Open/Close Rota

The opening and closing is essential to enable Friday nights to happen. If you can help out then please contact Marie Standley.

Opening entails having a set of keys and (preferably) getting to the club during school terms at about 6:30 to take over the building from the dance class. After then it’s simply a matter of unlocking the Shelton cupboard in the back and, if you’re bored, starting to put the tables and chairs out. During school holidays the building will be locked and most members will start arriving around 6:45 so it’s a matter of unlocking the door and kitchen, turning off the alarm, opening the main room and the cupboard.

Closing is a matter of hanging around until the last member is leaving – that member must help the person locking up and both should ensure that they each leave the premises safely after finally locking the grille on the front door. This is of paramount importance! That other person is already the last to leave and it will only take 5 more minutes.

If you are unable to open and/or close, please arrange a swap with someone else. Marie Standley looks after this rota.