taking in Packington, Heather and Normanton Le Heath.

Shelton Striders results are as follows:

First back was Roger Booth in 2.22.52
Neil Hancock 2.25.00
First lady back and as always improving on her time Catherine Clifford in 2.41.42

Other finishers
Chris Sexton 2.47.40
Alex Buckley 2.51.43
Tracy Hepburn 2.54.13
Shaun Cooper 2.55.19
Gavin Fletcher 2.55.20
Julie Warner 2.59.37
Dave Keegan 3.06.38
Claire Hirons 3.37.55
Amanda Lewis 3.41.10
Darren Bradley 3.41.10
Alison Nunn 3.50.43
Dave Nunn 3.50.43