• Policy for subsidising of club trips & special events

    •  The Club will sponsor two club trips annually as a matter of course, ie: A social club tripThe London Marathon trip
    •  The Club will also, where funds permit, sponsor other club trips to running events, or other special events, provided that the proposed trip/event is notified to the Club Secretary so that it can be considered at a Committee meeting. A list of Committee dates will be published on the website, the Facebook group page and also on the notice board at the Friday night club meetings. A form for submitting a request to Committee for funding will also be available for downloading from the website.
    •  In exceptional circumstances, where it is not possible to deal with this at a Committee meeting, a subsidy could be agreed by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer but this would need to be reported to the next Committee meeting.
    •  The usual level of subsidy for each trip will be £5 per member with a limit of £10 per family. In certain circumstances the subsidy may take the form of payment for the hire of a minibus provided that this is broadly in line with the individual amounts currently in force. This would be in lieu of any other
      form of subsidy.
    •  The policy, and financial levels, will be subject to review at the Annual General Meeting.

    Download an application form here