• Headbanger Championship

    Headbangers are off-road, fell, track or trail races, and can be either club organised or open events. They range from 2 miles up to marathon distance.

    Anyone in the club can compete in the series, there are medals for both the All-Rounder and for the Short series (up to about 8ish miles).

    To get started, all you need is an ability to run, and a willingness to accept a challenge.

    Headbanger for 2017

    As a few of you have been asking what are the plans for the 2017 series, I thought it was about time I did a newsletter to review the past year, with a look forward to the next series.

    In 2016 we had 238 entries in the 16 events, and covered nearly 1800 miles in the hills. There were a total of 51 men and 32 ladies competing, with 14 men and 10 women completing more than 2 events. There were a few challenges for the events for the back end of the season due to the Cross -Countries, but that’s what happens in a busy Strider year, there are bound to be clashes. What was noticeable, was there were a few newby’s to the Headbangers, and a few stretching themselves to new events, either longer or more challenging. Without mentioning individuals we have had quite a few team and individual placings through the year, but the most important thing is you rose to the challenge and had some fun, may it continue. Well done. A special mention for Paul Brunt for best knee scrape!
    And so to 2017.

    The year has started well with the Hollybush Inn race, 28 Striders out of a total of 161, on a wet morning. Rob Donald getting the job done winning the gallon of beer, and only a few seconds outside the course record. With Pascale Holden and Rachel Farrow also collecting prizes. Rob nominated the Derbyshire MIND as the receiving charity for the event.

    2017 Headbangers

    Here is the schedule for the 2017 series as promised with the information for the Orienteering Challenge.
    The final events for the year are sorted, and surprisingly there are no clashes with the Road Championships-yet. To accommodate the cross countries, the back end of the year will have either the Roaches or Windgather for the Long events, Lathkil or the Litton Cracker for the Short. I will determine which are in the Championship once the Cross Countries are decided, the designated ones will be the only ones with points. The Dovedale Dipper and Kinder Trog are back and some of the old favourites are in again. The AS Masson Hill, which some of you ran over on the Wayfarer is in again.

    There are 5 new events to the Championship, the Hathersage Hurtle 20 mile, the Short event seems to have disappeared, a new event around the Chatsworth area but this is still in the design stages, the Andy Brooks Mystery Tour, the Wirksworth Undulator, and the Orienteering/MM Challenge Series.

    The Challenge events are now decided, there will be a choice of 3 from 7 events with the 3 best scores to count, these will range from a summer evening 2 hour White Peak to a November 4 hour Dark Peak. I have included these as they are challenging, and involve navigation using a map and compass and route choices, all useful skills in the hills, they can also be good fun! A few have said they need to improve their map work, but don’t panic we will be have some practice events, work in progress. There is more on this on the Orienteering Series below.

    On a final note. A few of the club are already FRA members, if you run in the hills, you should join. For your £16, (or family £24), you get a 140+page quality magazine 3 times a year, with some amazing photos and inspirational stories, useful articles and loads of race reports. You also get the FRA handbook in December with the full year’s events in-so you can plan ahead.


    • There are 2 leagues within the Headbangers, the Long and Short Championships.
    • Short events are up to about 14k, a Strider will automatically be in the Long Championship after completion of 3 Long/Harder events scored with 51 or more points.
    • To receive points, Striders must be fully paid up as competitive members at the time of the event.
    • The total score will be the sum of your six best scores, with a maximum of 3 long events for the Long Championship. But competitors must complete a minimum of 3 events to get a final league place.
    • The competitor(s) completing the most events will receive an additional point.
      In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who has beaten the other Strider the most times.
    • The FRA have clarified certain rules regarding essential equipment to be carried. For AL, AM and BL events, you MUST have Waterproof body cover, hat, gloves, compass, whistle, emergency food. For all other events this is recommended, but it is at the discretion of the organiser if these are either not required or additional items required. See the race organiser’s website for requirements. This is for your safety!
    • The rules and a useful leaflet on Hypothermia are here and copies will be available on the Strider website.

    ENJOY them!

    Orienteering Series 2017

    I have introduced this addition to the series as a few of you have already ventured into the navigational events I think you need challenges. Whilst these rules seem a bit complex, they are there to try and cover all the eventualities of the scoring.

    The orienteering series will consist of your 3 best scores from 7 events, but will only count for one set of points towards the main Headbanger series.

    The scoring will be as follows.

    • The 3 events need to be completed as a solo or as the same team for the results to count. Both team members get the same points.
      • If a team can’t complete all the events together then I will treat each as individuals for all the events.
    • Only your 3 best scoring events count, you can complete less and still count.
    • In the event of a tie, the lowest cumulative time for your 3 best scores decides the placing.
    • As a change to the main Headbanger scoring, you will need to score 3 or more bonus points to move to the long score league.

    Now here’s the technical part on the scoring.

    For each event your Headbanger score will be calculated from your placing relative to the winner within the actual event using the event system. In essence, the highest scoring entrant gets 1000 points, your score will be calculated as follows.

    Your score/highest score X 1000. Or, if you get 450 points, the winner gets 600 points X 1000 = 750 points. This means that all the events can have a comparison to take account of weather and complexity.

    As the events are 2, 3 or 4 hours. There are bonus points for the length of the event and the time of the year, so there is the potential to get 7 bonus points.